AD| Who’s ready for another Beat the Chef: Mystery Box Challenge? Today Barry’s going it alone against Ebbers to create a dish that celebrates hero ingredient olive oil!

But they couldn’t do it without the help of the experts at @BASFAgro. We sent them on a journey to learn all they could about incredible olives, from how they’re grown to how to make the most of them. But can they use what they’ve learnt to really get the best out of their oil?

Who do you back, chef or normal? Watch to find out James’s winner!

And there’s more - catch us Behind the Scenes with the experts here:

Get Barry’s recipe here:
Get Ben’s recipe here:

Find out more about olive farming and all the other work BASF are doing using the links below:
Twitter: @BASFAgro
Instagram: @basfagro_global
Facebook: @BASF.AgriculturalSolutionsGlobal

If you'd like to find out more about Marianna and her incredible team at Oliveology, click here:

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  • SORTEDfood

    Lots of eagle eyed viewers have pointed out this video contains a certain James Currie, Mike’s nan’s knitwear, and Barry when he used to get haircuts - needless to say, this video was shot over the course of a few months to fit in with various Covid restrictions and make sure everyone involved was as safe as possible! Unfortunately Barry’s long hair will return on Wednesday’s video!!

    • Pat R
      Pat R

      @The One, The Only! he looks really really good with it.

    • The One, The Only!
      The One, The Only!

      I love Barry's long hair ❤️

    • Victoria Bodenham
      Victoria Bodenham

      Very little you all do that we don’t like as a family but for me the olive info made it more enjoyable and of course the excitement of seeing you all together . Hope James is really happy and enjoying his new job but the interaction with him and you all is missed ! Thank you all though including those behind the scenes for the continued hard work .

    • Sapharone

      Eagle eyed!? You don't need to be eagle eyed to spot James. James!!!! ❤

  • Nuriye

    I find it funny how in Turkey Dolma (or Sarma as we call it) is rolled as tightly as possible, so they’re nice and thin

  • ItsPonder

    James, come back to us!

  • Sergei Sall
    Sergei Sall

    3:36 the inaccuracy of Baltic states on the map is "chef's kiss".

  • Felix Otto Lang
    Felix Otto Lang

    I can't really explain why, but the cut in this video is kinda putting me off...

  • Ieva J
    Ieva J

    03:28 Apparently I live in LATVIA not Lithuania! Thanks guys, was planning on moving there anyway. 😢 P.S. Also loving DANEmark. 😂 Switching languages so quickly. ✌️

  • moon8

    Amazing vedio. Thank you so much for including the information about how olives are grown and highlighting producer's! Absoulety fascinating well done guys! 👏

  • Dwarf2005

    For some reason I heard : "So, growing olives in GREASE, [...]" I had never before considered using grease (and perhaps lard) instead of normal soil for growing stuff

  • Cloudson

    Sad Jamie isn't in, he could have been Jamie olive-errr?

  • LRW

    loved this episode due to it celebrating culture through learning about its origins, trying the sourced produce and the problems farmers/marketers have had to overcome to produce olives, and using it in dishes you wouldn't normally think about. please do more episodes like this! Also, I was also very happy to see James I hope he is loving his new job and would love to see him more in future episodes!

  • blake keating
    blake keating

    GREAT to see James pop in for a quick judging.

  • Gerasimos Zolotas
    Gerasimos Zolotas

    This might be my 3rd or 4th FIshows comment (maybe even 2nd, can't remember) since It's been around. Thank you so much for making this video; I've been a fan of your channel for year now and think you guys do a fantastic job. This episode takes the cake (or dolma) for me, not just because it was entertaining, which you always are, but because I felt very proud of one of the many things my country produces. Not that I felt Greece needed your validation (no offence), but I'm glad to see you guys always being open to learn more about the culinary world and showcasing the experience you pick up along the way. Σας ευχαριστώ! Κηπ απ δε γκουντ γουορκ!

  • Maryam مَرْيَّـمُ
    Maryam مَرْيَّـمُ

    How annoying for me to see Ben roll the grape leaves on the cutting board AND how big he rolled it. If my Nana saw this she would smack the chef out of him 🤣

  • Taima

    Yall really haven't had Palestinian olive oil and it shows

  • it's just brandy
    it's just brandy

    I'd love for you to do an avocado episode!

