Taste Testing Pretentious Ingredients Vol.12 | SORTEDfood
It’s PRETENTIOUS INGREDIENTS time and we’re sending a big shoutout to our community for all of their amazing suggestions in this episode. Have a watch to see what our Chef and Normals thought!

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  • MrStormyRainbows

    I need Mike to seat on my face

  • Oliver Klimek
    Oliver Klimek

    I am quite surprised that both of them didn't know about morels. Here in Germany you can buy dried morels in the bigger supermarkets, and while they are expensive, most people are aware of them as a delicacy.

  • equitine _
    equitine _

    have you guys ever done black garlic in anything?

  • Sydney Fairbairn
    Sydney Fairbairn

    We know about morels in the US.

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S

    I buy black garlic in a whole head. The way it was used here doesn't seem appropriate.

  • i1KiCK1BUTT

    Morels are the bomb. We pick them wild where I live. With all the fires around here they plenty if you know where to look and you beat the competition.

  • Lisa Kaye
    Lisa Kaye

    Every April we go mushroom hunting!! I love to do do this!!!! I'm in Missouri in US. We have morels EVERYWHERE certain times of the year. Go where there's alot of Ash trees and walk up hill. You'll find them

  • brandon wenzel
    brandon wenzel

    My dad was an amateur mushroom hunter on occasion. Basically he was into hiking outdoors and occasionally found some mushroom spots. In all his years of spotting mushrooms all over Illinois and Indiana, he only ever found 2 Morel mushrooms. One before I was born; and one when I was in my 20s. He preserved the later one and eventually fried it up in a dish that we shared. It was good.

  • Brittany Lyons
    Brittany Lyons

    Weird how yall see morels as so rare but where I live in west virginia us, most everyone hunts them yearly and get quite a lot

  • KillerKishi

    I almost want to ask them to try and put flavor in a dish without any variety of onions or garlic. Sadly, I've lost the ability to eat both and I find it hinders me a lot as a home cook... So, I wonder. If it's possible.

  • Kelley Dawne
    Kelley Dawne

    I'd be interested to see everyone's opinion on mushroom coffee. Lots of reported health benefits, but it's extremely pricey. Also blue milk lattes (spirulina)!

  • Miyakans

    You need to test Manuka Honey.

  • Jeremy Andrews
    Jeremy Andrews

    Morrell mushrooms are extremely hard to find. I have found some for years and in the states it's literally a season of about a month to find them. Extremely hard to do. People around here (kentucky) call it dry land fishing because they're so hard to find.

  • amp.forever

    black garlic tonkotsu or miso ramen is my favourite.


    We call morel mushrooms dry land fish. My grandpa always went hunting for them and we couldn’t wait for them. Us kids always got so excited.

  • General Nickles
    General Nickles

    10:32 "I ain't a stewin' rabbit. I'm a frickasiein' rabbit!" This video is literally the only other time in my life I've ever heard the word "frickasy".

  • Joey Ramone
    Joey Ramone

    Very entertaining. Kudos.

  • Fayetal Attraction
    Fayetal Attraction

    mustard balls would be good for hotdogs and sausages, at least if you eat it in a bun. don't have to have a soggy gun from half the condiments now i wanna try a hotdog with shaved mustard ball and sun dried tomatoes

  • TinnCan

    Black garlic aioli is fantastic on hamburgers... Thanks Bob's Burgers book!

  • Justin Bellotti
    Justin Bellotti

    Hahahaha, Morel mushrooms grow in my back yard in the woods around dead trees. every year, for the short time they are around we would pick them and dry them to use during the year, I never knew they were so expensive because we always had them for free.

  • Nicole Zemp
    Nicole Zemp

    I am surprised that you guys didn‘t hear of morels before. In Swizerland they are used typically in a cream sauce, mostly during hunting season or Christmas. It isn‘t pretentious at all, just a bit more expensive than other dried mushrooms around here and available in every supermarket. Got to get some now :D


    I would love to see Jamie have to make something with the ingredients he won

  • buddr ball
    buddr ball

    I'm in the us and my dad and I hunt morels and you can grow them they like to grow under fruit trees walnut trees and burned areas

  • Miren Summers
    Miren Summers

    Eating antioxidants doesn't make your body better at handling reactive oxygen and nitrogen species. There are even studies that show consuming high amounts of antioxidants may shorten your lifespan

  • Shannon Patterson
    Shannon Patterson

    Sauté morels and serve in a creamy dill sauce. To die for!

  • homemadejesus

    Sooooooo glad I came across your channel. Thank you

  • homemadejesus

    Morels: here in the US in the midwest, I know people that will not divulge where they get pounds and pounds of them.

