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  • TaylorMadeMadness

    I’m confused. I thought Jamie got 3 of the 7 counted (based off the graphics in the video) which would give him a 42% and a higher score than Barry

  • Derek Martz
    Derek Martz

    Didn’t Mike only guess 11 of the jerk spices? Garlic, cayenne, paprika, celery salt, onion, cumin, lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon, white pepper, bay. I demand a recount!

  • Jessica Fritzges
    Jessica Fritzges

    This wasn’t fair. You need to redo it using the same spice mix.

  • Grog Vaughan
    Grog Vaughan

    yep #Justiceforbarry

  • Marianne Johnson
    Marianne Johnson

    Yes Ben. It’s how they jerk their meat. 😁

  • john hudson
    john hudson

    Now I’m happy. Barry redeemed. #justiceforbarry

  • blanco

    they have it out for barry

  • White92Guy

    Still don't like the method of giving them different spices in round 1. Should make them guess what spice blend it is as well as make a dish using it to see if they utilize it correctly as in not too much or little.

  • michmirich

    I know people are complaining about each of them getting different blends but I'm ok with that. Keeps it interesting. Maybe, just put more emphasis on the percentage ranking next time in your rule breakdown.

  • Mikel Darling
    Mikel Darling

    Also the first round wasn't fair. Each of them got 2 correct, but because Jamie's had 7 spices he got nocked out. They should all have had the same blend to evaluate. Or at the very least a blend with the same number of ingredients.

  • gabe clement
    gabe clement

    Honestly, I think Jamie's deserves to qualify for the final more than Barry does. It's inherently unfair that you don't score succeeding at a more difficult task higher than succeeding at an easier task, and it's reduced my enjoyment of this video from a nine out of ten to a six out of ten. It also reduced my interest in watching the video to the final to zero... I just stopped after Jamie failed out.

  • SChappellaz

    The food team are really cranking out some stellar looking food.

  • Steven Studer
    Steven Studer

    when are we getting a meal pack with these recipes??? or cook book!

  • Huey

    They did Jamie dirty because he's in the lead.

  • Mikel Darling
    Mikel Darling

    Ben, please explain how to jerk my meat again... I missed it the first time because I was laughing too hard. 🤣😂

  • C C Smith
    C C Smith

    Agreed, Jamie got a raw deal Should had the same blend for each

  • Kasyndra Noseworthy
    Kasyndra Noseworthy

    why are you assessing them based on a percentage even though everyone has a different number of guesses! that means they cant possibly get an accurate percentage across the board! case in point mike and berry got the same number right but SOMEHOW Mike did better? also everyone having completely different spice blends with some being ground for different people kinda throws off any sense of it being a fair competition. The only way to accurately test the lads is to have them all beside each other with the same ground spice and the get to buzz in jeopardy style. if they get it right they get a point and if they get it wrong, hey pass to the next one. the one with the most points get a badge! You cant have an impartial competition when everyone is doing a different sport! One guy is running a marathon wile the other one is swimming! this is a real badge that they need but damn, it has to be a fair judging! come on guys!

  • Vlad Rudeychuk
    Vlad Rudeychuk

    Do a berbere seasoning next

  • Alex Banks
    Alex Banks

    I don't know why you didn't just get all the normals to try all the spice mixes? That way no one has an unfair advantage (even if the advantage was given out randomly)

  • Steve Podzamsky
    Steve Podzamsky

    Wow, that was a stacked deck against Jamie

  • Joy Johnson
    Joy Johnson

    HEAH Barry. Justice for Barry is a movement now.

  • Mike Dollar
    Mike Dollar

    You can use multiple dice…

    • Mike Dollar
      Mike Dollar

      2:22 the alliteration is fantastic!

  • Shahara

    Mike looks absolutely fabulous in the dress. Can you put Mike in more dresses, please? Fashion and makeup goals!

  • AthenaGoddess

    I can just tell that Barry was super unbearable around the office after this.

  • Hans The Dragon
    Hans The Dragon

    The competition feels rigged, what with Barry getting a European spice blend containing more familiar spices, whilst the other two got spice blends with less familiar ingredients. You may say it was down to luck of the draw, but we did not see the draw so who can be sure?

