Reviewing Monthly Food Subscriptions Vol.3 | SORTEDfood
Our Chef and Normals have been busy bees scouring the internet for more food subscriptions to test, taste and review for your viewing pleasure, and we can confirm, it’s going to be a good one!


Check out our top food subscription recommendations here!

If you’d like to check out the food subscriptions we reviewed today, hit the links below:

Cocoa Runners:
Little Cooks:
Forage Box:

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  • Julian Schorr
    Julian Schorr

    This is really neat

  • Late December
    Late December

    All my kids are adults now , none have children so I would have to pass on the kids box for myself, but would love to get it for a friend's children. I would pass on the chocolate box but the Japanese snack box is interesting and would love to try them. The most interesting is the foragers box. I would get this for myself as well as for my son whom already loves wild eatables. I already love fruits a veggies as well nuts and berries At least once a month we have a different salad that is with in our budget. I am always in search of something new to put into a dish and I think this would be perfect for just that reason. I love to pair fruits, nuts, berries and assorted greens as well as meats and cheeses to go into a salad or on the side that complements the dish.

  • Tearfulpandora

    Subscribed to the Japanese box!!!

  • Hyacinth Williams
    Hyacinth Williams

    The forage box is really cool. Native ingredients is something that has always fascinated me.

  • Rohan Kishibe
    Rohan Kishibe

    you should do 1 ep with brands that have international shipping

  • Laney Burbank
    Laney Burbank

    I really want them to come back to Texas just to experience an HEB and Tex-Mex food

  • Maryam Bukhari
    Maryam Bukhari

    This video was so wholesome

  • Ted Scutti
    Ted Scutti

    Thank you so much for introducing us to Bokksu! My husband and I ordered one box to try based on your review. We thoroughly enjoyed trying the Japanese snacks. We just subscribed for a year and ordered.some of our favorites from our first box.

  • Bluebelle51

    I want to point out that the Mexican chocolate isn't supposed to be eaten like a candy, it's supposed to be melted into milk for a hot chocolate. Although I've often used it to make cheesecake and it's delicious

  • Rebekah Spears
    Rebekah Spears

    I heard about the Japanese bokksu box from Rachel and Jun’s channel.

  • Mona Gee UK
    Mona Gee UK

    I'd love to see more wild food content. Maybe even get that company to spon/collab? foraging yourself can require a good chunk of expertise, so that box is a great idea.

  • James W
    James W

    I’ve had shaman slice pizza kits delivered before and they were absolutely delicious. Would recommend highly!

  • Anna Hassell
    Anna Hassell

    I would love for you to try the tea subscription box from bird and blend. I love having different teas sent to me through the post each month and trying all the ones I would have never thought to pick myself. Thanks for some great videos!

  • Elium

    Suspiciously void of a description from Jamie about that red bean donut 😉

  • bloemundude

    Hmmm. The Forage Box. Must have been invented by Nigel Forage.

  • Babe

    ben is the real OG dad. he had Tyrone long before Jaime had a kid lmao

  • bek jane
    bek jane

    Love the bromance! Mike chosing a box he knew Ben would enjoy is adorable. The exchange of dad knowledge between Jamie and Barry is endearing. Seeing this genuine care for each other is why I love Sorted and being apart of the community xx

  • Courtney Zanetti
    Courtney Zanetti

    the "dad to dad chat" almost made me well up. we're so used to them always acting like lads that sometimes forget they've become great dads!

  • Tristan Frodelius
    Tristan Frodelius

    "Healthy being everything's organic." No. Stop. Organic is not a synonym for healthy. You've got to stop repeating that misinformation. Pleeease... :(

  • Adrian Gutierrez
    Adrian Gutierrez

    That forage one is soooo dope! I need that! That’s amazing!

  • Kuurokaze

    I'd been on the fence about Bokksu for a while but this made me finally bite the bullet and put in an order and I'm really excited to see all the goodies once they arrive. Cheers, boys!

  • Angela Hansen
    Angela Hansen

    We have garlic mustard in abundance in Ontario and it's actually invasive here so people are encouraged to pull it up and eat it whenever possible.

  • Hannah

    Can we have a video where you guys discuss what boxes you really have subscribed to personally especially since starting this series? To then discuss things like longevity and practically over the course of more than one delivery? Loving it by the way xx

  • Johnny six string
    Johnny six string

    they had Bokksu and didn't try the Sable and Potato Sticks on camera those where my favorite ones

  • May Weerink
    May Weerink

    I swear Bokksu is everywhere.. so many ytubers promoting it xD

  • Matt Allaire
    Matt Allaire

    Absolutely despise the mid-video ads. You get a dislike.

