Beat The Chef: Ultimate Key Lime Pie Battle | SORTEDfood
AD | GET READY because today, we’ve teamed up with VISIT FLORIDA in challenging our two normal homecooks, Jamie and Barry, to see if they can beat our chef, Ben, in the Ultimate Key Lime Pie Battle!

With over 500 community tips and expert guidance from Carissa DaSilva, an Executive Pastry Chef in Florida… will they manage to win against Ben’s cheffy skills and knowledge of Florida? Watch to find out!

Big thank you to VISIT FLORIDA for teaming up with us on this video - to get more information about Florida, head here:

If you’d like to keep up to date with Carissa and her incredible pastry work, follow her on Instagram: @carissa_dasilva

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  • Isaac de los Reyes Gallego
    Isaac de los Reyes Gallego

    Why is there an egg yolk on the board? XD

  • Phillip Cook
    Phillip Cook

    Puh-cons for goodness sake. Pee cans are where you go to the bathroom at festivals.

  • amp.forever

    jamie: ''carissa explains it all'' oh boy my age is showing.

  • Late December
    Late December

    Ben's was lovely, very busy, but not a pie. There is such a thing as: there is to much going on , on that plate. Sorry Ben. Jamie and Barry's looked more traditional and would be the one I ordered although it look more like tart than a pie.

  • Jef Mat
    Jef Mat

    If they used a pie pan instead of a torte pan, I think they would have had the portions correct, 70% 20%, 10%. Either way, this show is great.

  • Eté

    I cannot wait to see Ebers at global competitions like The Final Table

  • Mary McElvey
    Mary McElvey

    Key Lime Pie is very good. Just make sure you don't make the base so thick and you'll be good to go.

  • moon8

    Thank you so much for highlighting different chefs, super informative people will look into their socials.

  • suzyQ1221

    As a native Floridian who, unfortunately, tried a whopping 12 different key lime pies when I went to the keys on a 1 week family vacay I can confidently say that Mike is absolutely right, they're delicious.... And absolutely wrong because some were atrocious bottles of horrid purfume hidden in an igloo of clagy merengue. I hope the guys come to Florida but choose your pies carefully!!!

  • Sarah Shepherd
    Sarah Shepherd

    Anyone else notice the egg just sitting on the board when Jamie was talking about the limes.

  • Jus Apel
    Jus Apel

    Pro chef : the final tips is love. Take your time.. Barry : lose interest and blend up the limes

  • Misshowzat

    Ohh! It's *called* key lime! I thought it was like 'essential' lime. The key lime-pie. Lol. Also I guess "chef vs chef" will be with other FIshowsrs and professionals now. Fun, fun.

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson

    Started out furious at Ben, but ended up furious at Barry and Jamie. Ben let us know he wasn't going traditional, so as I saw the dish come together, I got really excited for the interpretation. But blending the limes and smearing the whipped cream is unacceptable if you keep emphasizing you're doing things as traditional as possible!

  • Lisa B
    Lisa B

    Let's just send you guys some key lime juice next time xD also taste the different Cubans throughout Florida!

  • Litho Mike
    Litho Mike

    Sorry Ben but Florida mangoes can even be held in the same class as fresh mangoes straight off a tree in the Philippines.

  • Jaimeet

    do you guys not have lemon/lime squeezers in london or what

  • Korina Patchet
    Korina Patchet

    Ben lost the second he said he didn't use Key Limes... How can you make an ultimate KEY lime pie without the KEY lime... Ben... You stomped all over my favorite pie... Also... its a pie, not a dish... and lastly... the mango foam looks like baby poop...

  • Jonathan Ferreira
    Jonathan Ferreira

    Jamie and Barry made a key lime pie… for a key lime pie battle…. Ben made lime panna cotta with digestive biscuit crumb under it. There’s a clear winner. One is what they asked for and the other is a different dish.