  • Vicky

    Loved the episode! Would be really cool to see what the normals could do on a mystery box without the food team behind them (sorry Barry, I don't think you'd choose olive oil ice cream on your own with that much confidence)

  • Donna Strempke
    Donna Strempke

    New favorite.

  • Γεώργιος Γαρεφαλάκης
    Γεώργιος Γαρεφαλάκης

    Was confused when I heard someone speaking Greek I almost thought it was an ad 🤣. Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷😄

  • ekstadropsen

    James!!😭 I miss him so much😭💔❤️

  • S culinary
    S culinary

    very nice work

  • Barb V
    Barb V

    I miss the James

  • TheShiftyBloke

    Tell us about that that jumper, Mike - where is it from?

  • Irene Damayanti
    Irene Damayanti

    james! James! JAMES! I swear I smile and it just felt like home when I saw him in a sorted chef uniform:')

  • Korina Patchet
    Korina Patchet

    My son was soooooooo excited to see James! You are missed,Sir! We hope you are thoroughly enjoying your new adventure!

  • 물건

    I appreciate the focus on climate change. I hope their industry can keep thriving.

  • LILLY3579

    Missing James, and also miss the fridge Cam.

  • Charlie Foxtrot
    Charlie Foxtrot

    It's a tough one for me. Barry's was more imaginative but I don't think I'd like it. So Barry on idea and Ben on flavour.

  • Isabella

    16:05 me too

  • Sophie Green
    Sophie Green

    Is it just me or am I the only one who is so excited for ‘FridgeCam’ and JAMES!!!

  • klambo85

    I love Barrys adventurous spirit when it comes to cooking, don't love how everyone seems to constantly shit on him for it. Sure, its probably them just taking the piss, but still, let the man try his crazy ideas. He might just discover the next greatest dish ever.

  • Derevirn

    I didn't expect to see greeks talk about olive oil in a Sorted Food video! Cheers from Thessaloniki.

  • Priscila Buch Guth
    Priscila Buch Guth

    The bornal takes risks and the chef plays extra safe? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  • inmydarkesthour 22
    inmydarkesthour 22

    did anyone mention that olives are actually a fruit??

  • Malt & Pepper
    Malt & Pepper

    Very disappointed you have paired up with a company like BASF.

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley

    Glad to see James. Agree with his choice, dolmas are great.

  • Justina Baronaite
    Justina Baronaite

    Guys, thank you for your content! Though it is a shame that you have mixed up Baltic states and put Latvia instead of Lithuania in 3:30 shown map 😂 sending love from Lithuania! ✨🤭

  • Katherine Hamel-Smith
    Katherine Hamel-Smith

    I really love the whole learning aspect of the video, I find it so interesting to learn about the different ingredients and where they come from etc

  • mishmashmixofstuff

    I like that James is back, and Mike called Barry out on his hypocrisy.

  • Krowbar Gamer
    Krowbar Gamer

    Sorry for this everyone but who is janice?

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans

    James Alistar Currie, what are you doing here?

  • Violet Betzina
    Violet Betzina

    lol those covid "hand shakes"

  • Bianca McMaster
    Bianca McMaster

    James! (You probably filmed this before he got another job, but it still nice to see his smiling face) Also, olive oil, what a fun concept.

  • DinaG

    I love seeing younger greeks get into the agriculture industry, we have the most delicious produce and it should be more widespread!

    • SORTEDfood

      We totally agree!

  • /estio

    Oh no, they mixed up Latvia and Lithuania...

  • Fiona Clapham Howard
    Fiona Clapham Howard

    You may think you want a seat at Ebbers' taverna but remember - spooning leads to forking 😂

  • misa vaya
    misa vaya

    Ebbie: "...going out this evening!" Jamieeee: "...he's not going out this evening!" AHAHAHA

  • Joshua Clenin
    Joshua Clenin

    Loved seeing James for another episode!

  • Alphasite

    Is there a new editor? They seem mean 😅

  • Miss J
    Miss J

    Beat the chef with DURIAN! King of fruits

  • geminilius

    I thought James left sorted. 🤔

  • beckyd

    That cods roe, onion water and soggy bread dip sounds like somebody went "right what are the most gross things I can think of" and just chucked them all in a blender 🤢

  • Cam St. Louis
    Cam St. Louis

    Someone needs to slap Ebbers every time he says "ore-GON-o."