  • N Smith
    N Smith

    2:38 🙈🙉🙊

  • socrlax

    The 3rd one... "healthy"... meanwhile it has been proven that coconut oil is literally bad for your health.

  • Angry Applesauce
    Angry Applesauce

    12:25 Fun activities to do with your children "like making your own telephone?" What??

  • Marty Mohawk
    Marty Mohawk

    I would love to see them go to those foraging classes Mike mentioned.😚

  • Squish

    It's so satisfying seeing Ben happy. I would love that last forage box too.

  • Ilsen Leon
    Ilsen Leon

    These are all super cool! I would love to see you do some twists on meals using the Bokksu snacks! I think it will be fun! Also I love the concept of the Little Cooks as well and maybe we can see the kids try it out. The chocolate one sounded delicious and even though the Forage box isn’t my thing, it’s great for experimentation like Ben said. Great video!!

  • smalls9852

    This team is incredible. They have so much fun.

  • Andrew Ward
    Andrew Ward

    So, I went on your advice and bought the Cocoa Runners bars individually from their website, and wow. You’re right - why on earth do we accept the Nestle or Cadbury stuff. Honestly - they’re mind blowing my good, and I feel satiated after a few squares rather than a whole bar too.

  • Colin Halpin
    Colin Halpin

    Jamie, Grow your own tomato seeds or grow your own tomatoes with the seeds provided😜

  • Carlos Garza
    Carlos Garza

    Hey, I'm Hispanic and grew up in South Texas. In my experience, Taza chocolate (like chocolate de abuelita) is best consumed as hot cocoa. 👍

  • iAmConte

    About the forage box: I live in the Austrian alps and we have a problem with illegal foraging of mushrooms on the one hand and legal export of mushrooms on the other. Organized groups raid the forests for mushrooms, sometimes illegally picking 50-60 kg a day (2 kg would be legal). The reason for this is the high prices paid in neighboring countries, especially Italy. But prices in Germany are high as well, especially for Austrian mushrooms. This leads to the absurd situation, that most of the mushrooms are sold in close by big cities like Munich, but also Vienna, while mushrooms from Ukraine, Russia, and other countries are shipped to Austria and sold in supermarkets on the countryside. For me that means, I either pick my own mushrooms (which I do), or I have to buy imported mushrooms with a huge CO2 footprint. I could drive 2 hours to Munich to buy mushrooms from the woods around my hometown though :D The most absurd thing is, that we have a weekly market in town where a greengrocer from Munich brings back the mushrooms from Austria, he buys wholesale there to sell them to tourists from Munich here. That’s crazy! And sending foraged products to big cities in individual packages does make it worse. People should at least get out of the house and visit the market in their city - less traffic, less packaging waste, less money to big corporations, and it’s a much better experience and keeps small businesses running. (I posted this as an answer to a comment earlier, but wanted to post it as a seperate comment, because I think it's something not many people are aware of. And it's important to me.)

    • SORTEDfood

      Oh wow, that is crazy!

  • M3LF4C3

    Oh I LOVE Bokksu! They offer a smaller sized box too and have a full online store for almost everything they feature.

  • Honeypuffmonster

    Somebody gift a chocolate box called Monty Bojangles. They're amazing, melt in your mouth and the taste is- chefs kiss. Every flavour is too good and I swear you'd finish the whole box by yourself in less than a week. 😆 I'll wait until I see a box.

    • SORTEDfood

      Thanks for the recommendation! They sound great.

  • khaxjc1

    "Yes Daddy" lol

  • ziggythebard

    I love and hate these videos because I WANT THEM ALL. I'm fascinated by that forage box.

  • XOXheartAmy

    I like to think the second he wasn't in the hotseat, Jamie was getting on the internet and ordering the Little Cooks subscription

  • Miren Summers
    Miren Summers

    Nutritionists are not the same as dieticians, dieticians have medical qualifications and recommend diets based off scientific research. Nutritionists pedal supplements and either don't acknowledge the latest research or extrapolate weak evidence found in an in vitro/animal model level to a human level. Think turmeric protecting you from cancer. As much as I'm sure the maker of the kids cooking kit is well intentioned and the recipes are great, you should be wary of the claims of any nutritionist and seek evidence to support the supposed health benefits of these ingredients :)

  • Jayson Smith
    Jayson Smith

    i miss james

  • diracraj1

    Artisanal = expensive

  • Dissplacer

    Best Kits yet!

