Taste Testing the Latest Food Trend Products Vol.10 | SORTEDfood
Today, we’re exploring the weird and wonderful food trends that have been popping up all over the world! Get ready for some delicious-looking food with a BIG side of opinions from our Chef and Normals.

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Three Spirit Drinks review: threespiritdrinks.com/

Kings Vegan Jerky: amzn.to/3uUb1Wv

Nigella’s Cook, Eat, Repeat: amzn.to/3mQdZbQ

Aduna Fonio: amzn.to/3gfvocL

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  • Bluebelle51

    I'm not interested in plant based replacements simply because most of them are soy based and %90 of soy is GMO. Besides that, just let plants be themselves, stop processing them into something they aren't. They aren't sausage, or jerky, or burgers, they're carrots, and beans and wheat, and barley. We should enjoy them as intended.

  • Bluebelle51

    How to Drink did a video on the non alcoholic beverages in this video and panned them all outright. For the price difference, I'll just make lemonade or iced tea and be done with it. I've seen bottles locally, and it's just too pretentious for me

  • Angelicwings1

    Fonio looks super good. I would love to try it. Doesn’t seem very available in Australia though.

  • Melissa Greene
    Melissa Greene

    Nope to all

  • Melinda Palicka
    Melinda Palicka

    I don't get out much. So how does one fine out food trends

  • Ann Marie Brei
    Ann Marie Brei

    I love meat. I can’t eat dairy. I am so happy that there are more non-dairy alternatives. Can you can do some classics with non-dairy alternatives.

  • GrindTheTooth

    Well ACTUALLY..... not all soy but a big chunk of it is not from the other side of the world but from Europe. There are soy that can be produced here, and that ARE being produced here. Other then that there are other beans, like the Lupin Bean, that can grow even in my country, in Sweden, and it has just as much full protein as soy. So you know... but yes, demand local raw materials from producers... but also: know that these solutions actually exist.

  • QueenFeen

    I just ordered some fonio. Thanks, guys!


    banana peal ehh nogo unless we do something about how we bug spray so that trend is going nowhere but down in the trash.

  • Jaded Faerie
    Jaded Faerie

    Interesting about the fonio, we use amaranth quite a bit as a leafy green and a grain, which according to Google is quite similar.

  • Sadaharu

    SOY IS NOT UNHEALTHY! Studies have shown that increasing it actually decreases likelihood for breast cancer in women, whereas increase in dairy also increases likelihood for cancer!

  • Sazi

    The Fonio looks interesting. Just ordered some to try it out. Thanks for the knowledge boys

  • Alleosus Squirt
    Alleosus Squirt

    Why are Banana's so versatile?

  • Phazz

    I do absolutely love, that Jamie instantly brought up the argument, that it's not really on us to change things here. Ben's kinda wrong, gotta say. Sure, if you can use a few banana skins and create a bit more food, that's "good" for the environment. In the same magnitude as eating like one less piece of toast, though. It absolutely IS key, that this kinda stuff is done by big corporations. You can't shift the blame on the normal person, not even with the "there's so many of us" argument that Ben went for, because, point is, we don't create as much waste as big corp. That's the same kinda nonsense as the whole "make sure you recycle hard, because it's on you to save the planet" garbage, that's pushed on everyone so much. Yes, recycling is a step up to just throwing stuff away, but in the end, it's not just the normal dude that's polluting the planet, it's the corporations that need to dial shit back and guilting Joe Shmo into thinking he's humanity's downfall for not recycling that one plastic bottle, is just making it easier for corporations to act like it's not their responsibility.

  • Jay-Lee van der Berg
    Jay-Lee van der Berg

    Very interesting!!

  • Susan Wills
    Susan Wills

    I would like to try fonio it looks good 👍 and would go with lots yummy 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • DirtyDan901

    Never in a million years did I think Sorted would mention my home state of West Virginia 😂

  • Jake Fry
    Jake Fry

    Thank the engagement. The banana noodles. I'd love to try them.