  • Henry Thompson
    Henry Thompson

    I might just start making my own dolmas i had no idea they were so easy to make

  • Willia Hunt
    Willia Hunt

    Spaff looks taller and more ginger than normal

  • Julia Parker
    Julia Parker

    Got to love a bit of James ❤️

  • Laura Benson
    Laura Benson

    Did anyone do a double-take, then check you weren't watching an old episode? Glad to see James!

  • Aman Mor
    Aman Mor

    It looks like your camera cant handle the red chair in the end. It keeps glitching out.

  • Maxima Paul
    Maxima Paul

    Boys. Your weakest ever. You should have some ethic rules on whom you accept as sponsor. Who comes next? Nestle?

  • Amr Sobeh
    Amr Sobeh

    Dear Ben, this comes to you from a Syrian who has been eating Dolma all their life: you really need to remove the stem of the vine leaf before rolling it. It has a very unpleasant texture with no contribution to taste when bit into.

  • Dave Damron
    Dave Damron

    Don't let James leave.

  • HeyDanny

    how is it a mystery box when you send them to learn all the stuff beforehand? You should give them the mystery box before they learn then they have to make something there, then they can learn about the ingredient and see what they produce afterwards.

  • AmeliaBell28

    Seeing James made me so happy at first but as the video went on it made me so sad because it reminded me how much I miss him 😢

  • tTari Ann
    tTari Ann

    Vine leaves??? The leaves look like grape leaves and I've eaten Greek food which incorporated grape leaves. Anyone know for sure what vine leaves he was using? I live in Washington State and I have rows & rows of different varieties of grape. Is one variety better than another. I have a suggestion... in Washington State USA we are big on agricultural growth. Besides apples, apricots & cherries Washington (and our neighbor State Oregon) is developing an excellent reputation for it's wine. Many places in the USA specialize in specific agricultural products. Idaho, Washington's eastern neighbor, is famous for potatoes but grows many diverse foods. The Pacific Northwest (or PNW, includes Washington, Oregon & Idaho) grows everything from apples to wheat. Having a PNW Challenge to highlight the wide variety of what foods are produced (and, sadly, the staggering effects of climate change) would be a fun challenge because the guys would have a HUGE choice of ingredients. Besides food & climate change the PNW has vast acres of wind farms. These wind farms are making a significant step towards clean energy. Tho it's not perfect, it's something. The PNW has it all, seafood on the Pacific Ocean Coast, Salmon on the Columbia River and it's many tributaries, produce, wheat & wine. Check it out, I know you'll love it as much as we all do!!! Thanks, Tari.

  • Connor Logan
    Connor Logan

    Pass it on sandwich but they have to bake there own bread

  • Kortni Smith
    Kortni Smith

    Love hearing from farmers and ag experts in your videos!

  • Jeremy Lockhart
    Jeremy Lockhart


  • Pawiie

    Is there anyway to get some updates on your 10 year old video ?

  • Kahler Lueth
    Kahler Lueth

    My first reaction was "Wtf. Are they even going to comment on the fact he's back? Or was this filmed prior?"

  • Mr.D L
    Mr.D L

    Could you guys please test out them HexClad/Onyx frying pans I keep seeing advertised all over?

  • Mark Antonio
    Mark Antonio

    He didn't make the vine leaves! Ffs!

  • Danielle Menrad
    Danielle Menrad


  • 28_Ayush.M.Nayak_10E

    Cooking: _i sleep_ James: *REAL SH*T*

  • gritnix

    This will get lost in 1300+ comments, but "organic" does NOT mean no pesticides are used in the US, the UK, or the EU. It means that the pesticides used come from a special "approved" list. That list, for instance, includes pyrethroids which is essentially the US product RAID and kills everything. It is only approved if the product has been extracted from chrysanthemums. Long ago, scientists noticed that chrysanthemums were rarely bothered by insects. They analyzed them and figured out it was a chemical property called pyrethroids. They were able to make that chemical in a lab. If you spray the lab-made product on your crops, you are not organic. If, however, you buy a product that is *chemically identical* but has been extracted from the chrysanthemums and you spray that, you can call yourself organic. TL;DR: ORGANIC CROPS ARE GROWN WITH PESTICIDES! THEY ARE NOT PESTICIDE-FREE.