  • deprofundis

    I'm genuinely shocked that blending the limes didn't ruin their pie filling!! How on earth was it not super bitter because of the pith?? I was horrified when I saw him do that, but...I mean...if it really DID turn out fine, maybe he just figured out a breakthrough shortcut? 😮

  • Jaime Price
    Jaime Price

    As my favorite dessert, the addition of pecans is a travesty. Also, y'all are over there BLENDING limes. Both of you get third place🤷‍♀️

  • Linda Resnick
    Linda Resnick

    Ben DID NOT make a key lime pie,which was what the contest was supposed to be about. His desert looked good ,but he didn't even use key limes.The contest was not about his trip to Florida.

  • marchutch

    Mike: “what we’re looking for is the perfect balance between tart and sweet” Sorted food: pits Baz and Jamie against Ebbers Internet: Mission accomplished 😂

  • Elium

    Wow! So many incindiary political comments... All that aside- Florida is great! Tons of beautiful locales and vacation destinations. It has a diverse population and a ton of great food... And amazing fruit! Would love to see you guys go there!

  • María Jara
    María Jara

    Ever heard of an exprimidor de limones? Between blenders and putting KEY LIMES IN THE MICROWAVE, I wonder how the rest of the world survives 🙃

  • Annette

    Such a worthy win! Well done

  • bloemundude

    Ben: I want this pie to be reminiscent of my trip to Florida. Me: So, you want it to taste like a British Airways seat?

  • Crazed Mofo
    Crazed Mofo

    It's so weird to see people talking about Florida in such a positive light.....if they only knew.

  • stapuft

    ebbers made a good looking dish, that is kinda a florida dish, but what it ISNT is a key lime pie, therefore the guys win by default.

  • IDKman555

    I want both!

  • Jeanette Kozue
    Jeanette Kozue

    Did Ben say that Dragonfruits are “meh”?!?!?!?

  • Gabriela Hernandez
    Gabriela Hernandez

    I can't wait for Ben to go to latin america and marvel at all the fruits, vegetables and flavors. I cant imagine tasting a better mango than the ones here in Colombia, and i can imagine in other countries near by where we grow them.

  • Fistful of Groovy
    Fistful of Groovy

    If Ben really wanted to celebrate Florida he should have popped a bag of meth into his creation...

  • JordanThatblondegirl

    Can Ben get a badge revoked for this?

  • Miriam Thie
    Miriam Thie

    'you spaffed it' 🤣🤣

  • Tassy Josh
    Tassy Josh

    Good ol' Ben, "what's that? We're having a pie battle? Better make something that looks very much not pie like" 🤣

  • Keith Jewell
    Keith Jewell

    I can give high marks to Bob Roth New River Groves if you head to Florida for a key lime pie.


    Hello from a fan in Florida! Love watching y'all, and thanks for showing the sunshine state some love! Keep up the shows, mates, love your channel. 💙🧡💙

  • Isaac Adler
    Isaac Adler

    Florida man here, the best key lime pie in Florida is from our supermarket Publix. Next I'd like to try Ben's not-at-all-a-pie-inspired-by-pie-not-key-lime-dish.

  • M Scott
    M Scott

    100% had a bet on who could say key the most!

  • Valentina Lara
    Valentina Lara

    come to Florida, ill be your tour guide :)

  • lern2swim

    There's only one key lime pie in this video.

  • sweetrevenge154

    I just want to say thank you. I grew up in Florida right there where you are talking about. I have had great key lime pie and bad key lime pie. This was so nostalgic for me. Watching Berry and Jamie cook their pie. You guys rock

  • Izaak Currie
    Izaak Currie

    Can someone point out where the Clitoria grows? I can't seem to get my find it

  • Nur Amani Rahayuningrum
    Nur Amani Rahayuningrum

    How many time they said ‘key lime’ in the video?!

    • SORTEDfood

      You should do a shot each time 😉

  • Andrea J
    Andrea J


  • Sharaya Lee
    Sharaya Lee

    How does Sorted not have a juicer, even a hand squeeze one? When Barry pulled out the blender for some reason I could picture James just sadly shaking his head

  • Mike Kingston
    Mike Kingston

    Aaaàaand do we have a recipe for thr key lime pie? I'd really like to make it for my birthday on thr 23rd.

  • blake keating
    blake keating

    Actual key lime pie for the win.