  • Boa-Noah

    As someone with a little research and knowledge of the process I can 10000% say that 9 times fired bamboo salt is 100% pretentious, fact of the matter is is that there is basically 0 benefits to the bamboo additions, the final firing process is quite literally so hot and for so long that is essentially vaporizes and destroys any trace minerals the bamboo might have even vaguely imbued into the salt. Salt that has been melted in a crucible and cooled has that dark purple color, it's just how it works without any additions to the salt, further if you examine the salt and break it down by content there is essentially nothing there, it's sort of like how homeopathic pills have such a tiny volume of active ingredients in them that it's basically not even there. Even in Korea it's mainly treated as like an outdated traditional medicine rather than a seasoning because it really is just molten and then crystallized salt... the bamboo oil and mineral content is likewise removed in the same way that 'micro plastic' is. The fact that Jamie even saw something 'unique and interesting' in it speaks volumes to just how pretentious it is. It's salt and he almost believed it was special in some way because they melted it in an industrial furnace with some bamboo kindling, it doesn't taste different either, it's really just salt and any 'differences' are purely mental. That's the pinnacle of pretentious if you ask me.

  • james haws
    james haws

    Seeing these guys think morels are a little pretentious is hilarious when I pick them in my back yard and dredge and fry em up every year.

  • Tyler March
    Tyler March

    Morels can be found here in my home state of Pennsylvania as well! Every spring people go out foraging for them and find quite a few!!!

  • MiniatureLabyrinth

    Ngl. My smoker ass thought that ball of mustard was Hash for a second.

  • Nate Lysaght
    Nate Lysaght

    "Lots of these are harvested in Europe" "this is the rarest mushroom you will ever lay your eyes on" Me in the Midwest USA: um, I have found some of these in my yard in Indiana and people go morel hunting in the Midwest all the time. fry them up in some butter, delicious. Very hard to get in the store though. Have to put in your own leg work

  • David Nichols
    David Nichols

    I thought all four were pretentious (with the possible exception of the jar of black garlic)

  • Kim Subaki
    Kim Subaki

    Man, im sorry if i put anyone off, but I remember seeing a facebook post, someone sells morels that grows at their carpets (dusty carpet) and that image of morel couldn't got out of my head🤢

  • K Webster
    K Webster

    I’m so curious….. I knew morel mushrooms immediately. I’m shocked they are unusual for you, I’m wondering if the grow in the US more than in UK/Europe? There are whole mushroom clubs here and they keep secret where they find their morels. But perhaps i have paused to soon and you are about the say this?🙄

  • Luna Maarouf
    Luna Maarouf

    I jus got kicked outta my moms place cuz I’m too much for her to handle and watching this made me stop baling my eyes out so I’m still thankful for you guys lol

  • David Kuntin
    David Kuntin

    Something black garlic related: Silver circle distillery in the Wye Valley do a black garlic vodka. Pretentious or not??

  • Lori Lee
    Lori Lee

    Can we have taste test of historic/nostalgic foods?

  • Ebony Drew
    Ebony Drew

    The comments are more pretentious than this episode and this episode is pretentious af. Also, mustard turds are definitely pretentious

  • Benedict Claxton Stevens
    Benedict Claxton Stevens

    Ah yes the salt toxins....... I'm sorry what?

  • AnselAlly

    I don’t get why bamboo salt is expensive. I watched a video about the creation process and they claim that the process can only be done by hand yet I see no reason why the process couldn’t be mechanized.

  • Menno van den Bos
    Menno van den Bos

    Excellent poker faces at 1:12 when it's announced that a Mr. Cocks suggested the balls. (I'm so sorry.)

  • Mareen Cope
    Mareen Cope

    About 68 years ago in the Spring, my father would take me into the woods early in the morning to find Morel mushrooms. At home, he would soak them in salt water so any bugs in the folds could be rinsed out. Then they were chopped and mixed in scrambled eggs. One of my favorite memories as I lost him when I was 5 years old.

  • Alfian Syaifudin
    Alfian Syaifudin

    morel mushroom is just underrated brother of truffle.

  • Rexeit

    It's simple really East medicine = Bullshit

  • Poop Brain
    Poop Brain

    when i hear "pretentious ingredients", i hear "truffle oil" 🙄

  • Laura Taylor
    Laura Taylor

    They probably existed, but this just got me thinking about 16th century foodies.

  • Kasey Escape
    Kasey Escape

    Cocks and balls. This is a stitch up!

  • Camillou M
    Camillou M

    You should try oyster-leaf

  • biggsvac

    The morels grow well in forests that are recovering from a forest fire. We have quite a bit of them here in BC.

