Ultimate Rice Battle ft. UNCLE ROGER & Michelin Star Chef ELIZABETH HAIGH!! | SORTEDfood
It’s ULTIMATE BATTLE time and today, we have two very special guests in the studio who are pushing our poor normals to their absolute limits! Will Uncle Roger be impressed with the final dishes or will he delete us from his phonebook? Watch to find out!

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If you’d like to find out more about our guest Chef, Elizabeth Haigh, head to: @the_modernchef on Instagram or her website at: linktr.ee/chefEH

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  • Mheros

    When trying to impress Uncle Roger....you cannot fuck up da rice. SO SIMPLE. but yo fucked it up

  • pizzaqueen

    loved the guests! more ungle roger collabs!


    You know what... I would love to see Uncle Roger do a collab with June from Delish.

  • ki hyeok Jang
    ki hyeok Jang


  • MABH -
    MABH -

    Auntie Liz giving the auntie eyes of disapproval at the back. 😂

  • Midori Matsuda
    Midori Matsuda

    That was an adorable sauce pan... which is so fricken much less useful than a rice cooker! I get that it is more entertaining for them to repeatedly mess up rice, but seriously it would save them electricity and space on their stove.

  • An Bartoszynski
    An Bartoszynski

    I will never again use a metal spoon on a non-stick pan :D !!


    10:45 be the proud moments for us Indians our food and people are everywhere but still over population damn it lmao

  • Ethan Ng
    Ethan Ng

    Imagine if they watch uncle roger’s video and see all the dirty comments

  • A Stranger Who Stays for a While
    A Stranger Who Stays for a While

    Uncle Roger: We use yellow egg noodles in laksa Laksa Sarawak: Am I a joke to you? Though it's not the right type of rice noodle he's using. It should be rice vermicelli.

  • Redbeard The Pink
    Redbeard The Pink

    Uncle roger is such a trip 😆😆😆

  • Chris Dickson
    Chris Dickson

    I have to give props to both Jamie and Barry. Cooking for a Michelin star chef and someone who is known for picking apart the type of dishes you have to cook adds a whole new layer to difficulty. That you are willing to out yourselves out there and learn is entertaining yes but more so - admirable!

  • Barbecue & Chili
    Barbecue & Chili

    i love her eyes

  • John Mart
    John Mart

    More collab with uncle roger and antie liz. 😂😂😂😂


    Is it me or is she so god damn beautiful😌

  • Jeremy Heck
    Jeremy Heck

    Never seen this uncle Roger but damn he is funny

  • Jeremy Heck
    Jeremy Heck

    I agree always I've bathe your eggs

  • Jeremy Heck
    Jeremy Heck

    My American mom would have knocked my ass out for metal spoon on non stick pan.

  • Rodavarg Vincent
    Rodavarg Vincent

    I have always been Barry biased, but when he started talking about ~rice pouches~, the Asian in me jumped out and wanted to hit him right in the face.

  • Jeremy Cook
    Jeremy Cook

    Thar dude messed up rice on camera in front of uncle Rodger. (and a michelin star chef lol) Now that's embarrassing.

  • Linhi Jane
    Linhi Jane


  • Waffle Stew
    Waffle Stew

    If auntie Hely has an Only fans, 0ass the link yaw

  • Waffle Stew
    Waffle Stew

    Auntie Lizz is so thicc, yum

  • Follow Your Roots
    Follow Your Roots

    This is actually a pretty fun show. Look at the face Roger does at 8:18

  • DC Tunnell
    DC Tunnell

    .............Ok I can't help but think that e621 is a furry porn site...

  • Edward Miller
    Edward Miller

    These guys too white.Lol

  • Emily Pearl
    Emily Pearl

    Wow so many comments here opposing Mr Roger is gone, why are you guys doing this? Like, you are 4 white British dudes, a country is historically responsible for many of the world's racial problems, particularly Hong Kong. So you all doubling down on pro Mr Roger feels wrong. Show some awareness

  • Lord Inquisitor Stefan Austerius
    Lord Inquisitor Stefan Austerius

    As an Asian, I can confirm, I would have beaten anyone tp death if they used anything metallic on my non-stick pan.

  • akaym gowtham
    akaym gowtham

    If you like this video Like this video Sorted food 2021

  • Bloodlines

    You can't cook s****. You are just good at talking, buzzwords to embellish your low cooking skills.

  • King Leong
    King Leong

    I think he would have won if he just used a rice cooker, since everything else was good. Even the pickled cucumbers could conceivably work with the rice, had the rice not been f***ed up.