  • InRetroSpecs19

    Heard Ben say Florida ruined mangoes for him. He clearly hasn’t had a Pakistani mango. Specifically Chausar mangoes. They’re in season now but don’t last long.

  • Wayne interessierts!?
    Wayne interessierts!?

    I really love Ben for that dish, it looks wonderful and I definitely get the idea behind it!

  • Brandon Laird
    Brandon Laird

    I’ve watched you for years and must say this competition stuff is so boring. The schtick has grown weary and dull. Will you go back to teaching recipes and techniques please?

  • Carolyn Grayston
    Carolyn Grayston

    Nothing on Ben's plate even remotely looks like a key lime pie. James n Barry's yummy looking! Only mistake is Barry putting those beautiful ket limes in a food processor.

  • elariel01

    Sorry Ben, don't care about the story, it's not a key lime pie!

  • eltzrothm1

    FIshows!! Stop recommending this crappy video to me!! What a piece of merde.

  • Jessica Eurice
    Jessica Eurice

    Did Jamie and Barry's graham crackers look wrong to anyone else? Sitting in the blender they looked like saltines.

  • maya98able

    As someone from Florida both methods were incorrect but I do appreciate the fact that Barry and Jaime actually made a pie with actual key limes and graham crackers. I did cringe so hard when Barry blended the limes. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Plainpat23

    That executive chef is gorgeous 😍

  • Dale Power
    Dale Power

    This is B.S... "Three regular guys... Who have been cooking for ten years, and learning from professional Chefs..." Come on... We need to step the difficulty level up a notch here.

  • J Jo
    J Jo

    Sorry to impart this, Ben, but that is not a key lime pie. Its a glorious dessert, but it doesn't meet the criteria, the ingredients are a distraction to the main event ... which is KEY LIME PIE! Whereas, the 'normals' produced the pure rendition of key lime pie one's pallet is expecting. Well done, everyone! : )

  • Shane Grizzard
    Shane Grizzard

    Ben: “I chose pecans, because north of Florida, there are some really good pecans.” 1.) So, you’re not even in the same state. (north of Florida is Georgia, for non-USA people who don’t know.) 2.) Key West is islands at the southern most point of Florida. So, you’re picking nuts from pretty much the opposite end of the state?

  • Cleo Lilium
    Cleo Lilium

    Key lime pie is one of my favourites, but with EDS I can't squeeze the limes anymore -- so I either buy juice or make someone else squeeze them! Both of these were bordering on insulting (but hilarious).

  • KittyCatThang

    Ben made an amazing dish but it's 100% not a key lime pie at all. XD

  • Liz Kerr
    Liz Kerr

    Ring back the electric shock > pick a theme from somewhere Ben has traveled to > zap the heck out of him every time he says phrases like “when I was there”

  • Beth Grant-DeRoos
    Beth Grant-DeRoos

    Born in Miami and all I can say is never ever mess with a key lime pie recipe!!

  • stecky87

    It amuses me when they say "let's crack on" then crack eggs immediately after XD I have to give this Barry & Jamie cuz, as beautiful as Ben's dish was, he pulled a Barry & didn't follow the brief

  • samambrotv

    The Clitoris Flower. Really.........

  • Rixley

    As someone who once lived in the UK and couldn't find Graham crackers for the life of me (cheesecake deserves Graham crackers as well IMO) I am suitably impressed that they managed to find some, while simultaneously being positive that Ben's crust might be good, but it is no Graham cracker crust...

  • Caitlyn Darnell
    Caitlyn Darnell

    Ok but it ain’t pecan pie in South Carolina and you all said you’d come see us first!