  • L W
    L W

    Make Barry stop talking about "health", at least until he is actually educated about it

  • Lynsy P
    Lynsy P

    Aww, Jamie's such a good dad :)

  • Cheryl Masaveg
    Cheryl Masaveg

    I Love this kid cooking kit because, I have boys and.. anyone with boys knows how they are a little more ballsy than girls. My eldest son has been in the kitchen with me ever since he's shown interest. I started by giving him his own pot and spoons and then he'd make his own concoction. Then he'd graduate to cheesy eggs.. really easy stuff. The other thing we do is grow our own fruits and veggies. So this is perfect for my house hold. My eldest son is 4 so.. he's still a little messy but having everything pre-portion is absolutely perfect.

  • J O
    J O

    Android Ben ANDROID? Ugh lolll

  • Jude Vicious 333
    Jude Vicious 333

    15:49 that was slick because he indeed did not see that. He was looking away. So close to getting away with that! 🤣

  • Bianca Berg
    Bianca Berg

    Shit - This is making me poorer per video

  • Ellie Barker
    Ellie Barker

    If any of the boys have actually subscribed to a box (over any of the videos), I'd love a follow up of them using it and learning :)

  • Jess Goodwin
    Jess Goodwin

    Love how I’m eating my graze box while the snack box comes on first haha

  • Gonzo

    Imagine the carbon footprint of that bokksu

  • Cason Morgan
    Cason Morgan

    @sortedfood my brother and I are moving into a new apartment. We're transitioning from an electric range to a gas range. What are some advantages of a gas range and some tips and tricks for new users?

  • Allen Lau
    Allen Lau

    First box: radiation

  • Marilyn Alvarez
    Marilyn Alvarez

    BTW that "TAZA" is for making hot chocolate, the name "Taza" in Spanish means "mug"

  • recca01982

    Was a little annoyed to see that the Bokksu wasn't actually $40/month. It's $50/month. It's only $40 if you sign up for a year of service. Wanted to give it a shot, but was having a hard time justifying $40, let alone $50 for something I don't know if I will enjoy or not.

  • Mary Ohno
    Mary Ohno

    The "taza" is meant to be drinking chocolate.

  • NothingXemnas

    Quite surprised Bokksu to be here, but also not... kinda? It frequently sponsors many FIshowsrs, so it might be among the bigger subscription snack services out there.

  • chypesrandom1

    Im from grenada and when ever i visit i always come back with some chocolate 🙌🏽

  • Hugh

    I love TCHO!! Glad you guys got to try :)

  • toyelephantpounds

    Doesn't seem like these reviews are being quite critical and cynical enough. It's all good having a positive attitude but it feels more like a sponsored bit than a review to help the viewers.

  • michael

    You wanted to know What do I think? You need to start filming hour long videos. Far too entertaining and interesting I could literally watch hours of these kind of videos

  • greenb0y88

    Bokksu appear to have put their prices up by $10 ... you must have generated alot of traffic

  • Dale Power
    Dale Power

    I don't know how to submit a show idea, but I always wanted to see the guys, the "Normals" plan out a party for a kid. Cake, ice cream, drinks... Nothing too fancy, but they get to use teamwork and have a few days to plan and prep first. Make ahead and all that. Then deliver and set the whole thing up. The goal isn't about competing with each other as much as mission accomplishment. Bonus if it's for a real kids party, since there would be real stakes.

  • Richard John Hunt
    Richard John Hunt

    Are we going to get a herbology badge put up for grabs at some point? I know the boys have been notorious for naming the wrong basic herb on occasions so a blindfolded identification badge and then a test to see if they can pair the best meat/food with use cases for each herb and maybe an on-the-spot meal to use two of the herbs effectively... that'd be a fun watch.

  • Adam W.
    Adam W.

    If you guys haven’t already you should check out deguster box amazing price for a huge box of monthly goodies

  • The Dragodile
    The Dragodile

    Love watching the boys get excited that Ebbers was really enjoying his box. So wholesome ❤️

  • Zyph Bear
    Zyph Bear

    One of the biggest things about some of these boxes, is that some don’t really push on how to get more of what you like. Such as the Japanese Snack box, you are at the company’s mercy as to what they send and if there is something you want more of, you have to hunt for it. And if it’s a smaller company locate in Japan (as an example), you might not be able to get more of it again.

  • Jessa Mae Rigunan
    Jessa Mae Rigunan

    Ugh Ben is so guapo

  • Marque Philpot
    Marque Philpot

    Can you guys do a meal prep episode?

  • BlondieHelm

    Love this series of videos ❤️. I’ve been getting the Earth and Wheat bread box since I saw it in here. It’s brilliant 🤩

  • Danny

    Love this video, really interested to see all the stuff that you can get through the post! I just had a blindfold battle idea, may require more work from prep team, but could you do a comparison video between instant pot and standard cooking (oven/hob) meals and to see whether the time/ease of the pressure cooker makes a blindfolded difference to the cooking?