  • RocknRrold

    "Traditional laksa uses egg noodles" Really? Is it not thick beehoon cut into short strands

  • Yashin raj
    Yashin raj

    Malaysian people watching the way he cook nasi lemak and I really say he just fucked up! Sorry everyone

  • Mj Gomez
    Mj Gomez

    Uncle Roger:"Asian parents love saucepan more than their children" Me: hey My mother's cactus: what? Me: you... Can we be friends?

  • Thom de Wit
    Thom de Wit

    This is not roasting anymore but straight up cremating

  • Right to Left
    Right to Left

    Elizabeth haighyah

  • Call Me Cancelled
    Call Me Cancelled

    I'm so happy! Liz looks great in black and also in white :3

  • Mutiara S.
    Mutiara S.

    Sambal doesn't have to be made from specific kinds of chilies. I can find two different kind of sambal made from two different kind of chillies in one dish. But mostly it's made from fresh chilli.

  • Rani Namserna
    Rani Namserna

    The tense of those guys' faces are real🤣 uncle Roger and aunty Liz give them a good pressure 😂

  • Nazrin Ong
    Nazrin Ong

    singaporean authentic dishes? ohhh please...

  • mason ho
    mason ho

    6:51 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Hoàng phan
    Hoàng phan

    omg uncle roger talked about Vietnam Pho

  • Vincent Gaulin
    Vincent Gaulin

    Is it wet cement or rice? I can't see the difference!

  • Nesya_Anggen sdkpaskal
    Nesya_Anggen sdkpaskal


  • Laurent C.
    Laurent C.

    so those guy just barely know about cooking but are running cooking show ?

  • See Choy Kit
    See Choy Kit

    u to seems like a lot uncie Roger

  • See Choy Kit
    See Choy Kit

    love it so cute i h

  • Al Ementary
    Al Ementary

    I admire her most for her cooking, but Auntie Liz is so pretty.

  • Chengi Foo
    Chengi Foo

    Absolutely fun watching this! It has everything! Learning to cook some classic dishes, light entertainment throughout and surprisingly picking up so many tips along the way. Great and well done!!

  • Ferdinand

    We know that Uncle Roger is the Asian Gordon Ramsay 🗿🤙


    just Use a Rice Cooker dude

  • Idiopidity

    Quite enjoyable guys (and gal)! Everything looked amazing....well, maybe not the rice clump (which I totally relate too...)! Fuiyoh!

  • Aishah Abdul Latiff
    Aishah Abdul Latiff

    Tips for not over cooking the rice is to cook the coconut milk with pandan leave separately (with shallots, ginger, lemongrass and salt) until fragrance. Then put them in rice cooker.

  • adam Dwi Andhika
    adam Dwi Andhika

    POOR jamie oliver

  • eugene114226

    This was so intertaining please do more like this

  • Cynthia Nations
    Cynthia Nations

    I have two rice cookers. How do they have none 🤣💀

  • nurin manap
    nurin manap

    Please come to malaysia for real nasi lemak and laksa...guys....really....u should come to malaysia and stay with uncle Nigel....hehehwwhhe

  • Marko Closs
    Marko Closs

    Can't believe how fast Jamie grassed on Ben haha

  • Vicky May
    Vicky May

    This is amazing funny

  • JimEdwardoRamos

    Perfect basmati rice without a rice cooker? Wash and rinse your rice three times Drain and put into a large tupperware with a lid Measure out the same amount of water as rice, then add 50ml more. Season water with a teaspoon of salt. Pour water into the tupperware Add in a few tiny knobs of salted butter (half a teaspoon worth of butter) Crush some cardamom pods and add in Put the lid on loosely, and cook in the MICROWAVE for 10-12 minutes on the high setting. When cooking has finished, leave for another 10 to 15 minutes inside the turned off microwave to further steam. Discard the cardamom, fluff up rice with a fork, and you have perfect fluffy rice with juicy individual grains with a slight bite.

  • Chow D
    Chow D

    nobody in singapore sells or serves a laksa like this - especially egregious ... the lime

  • Mark Wong
    Mark Wong

    Loving the love for Asian food.

  • EpicGalaxist

    They love emphasizing the fact that their dishes are "traditional" and "authentic"

  • Blaksuperman88

    Doesn't matter what channel Uncle Roger is at, Jamie Oliver is always getting roasted!

  • Ade R Deviansyah
    Ade R Deviansyah

    as an Indonesian i dont quite agree with what uncle roger says in the vid about the wrong type of chili. In Indonesia there all kind of sambals with all type of chilis not just the small bird eye chili. Probably because Indonesia is a lot more diverse compared to Malaysia in term of ingredient and culture so there are a lot more options to begin with

  • Josh Mulatz
    Josh Mulatz

    This video has lower testosterone than uncle Rogers expectations of the dishes. LOL Did they even practice before hand? Survey says, nope!