  • Redbeard The Pink
    Redbeard The Pink

    I always get fresh fish, but shellfish like shrimp I tend to get frozen.

  • Haydn Carter
    Haydn Carter


  • Midori Matsuda
    Midori Matsuda

    That was an adorable sauce pan... which is so fricken much less useful than a rice cooker! I get that it is more entertaining for them to repeatedly mess up rice, but seriously it would save them electricity and space on their stove.

  • Gemilang Bayu Ragil Saputra
    Gemilang Bayu Ragil Saputra

    if I jerk-spice-smoke a watermelon, my mother will beat me to death.

  • b4 history
    b4 history

    Let's gooooo. Barry the spice master.

  • Holden Carver
    Holden Carver

    Mike should've lost the first round, not Jamie, on the grounds that I managed to identify more spices than he did from his bowl - and I only had sight to go on! Should someone who can't identify unground spices by sight really be allowed to be in the running for a badge? That was a massive advantage over Barry and Jamie, whose spices were ground, and he whiffed it. (Sorry, Mike.)

  • Fayean

    The feeling of not even knowing 12 spices while watching this

  • Benjamin Cleveland
    Benjamin Cleveland

    You should have had Uncle Roger judge.

  • Rhombicuboctahedron

    So happy seeing Barry come back and earn it! Ten out of twelve is impressive and very fun to watch, get it Baz 😉

  • duinsophie

    Isn't sansho, Japanese pepper not Sichuan?

  • David Englund
    David Englund

    that wasn't fair on jamie, they all only got 2 right, jamie just had more to guess

  • Jeremy Cocciolone
    Jeremy Cocciolone

    Now we need somebody to make a physical Spice Badge so Ben can give it to Barry.

  • Sara at PPKdotPT
    Sara at PPKdotPT

    Pretty good video 👍

  • HAlC11235

    You should include the infamous midwestern US spice blend...salt and pepper. 😂

  • Michelle Benna
    Michelle Benna

    Episode of just spice blends that are used in every day cooking; ie: seasoning salt, creole seasoning, "Old Bay".

  • Rachel Frumkin
    Rachel Frumkin

    Not cool Jay got three. He said black sesame and white sesame seeds. Ben that is pretty poop of you to do. He said seed instead of seeds semantics Benjamin semantics.

  • Chase Murphy
    Chase Murphy

    Jamie got robbed, he had 3 of 7 and therefore had the highest percentage out of the three normlas

  • Fanthrose

    As others have said, this challenge just isn't fair. To make it more fair, they should all go after the same spice blend, or use spice blends with the same amount of different spices in them. They all got 2 right, so as far as I'm concerned, they all tied.

  • Jackk Reacherr
    Jackk Reacherr

    Sad reality of all these sub boxes, you can get/make the same shit at home for 80% less.

  • Anton Doty
    Anton Doty

    Ras Al Hanout is a great spice blend to include

  • linited

    Why don't all the normals test all the spices to get an overall percentage. Also, how on earth did Barry get jerk seasoning on his mind and that end up being the final test? All the food in this looks amazing! Droolworthy.

  • Andrea C.
    Andrea C.

    Pizzaria Regina BOSTON IN NEW ENGLAND!!!

  • LowbrowDeluxe

    Huh. Specaloos spice mix is almost the same mix I arrived at working on a pineapple/apple/onion/garlic porkchop recipe.

  • Dj Vinatieri
    Dj Vinatieri

    I feel like it's a little unfair for Jamie in this one. I might be wrong but it feels wrong that he has 7 compared to there 6

  • Zen Rees
    Zen Rees

    What are the name of the spice blends they had

  • chronically_mads

    Does anyone else feel like they'd end up sending the Teasmade contraption flying when they're scared awake? My arm would be fully swinging to find the off switch before my brain could tell it not to, and there would just be hot tea everywhere...and I'd be in the hospital with burns...oops

  • potocatepetl

    I never get brain freeze. Did't even know it exists.

  • Felplague

    A real cool idea for a "spice badge" challenge would be ben tells them a meal he is going to make, and the normals each give him a spice blend to use, the best tasting meal gets the badge.