  • Brennan Templeton
    Brennan Templeton

    This is my perfect key lime pie recipe, if anyone has any suggestions or questions, I would love to hear them, I always make desserts and key lime pie is my favorite so I am constantly adjusting it to make it better, this is what it is now: INGREDIENTS Key Lime Pie Ingredients: ⅔ cup key lime juice (15-30 key limes) 1 ½ packs graham crackers 40 g powdered sugar Kosher salt 100 g unsalted butter, melted 3 egg yolks 1 large lime, zested 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk 1 pint heavy cream 2 Tbsp sugar Vanilla extract Method Key Lime Pie Method: Start by juicing ⅔ cup of key lime juice (15-30 key limes) and set aside. Add 1 ½ pack of graham crackers to a food processor and pulse into a fine graham cracker dust. After pulsed to dust, measure out about 200 grams worth of graham crackers dust. Add in 40 grams of powdered sugar (or regular sugar, just measure out the same amount) and a pinch of kosher salt. Whisk together until thoroughly combined. Make sure to crush any bits of powdered sugar. Add 100 grams of melted unsalted butter and gently mix together using a rubber spatula and fingers combo until the graham crackers crumbs are evenly saturated and keep their shape when pressed together, but still crumbly like wet sand. Dump into an unprepared pie plate and gently press them into all the corners and up the sides of the plate then using a ramekin to make sure everything is round and compacted. Place the pie crust into a 325°F for 15 minutes before being removed and cooled completely on a wire rack. For the curd, into the bowl of a stand mixer goes 3 egg yolks separated from their whites with the zest of 1 large lime (or 3 key limes). Fix with a wire whisk to the stand mixer and beat the egg yolks for about 3 minutes on high speed. Add in a 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk. Beat this together with the egg yolks using a paddle attachment on medium-high speed for about 5 minutes until it is lightly pale and slightly thickened. At this point, slowly add in the ⅔ cup of lime juice while the mixer is running on low and mix until just combined (thickened from the lime juice acid) then give it a couple of folds using a rubber spatula, cover with plastic wrap and let rest at room temperature for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, pour the filling into the pie crust. Don’t worry if it looks a little low, it will expand in the oven. Give it a little wiggle to make sure it’s evenly dispersed. Place it into a 325°F oven for about 25 minutes until set around the edges and register a temperature of 145°F in the center. Let it cool at room temperature for about 2 hours. After this, cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for 4 hours. For the whipped cream, mix together a pint of heavy cream, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and a dash of vanilla extract and beat until stiff peaks form. Dump it into a pastry bag with a fancy tip and begin trying to decorate the fully cooled pie from the fridge. Garnish with slices of key limes and a generous zesting of key lime zest.

  • Hope Eastman
    Hope Eastman

    Key Lime Pie is literally one of my favourite things to eat ever- and if I got Ben’s dessert I’d be mad… 🤣

  • Elizabeth Eastman
    Elizabeth Eastman

    The guys should fly out to Florida for 24 restaurants in 24 hours 😎

  • Minwell it’s a nickname Be grateful
    Minwell it’s a nickname Be grateful

    Why on earth would you put limes in the blender to juice them no ! do they do that with lemons and oranges too ? that’s a crime and a pie is a pie not whatever Ben made. It would totally be sent back to the kitchen if I ordered key lime pie and got that. it probably tastes good but not what was wanted. Key lime pie is my favorite pie and after having tons of people try to make their own spin on it I don’t eat it unless it was made by tasted sources because too many times I ordered Key Lime pie and got things like bens dish instead like how is that a pie…give me my money back you can tell if a restaurant owner is from out of state by if they have a good Key lime pie or not.

  • marinemermaidsar

    I understand how the Spanish felt about the paella burrito now. That's not how you key lime pie Ben!!!

  • Knitter Who
    Knitter Who

    WT Actual F, Ben?

  • Eva Zhu
    Eva Zhu

    How dare Ebbers cut the dragonfruit like that?! Aiyai, so much wastage!

  • oğuz eroğlu
    oğuz eroğlu

    The dirty biology certainly obtain because port bareilly scorch inside a nutritious pocket. ajar, spicy millisecond

  • Karl-Ludwig Gumbel
    Karl-Ludwig Gumbel

    As someone who only knows Key Lime Pie from The Shape of Water I think I am forever put off from trying one.

  • Courtney Bermack
    Courtney Bermack

    This rant on Tumblr contains the best recipe for key lime pie. The author is from Florida and has a Thing about key lime pie. Notably, she uses a bottle of key lime juice instead of *fresh* limes, because they're not always in season, and they're a pain in the ass if they're not fresh. The brand, if you don't read her rant, is Nellie and Joe's. And frankly, I've never heard of this whipped cream business, it's merengue to use up the egg whites.