  • Malay Gala
    Malay Gala

    Am I the only one who noticed that someone called 'Cocks' suggested an ingredient that comes in a 'ball'?

  • T.L.M.

    Not all history is worth preserving. Case in point: mustard balls. ☠️

  • Joel Nash
    Joel Nash

    Funny he called them Coral because in areas in the mid south where we find them in the spring many call them… dry land fish.

  • Marley Baichulall
    Marley Baichulall

    Black salt!

  • Cara Belzer
    Cara Belzer

    Please come to the Pacific Northwest and pick your FILL of morels!!

  • KOshek & Co.
    KOshek & Co.

    had no idea morels were rare or expensive. they grow along my driveway every spring lmao

  • ryan skelly
    ryan skelly

    I always keep black garlic in my pantry at this point. The price for it is pretty good on amazon. I like adding it to mashed potatoes, Risotto, and using it to make compound butter both for garlic bread and going over a steak.

  • Jake Jarvis
    Jake Jarvis

    Never seen dried morels before. Used to pick them when I was younger. Pretty common in the midwest states (at least in Missouri where I'm from) if you know what you're looking for, but since most people don't know how/when/where to find them they cost a fortune to buy at a store, or even from a local picker. We used to just batter them in egg and flour with some salt and pepper. To me they taste quite similar to fried calamari when cooked that way. I love them. One of my favorite foods. I'd say the opposite of pretentious if you pick them yourself, but rather pretentious the way they're presented in this video.

  • Mr PBL
    Mr PBL

    Barry is deserve an award for his acting 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ashley Breda
    Ashley Breda

    I knew those were Morels the moment I saw them, damn. Am I pretentious? Or do I just play too much Story of Seasons. The world may never know.

  • Vardhan Shrivastava
    Vardhan Shrivastava

    Try Indian Black Salt, it cost fractions of that 9x bamboo salt and I think tastes the same with eggy sulphury notes

  • Big Sausage
    Big Sausage

    He's having a shocker Jim but not as we know it!!!

  • Cara Webb
    Cara Webb

    I'd love to see a Pretentious Ingredients Cocktail edition. So many pretentious mixers, shrubs, liquors, and even barware that could be featured. Maybe a cross-collaboration with Greg from the "How to Drink" channel? Sponsored by Drizzly (I think they already sponsor your podcast).

    • Jocelyn Smyth
      Jocelyn Smyth

      Yes! I definitely enjoy consuming pretentious cocktails, would enjoy seeing their take on some products

  • Lynda Stiefvater
    Lynda Stiefvater

    I can’t believe they didn’t recognize morels.

  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal

    Biochemist here. There's nothing organic left in that. Liquid salt?! Not even prions can survive that kind of temperature. All absolute bullshit with antioxidants. Antioxidants can't even survive boiling water, let alone TEMPERATURES THAT CAN MELT IRON!!! Just take a multivitamin.

  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal

    I love these!!!!

  • Sharpz

    Don’t know if it’s really pretentious but they should try Scottish heather honey

  • cunning deb
    cunning deb

    I like the notion of the historic mustard. Might Sorted do an episode of historic foods in which the process hasn't changed for at least, say, 150 yrs or older?

  • benzracer

    Morel hunting is quite a thing here in Oregon. Delicious, and a fun experience.

  • Jessica Snyder
    Jessica Snyder

    You should try Humboldt Fog - Cypress Grove. It's a goat cheese, and it's good with a little honey and some pear slices.

  • Sunil Kalra
    Sunil Kalra

    Indian 'black salt' also tastes and smells eggy (sulphurous)

  • Samara Carter
    Samara Carter

    Honestly, these are some of my favorite videos. This and Pick the Premium!

  • Charley Carey
    Charley Carey

    So is black garlic new to them? That's crazy to me.

  • Danielle Kim
    Danielle Kim

    I'm in the unique position of being from Michigan, where morel hunting is quite common and we had fried morel every other year (based on our laziness level, not a lack of mushrooms), and now living in Seoul, where we have bamboo salt toothpaste and use bamboo salt in our rice cooker to add some extra flavor to our rice. 9x bamboo salt is pretentious for sure. Even in Korea, we pay around $60 for a 500g container. There is very little nutritional benefit, but the taste is extremely different!

  • Tonya FitzPatrick
    Tonya FitzPatrick

    Everyone is looking so lovely and tanned lately 💞

  • Helen Studer
    Helen Studer

    Recipe for the polenta, morel and bacon dish???

  • Nextralife

    Morels taste better than truffles. Don't @me.