  • Jayce Perlmutter
    Jayce Perlmutter

    These guys should spill out the spices on the countertop and spread them out - tasting them on a different finger from the spread. They're so fastidious!

  • Koele Kahuna
    Koele Kahuna

    You should only get points for a correct answer. Lose a point for every incorrect answer. Lose 0.5 point for each non-answer.

  • Jessica Korman
    Jessica Korman

    I've been watching forever and genuinely love all of these guys... but why do I always want Barry to fail?! 🤣 Sorry, Barry!

  • iWhacko

    Dutchie here, speculOOss is not the same as speculAAs. quite similar though. and must admit quite hard to differentiate the spices. would've been more fair if all normals got the same spice blend. also mike got 2/5 barry 2/6/ jaimy 2/7 not really fair percentage wise

  • Tracy Oliver
    Tracy Oliver

    15:46 To be fair #LetterKenny

  • Tracy Oliver
    Tracy Oliver

    Don't forget to jerk your watermelon... that doesn't work as well...

  • nisha patel
    nisha patel

    What Ben called pani puri is NOT PANI PURI!! Pani= water, puri = puffed up fried bread. Without any liquid in pani puri it cant be called pani puri!

  • Doug Williams
    Doug Williams

    great video

  • drygyn

    The imbalance with increasing difficulty does seem a bit off on what is essentially the first round. The percentage grading was smart on that, though. The problem I have is that I cannot think of a better first round format that gives maximum info to the viewer but is also not a nightmare to execute and record. However, having the open tasting session and then the final lock-in stage limited to the same number in the mix really works. Another tweak or two and this format will be solid! Not 100% the whole result was badge worthy with the first rounds being so weak, but definitely a fair format! I'd say treat yourselves, but you already did with that delicious food!

  • ALT

    Barry advantage was the complete lack of exotic spices knowledge 🤣

  • Gary Heaton
    Gary Heaton

    Here’s an idea. Each gets to see and taste a dish prepared by the food team or delivered. Then they have to recreate it with no recipe or guidance.

  • CretanMinotaur

    Now question if I wanted to find the recipe for what you showcased a spice blend with lol where do I find it?

  • OneMadPanda

    I am almost certain that Barry has been in a video involving Spekuloos ... Even if just "Being used by someone else in a battle".

  • TheBlackEternalWings

    hey Sorted Crew, Idk if it's just me, but the cursive font you guy's sometimes is hard to read.

  • Ishla Corrin
    Ishla Corrin

    The first round should be the same number of spices for each, different blends if you want to show off that but at least make the first step the same. All 3 of them got 2 correct which seems closer to even than the % does. It should also be harder to get 2 flavours when there are more to taste and thus the % are backwards compared to actual ability. Should also be noted that Black and White Sesame taste very similar and when used together in a blend like that would be near indistinguishable so Jamie was set to fail from the start. Normally I like your videos, but this one just made me angry.

  • Jarif Alam
    Jarif Alam

    It was unfair :3

  • Doug Williams
    Doug Williams

    you guys really must like to do crazy challenges

  • Delta2414

    I am going to be honest, the unfair layout of this challenge makes this format less interesting to watch for me

  • Gordon Zero
    Gordon Zero

    Wheel of names, turn turn turn, tell us the normal who needs to burn 🔥

  • Darshan Gandhi
    Darshan Gandhi

    Your version of “Panipuri” was not correct too.. in the word panipuri - “Pani” literally means Water.. In India we have a spiced water inside “Puri” which is stuffed with mashed potato and onion.. could be like mint flavoured or Tamarind flavoured.

  • Unmer

    this test structure still doesn't make sense.

  • Ari Kuhns
    Ari Kuhns

    Where are the captions? You guys are usually really good about captioning your videos since autocaptions can get dicey.

  • Cj Harrell
    Cj Harrell

    Okayyy jamies was kinda cheatsy, he had a 2 for 1 with the sesame seeds

  • James Reeves
    James Reeves

    Ben and his mille f'way 🙄

  • Kenneth Miller
    Kenneth Miller

    Activated... you mean malted?