  • Jonathan Gill
    Jonathan Gill

    “You Spaff’d it!” 😂😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Gill
    Jonathan Gill

    BARRY. Love ya buddy, but you should hereby be banned from the food processor. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Macy Lane
    Macy Lane

    These guys are usually so good with their ads, but here they are shilling for a state run by 'leaders' who care more about their money than the human beings living there. Enjoy the paycheck, boys. I hope you don't use it to book a condo in Florida, assuming you find one that hasn't been evacuated due to structural damage, which is only just now being taken seriously after a horrific tragedy. Good pie, though.

  • Etarnalazure

    Feels like Ben threw the battle to help out the lads.

  • Isrel156

    Carissa kinda looks like ME3 FemShep.. huh

  • Werewolf Moms
    Werewolf Moms

    people railing on barry for putting the key limes in a blender like that ISN'T something a florida guy would see and go "holy shit that could work" some person in clearwater had their whole life changed with this video

  • Shelly Slavek
    Shelly Slavek

    Sometimes "thank you" sounds A LOT like "Shut up, Ebers!!"

  • Silvia González
    Silvia González

    First off, I love all of your videos. But could you pleaseeeeee stop using América to refer to the United States. América is the entire continent. As a Latin American it’s kind of annoying

  • KorSidy

    give 3 "non chefs" a random meal to make and have 2 maybe ben "fix/make it better"?

  • perilBS

    Ben was so obnoxious this episode

  • Slow-MOE

    Carissa is so damn cute.

  • Food Fairy
    Food Fairy

    Easiest key lime recipe - 2-14oz condensed milk to 1 cup key lime juice and 6 egg yolks. Whisk together and pour into prepared graham cracker crust. Bake 15 min or until just set in center. Cool to room temperature, then refrigerate. Serve with whipped cream.

  • Ikasu

    There should be a badge for saving a dish. Like maybe a chicken is too seasoned with salt or some kind of tart is unbearably sour. I think that would be interesting to see what the normals come up with for that.

  • froggiehf

    I would just like to say, as a girl living in Chicago missing Florida dearly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for not using meringue. The amount of neon green "key lime pie" with meringue they sell up north is disgraceful.

  • James Reeves
    James Reeves

    That look when Ben explains he plates in the shape of Florida

  • Gabriel Martins
    Gabriel Martins

    What’s with all the hot female guest chefs on the channel lately? Not complaining at all btw

  • Rachel Henry
    Rachel Henry

    Dear Lord do not blend your limes. Yes, we juice every dang lime by hand. Also y'all used the wrong tin type. It was way too shallow.

    • Rachel Henry
      Rachel Henry

      Also no one uses a temp prob in pie. You just gotta trust your method.

  • Sayer Prikehert
    Sayer Prikehert

    You wanna up your Key Lime Pie game (or Atlantic Beach Pie), add about one cup of SOUR CREAM, everything else as usual. It's the best.

  • Kiran Gandhi
    Kiran Gandhi

    ultimate pie battle next?

  • C. Skeleton
    C. Skeleton

    I am so happy to see so many Floridian comments on here! I am also a Floridian and I LOVE key lime pie it is amazing! I am so proud of Jamie and Barry for actually making a key lime pie (though Barry honestly deserves to lose a badge for food processing the key limes in my opinion), but I am also glad that Ben enjoyed Florida so much that he actually was celebrating my state (which does not happen with non-Floridian Americans all that often) but no matter what that was not a key lime pie, totally inventive and a cool idea but hands down my vote would go to the normal boys. Come to Florida and enjoy the wonders that we have to offer (normally I hate tourists but because yall are actually respectful and appreciate the food, culture, and beauty that is everywhere yall go, I would be honored to watch all yall explore my beautiful state).

  • Monkey D Angom
    Monkey D Angom

    I am no expert but i m pretty sure Ben is not a pie at all and he is a trained chief.

  • 78vintages

    After years of watching you guys it was nice to see a pretty face

25 t.