  • cerevox

    They oughta do an old style food review. Cider beer, pemmican, that kind of thing.

  • Slpwq42

    You should do some blind taste tests to see if they can detect the pretentious ingredient.

  • Slpwq42

    In the US, morels often grow in areas recovering from a forest fire.

  • Marie Bergqvist
    Marie Bergqvist

    How would you remove toxicity from salt that’s NaCl ? What’s happening is that you add a lot of mineralsalts (from the mud) that is probably a lot less controlled composition that your everyday salt…

  • MetalViking

    Dried morels are quite a normal thing to find in Swiss supermarkets, so charging 18,50 for them is pretentious to me.

  • Natalie Horn
    Natalie Horn

    Morel mushrooms are a totally normal thing in Switzerland ;) The most common use is to make a creamy sauce with morels that you eat with noodles but there are other uses too such as putting them in a risotto, so good! Not an everyday thing as they are not cheap (cheaper than in london apparently) but they are a common mushroom for us. And yes mostly they are bought dehydrated and then you just soak them in water for up to an hour, and they are delicious!

  • regenorakel

    Since my family has always liked picking mushrooms, I recognized the morels immediately. They are indeed quite rare from my experience.

  • Susan G
    Susan G

    Morel mushrooms are easily found in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Eastern US. People forage for them from March to June.

  • 1968SBL

    It's weird that you're contemplating as a pretentious ingredient something that grows wild in my backyard.

  • wolfiesara

    My dad used to go pick morels in the woods and bring them home to eat them every year so I recognized them right away. I had no idea these were rare until I watched this video!

  • william mcneil
    william mcneil

    you can make your own black garlic

  • william mcneil
    william mcneil

    lol some ones name is really cocks whole shit

  • Renee Arabia
    Renee Arabia

    It's always interesting to me how other cultures use certain ingredients. Over here, I've always tasted black garlic in Japanese food like in ramen. It gives a really deep warm flavor to the broth and just *chef's kiss*

  • grump e
    grump e

    Is the show moving into the Jamie and friends show? He would be the last one i would employ in a kitchen. Love the show as it was.

  • Bethany McMullen
    Bethany McMullen

    I feel like pretentious has just become code for "I don't think this is worth it". I love these videos but the mustard balls and the mushrooms are totally pretentious, even though I totally want to try them. As soon as you go "this is how we did this historically", everyone around you goes "pretentious".

  • Sarah DiPasquale
    Sarah DiPasquale

    Lol those mushrooms you could stumble in the woods around where I live and find em

  • RengoTheTurtle Kappa
    RengoTheTurtle Kappa

    You should try the Yubari Melon, aka the king of melons

  • AbsolutePernilla

    Both morchellas and gyromithras are poisonous. Gyromitras more so. Both should be cooked for at least 15 mins and not eaten in excessive amounts. Both can be dried which enhances the flavor, but you need to soak them first before cooking them. Gyromitras grow in dry pine and rocky woodlands. Morchellas pretty much anywhere. Here in Sweden the real treasue is the chantrelle. Pure delight.

  • Mlle Funambuline
    Mlle Funambuline

    Try black shallot coulis on vanilla ice cream. I know, seems strange, but it is AMAZING.

    • Mlle Funambuline
      Mlle Funambuline

      (yes, black shallot)

  • Gabriel Martins
    Gabriel Martins

    None of these are pretentious. They’re specialty, high-end ingredients normally used in small amounts. And bloody delicious.

  • Knitter Who
    Knitter Who

    Morel mushrooms are big in Michigan.

  • Jo Piagalis
    Jo Piagalis

    What I find extremely fascinating is how the "normals", specifically Jamie have grown and changed and their definition of pretentious has almost evolved since their first pretentious ingredients video. I remember watching the early pretentious ingredient videos and mostly agreeing with Jamie's and Mike's and Barry's judgement on whether or not something was pretentious but in this video there were a few times where I thought an ingredient was absolutely pretentious but Barry and Jamie unanimously said it wasn't. (What's interesting to me is that even how I define something as pretentious as changed since I started watching Sorted. I actually learn so much from this channel and I'm extremely grateful for it.) You can tell that the guys have grown and become (for lack of a better word) more 'chefy' (I mean that they are more advanced home cooks and treat cooking and ingredients completely differently than say how i would approach cooking. I think that's really cool because you can actually gauge just how much Mike Barry and Jamie have grown and learned with Sorted. It also means I am jumping on the old bandwagon and saying there is no way these guys are normal anymore.

  • kilwat492

    We have morels all over here in Vermont. And a lot of the US. I'd love to see you guys back here morel foraging. Just watch out for the false morels, hire a guide.

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