  • One of much bean juice
    One of much bean juice

    JAMES IS BACK!!!!!!

  • dimman90210

    Legend says, if you can roll dolmas, you are ready for marriage Ben. Be Ready

  • Psychopathetic

    Damn, I think for the first time, I thought Baz had done it, like Ebbers looks great, but Baz looks kinda bonkers

  • Jemma Rogers
    Jemma Rogers

    Working in the NHS I always have a little rant about this elbow touch thing that's apparently better to do with covid.... firstly can I just ask who here sanitisers their elbows? People wash and sanitise their hands but not the elbow. Secondly shaking someone's hand is better in my opinion in terms of keeping distance as when you elbow touch it's halving the distance between the bodies as you have to lean in.... Correct me if I'm wrong rant over 😂 Also I love all your videos

    • AG92

      Read more about handshaking Vs touching elbows. More knowledgeable ppl have recommended this.

  • Gryffindor 712
    Gryffindor 712

    15:07 😂😂

  • Lei Knudsen
    Lei Knudsen

    Yay, James!

  • JB Maximus
    JB Maximus

    James is back? Awesome!

  • C. Wildeman
    C. Wildeman

    Wouldn't mind giving that ice cream a try. And how's James doing at his new gig?

  • Çağla

    food with wine leaves is actually called sarma. sarma= comes from sarmak (wraping) , dolma = comes from doldurmak(stuffed) ^_^ name is coming from exactly the action of doing it = ) so dolma is when you fill bell peppers, aubergines, zucchini, zucchini blossoms etc. we have lots of dolma types here = )

  • Adam Mackenzie
    Adam Mackenzie

    Pretentious or not? You decide

  • R Cusick
    R Cusick

    SORTED out of context: "If you were wearing PPE, you could give Ben a massage."

  • Jana Wgs
    Jana Wgs

    Love these videos! :)

  • MostlyWeed

    olives, gross!

  • FrostedSiren

    Baz got robbed

  • EMS

    Damn Ben really is a twat this video

  • Natalie A
    Natalie A


  • Kagome6691

    Our favorite Ginger is BACK!!!!!!!!!

  • ConradvonKordovan

    Hey guys - I love your stuff, been watching for a couple of years now, but I'm quite appalled by your taking money from one of the nastiest chem-businesses of the world! This really runs counter to your otherwise touted environmentaly friendly mindset. I had a similar feeling back with your tomato episode, but couldn't make myself stay away. I love your stuff, but it breaks my heart to see you bought out by the companies destroying the soil quality of our world. :(

  • TO N
    TO N

    No no no.. you don’t get to just put James in a video and not comment on him being back as if it isn’t significant. This must be a video recorded before he left ;)

  • Jessica Day
    Jessica Day

    Barry should have won this one. Even I feel slighted. His entire dish was crazy creative and managed to pare together nicely.

  • Sithy Q
    Sithy Q

    Serving dip in a spoon propped up against the bread is so pretentious and would absolutely annoy me if it was served at a restaurant; but Dolmas are my absolute favorite food!

  • FoxFireNaruto

    If I saw that sundae on a menu I'd be really tempted to try it.

  • Thea Buenabajo
    Thea Buenabajo


  • JadeBlackWolf

    I suggest that the secret ingredient next be the America Peach!!!! One catch. They cant not make the common peach cobbler! Has to be new, unique, and never before heard of... can be something savory or sweet

  • BigGuy

    An homage to my ancestors! Glad to have James back on for an Episode. That taramasalata looks a little runny, but those domades are close to what my grandmother would make. Awesome job!

  • G 2Wheels
    G 2Wheels

    FridgeCAM??? MIKE CARDIGAN?? "wha.. wAIT LOOK JAMES' THERE!" almost coked on me lunch. Thanks for brightening me gloomy day.

  • Nopanda Kit
    Nopanda Kit

    How long ago was this filmed? James is there, Barry's hair isn't there, and Ben's cheeks are slimmer now. So much has changed recently.

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