  • Jay Chew
    Jay Chew

    Those are Singaporean dishes? Really?? Pfft

  • Dalton Harmon
    Dalton Harmon

    They should be more worried about uncle Roger from what ive seen he's a much harder critic

  • Fikri Zul Ain
    Fikri Zul Ain

    That is not the actual laksa that you sholud make. Try making the original Laksa Kedah using fresh Mackerel instead. Boil the mackerel, blend it, and cook it again with ingredients from the original recipe. Do your research brothers 😁

  • Real samurais drink strawberry milk
    Real samurais drink strawberry milk

    White people, please don't use curry powder in your "Indian" cooking. Us Indians never use it in our cooking. It was invented by the British. We use a variety of combinations of different spices, and different combinations produce very different kinds of curries. I know using curry powder maybe a shortcut to making a curry or any other dish, but it's not authentic Indian in any shape or form and doesn't taste the same. We don't use curry powder in our cooking and you can't even find it in the supermarkets except in the "export" section, because it's not an Indian ingredient. You should've used a traditional combination of spices instead according to the taste you were trying to achieve. Sorry, seeing curry powder being used in "Indian cooking" is as wrong to me as you throwing away your rice cooker is to Uncle Roger (how could you?)

  • LightKage

    As a Malaysian my heart is breaking into pieces everytime they do wrong steps

  • zaratutsirol

    6:37 the camera laughs :D

  • Chong Henrik
    Chong Henrik

    Singaporean dishes??? My Malaysian ancestors are crying now...

  • Ian Nuq
    Ian Nuq

    Oh boy this is bold, these guys are beating the crap out of you with their banter. Good on you boys, youre better cooks for it.

  • Muziq J
    Muziq J

    I love this

  • Demo

    Uncle Roger and Liz are scary judges.

  • Eson Gaming
    Eson Gaming

    This is not laksa. lakes noodle in not like that

  • Davis White
    Davis White

    Rice cooker is nice. Real man make rice in pot. So easy.

  • No0ne rolls
    No0ne rolls

    dropped a like bc of uncle roger

  • BuckyBoba

    To be fair, Uncle Roger could have gifted two rice cookers at start of this episode, one to each team. Imagine the funsies?!?

  • BuckyBoba

    You have decent kitchen. Why you not learn Singaporean and Malaysian cooking like me? Go live there, have team of Aunties beat you whilst teaching their recipes to you. Otherwise.... Aiyo. So weak. So Weak!

  • KimberBlack KimberBlack
    KimberBlack KimberBlack

    бю if they brought on uncle roger as gift i will subscribe. No hater channels

  • Vinu Pillai
    Vinu Pillai

    "That liquid is all my ancestors tears."

  • Irsyad Azmi
    Irsyad Azmi

    Both of you guys ruining the originality of Malaysian cuisine

  • Frank Castello
    Frank Castello

    That must burn for Jamie to know he would have won had he made the rice right lol. And it's Ben's fault!

  • third josef
    third josef

    i think he put too many pandan leaves WEHAHHAHAHA like in our house one leaf is good for up to 5 cups of rice.

  • Alya Rafaie
    Alya Rafaie

    "Don't breathe out like that, that was such a sigh!" "Sorry that was an Aunty Sigh" SKSKSKSK

  • Dale Allen
    Dale Allen

    I couldn't live without my rice cooker


    I cannot stress this enough Elizabeth is fucking hot.. if my brain is a wok it has wok hey already

  • Muhammad Hairul
    Muhammad Hairul

    all i can see is fucked up nasi lemak

  • BuckyBoba

    This was a great collab! Up next, Ramen and Pho?

  • BuckyBoba

    There's got to be 15 to 20 mins of outakes on this. Is viewable, anywhere?

  • BeeVin Tay
    BeeVin Tay

    It's cute how he use the chopstick wwww

  • BuckyBoba

    Midway in, I must ask.... is this Singaporean curry laksa? Aiyooooooh. I hope so! Penang Laksa bu hao [la]...

  • See Choy Kit
    See Choy Kit

    lol lol i’m watching it he can play with the kids lol t

  • Mari Mari
    Mari Mari

    if only Ben gave him using the rice cooker. the nasi lemak would've been better.. haiyaaa

  • buddhacion19

    Being a malay and a singaporean.....you guys manage to fuck up our 2 dish....well done

  • buddhacion19

    What is laksa without laksa leaves......