  • a Despondent Thespian
    a Despondent Thespian

    A monthly box of pretentiousness.

  • Heather BC
    Heather BC

    Following on from the forage box, it would be fun to see you go out with someone who knew about wild food in the UK to forage things and then make something from them. Will be loads about in late summer/autumn!

  • Owen Mitchell
    Owen Mitchell

    You guys should get the boys from Hot Ones in for a good old chat while eating some hot ones :)

  • purpleiguana

    Taza chocolate is also vegan, for those who are looking for something like that. It does have a bit of a grainy texture, but it is sooooo yum.

  • Michelle Bissenden
    Michelle Bissenden

    It’s a shame that the kids kit is all pre-measured. Half of the fun and knowledge gained is from weighing, spoons, sizes, fractions, counting etc. I get the convenience but just missing out on the whole experience.

  • 13randomgamer

    can you do an episode on cocktails? maybe Londons best cocktail bars?

  • Annemieke H.
    Annemieke H.

    LOL. I couldn't figure out sho said cinnamon first so I don't know who would have had the chance of a spice badge, but Mike seems to want it really bad 🤣

  • kali

    i’m pretty sure the “taza chocolate” isn’t supposed to be eaten by itself I mean I don’t see why not to, however, we have those in Mexico and they’re used to make hot chocolate, hence the not so pleasant grainy texture (sugar) bc it’s meant to be dissolved in a drink. Also, “taza” means cup, so chocolate, in a cup, hot chocolate. cool box tho.

    • rojowell1 ginger
      rojowell1 ginger

      You are spot on. A place I used to work had most of the different varieties...tried them.all and it honestly has ruined me for hot chocolate. The round shape is so it fits in most mugs...pour hot milk over it...O M Goodness. Talk about "yes daddy"

  • sokodo

    How about normals battle where they have to use ingredients from boxes that were given to them? 🤔

  • Alyssa Kenney
    Alyssa Kenney

    You guys should review various mushroom growing kits.

  • Hamida Sultanigy
    Hamida Sultanigy

    Please review a jura coffee machine

  • Helen Swan
    Helen Swan

    Very easy to grow Bistort and pretty flowers too

  • Hanna Lindén
    Hanna Lindén

    I'd deffo do the forage box and maybe the chocolate one if I'd have the money!

  • Jens

    Those subtle expressions of joy of n Bens face when he eats the food their food team prepared for him is great. TBH that would be my expression as well. It looks very delicious and wild edibles is something I'm interested as well. I love foraging the stuff i do know about

  • Andrew Novak
    Andrew Novak

    Ordering a chocolate subscription anytime outside of the winter months sounds like an instant disaster for those easily meltable sweets.

  • 79cecilia

    It's great that the Little Cooks box exists, but to hear the guys talk about how good it feels to know that it's a good product because the founder is a "nutritionist" is not good. By all means she might be very knowledgeable, but "nutritionist" is NOT A PROTECED TITLE! Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. Dietician, however, is a protected title.

  • Violet Betzina
    Violet Betzina

    lol almost all those chocolates in barrys box can be found in the nw region at wholefoods.

  • 100 Days MIC
    100 Days MIC

    VERY VERY expensive. My goal is to spend less of eating well. I only see these as feasible for gifts. The one for kids is cute, but I bake all the time with my grandkids so don't think I need that. The Japanese snack one is scary, highly over processed overpriced carbs and sugar.

  • Count Jondi
    Count Jondi

    When Jamie Called Mike Micheal I thought we had a new sorted crew member...

  • Sarah Watts
    Sarah Watts

    The chocolate one seems like the best deal - single origin, fair trade chocolate can sometimes cost $10-15 per bar (for the REALLY good stuff), so getting something like this box means that you benefit from this company buying specific bars in bulk

  • Kazaki

    Taza chocolate is from mexico, so I assume it is to be dissolved in milk and enjoy a delicious cup of chocolate... Taza means mug in spanish :)

  • Nana Jaber
    Nana Jaber

    "Yes daddy" Jamie y🥲🥲🥲🤧🤧🤧

  • Jordyn Young
    Jordyn Young

    Just a reminder, in the uk nutritionists is not a protected term, you don't need to have any expertise to call yourself a nutritionist. Not saying that all nutritionists are wrong but don't just blindly trust them. The protected term is dietitian

  • Meganigan

    Doorbell rings in the video, dog loses it.

  • joffff

    I like the Little Cooks kit but could there be an alternative to all the plastic bags?

    • joffff

      @Little Cooks Co Fantastic, I'm sold! 👏

    • Little Cooks Co
      Little Cooks Co

      All of our food packaging is compostable! 😊