  • Matthew Ashlow
    Matthew Ashlow

    my question is why the fuck dose vegitarian food and vegan food always made to taste like meat and other meat based foods if yall want your food to be meat just eat the meat x.x

  • Sammie G
    Sammie G

    Vegan is just as detrimental to the earth as an omnivore diet…. Farming bleaches the soil… causes the ground to reach higher temps… the whole bs about how vegan is more environmentally friendly is a load of crap… Vegan isn’t even healthier… specially with all the soy they add into the food for protein and such… Soy is a hormone blocker end has been linked to men and testicular cancer… Vegan is just a choice nothing about it is healthier than a normal proportionate diet…

  • Ira McIntosh
    Ira McIntosh

    “Yerba mayt.” 😭 Mah-tay lol

  • BlackAssassin913

    Here's something I read about recently. The Veganism we know that people are hyping up...isn't real veganism. We hear about all this stuff like Vegans can't have honey or figs, basically anything that uses animals or insects within the process of production. This is actually what people are calling NeoVegan. TRUE veganism is vegetarian(basic no meat, fish, or eggs)...just without dairy...THAT'S IT! So these "vegan clothes" are literally just a fad brought on by people who are taking a similar stance to PETA just less animal murder. If you're vegan you can still have honey, you can still eat figs...in fact, TRUE vegans still eat and buy honey on constant because not only does it help the bee population, but when honey is harvested it relieves the bees and keeps them content within their safe habitat. HONEY IS VEGAN!!! Bees WANT the keepers to take the honey cause it helps their colony. Bees are one of THE MOST CONSENTING CREATURES we get product from. Any comments ATTACKING me on this subject will be blocked...I have done extensive research on this since I went Pescpatarian due to personal health issues. Want to have a civil chat? Make it obvious.

  • jelle de bruin
    jelle de bruin

    Welll, your cows eat the soy, which also comes from the other side of the world.

  • Sean Stanford
    Sean Stanford

    As an alcoholic it makes me so happy to hear that theirs a no alcohol trend starting. I've even seen it in my local resturaunt and it's been so nice to finally have something other then soda.

  • Impossibilitea

    Mind blowing. Gonna try the upcycle food one for sure

  • sbodi4d


  • Ronon El
    Ronon El

    Banana skins to reduce for waste? What about the 30% of food waste that takes place BEFORE it EVEN REACHES the supermarkets? Phosphor, Nitrate, machinery (& it's essential costs/disposables) ALL WASTED & we don't even get to upcycle that stuff. If concentrate on that (using customer power) before we consider the banana skin being composted...

  • Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot
    Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot

    I would not pay $25 for that “elixir”. I’ve tried that Jerky in the pouch not the US one and it’s awful. It doesn’t fill that desire at all unless you were used to eating terrible and tough jerky.

  • Col Sylvester
    Col Sylvester

    Some supermarkets (one that I know of at least in the UK being Co-op) have pledged to make their own plant-based products the same price as their non-plant-based products in response to the very reasonable comment that plant-based is more expensive.

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo
    Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo

    it's not mate, but maté, pronounced ma-té

  • Rachael Cramer
    Rachael Cramer

    Fonio sounds like a great alternative for people with Coeliac disease, my mum has it and hates that she sometimes misses out on trying new foods

  • Akanksha

    Can we please get the recipe for the banana skin curry and the lamb, peanut, and okra stew?

  • Adiarby13

    In South East Asia we ve been eating banana skin and banana trunk for generations

  • Hans Johnson
    Hans Johnson

    Come on, ya'll are always way too soft on these products.

  • Megha Kumar
    Megha Kumar

    On the point of banana skin curry, the rind of a watermelon can be boiled till soft and then put into curries as well. Absolutely delicious and a great way to reduce waste!

  • Angie C
    Angie C

    Not to be picky, but because I think Ebbers would appreciate saying something properly, yerba mate is pronounced yerba maa-tei, maté should actually have an accent on it :)

  • Roisin Dunne
    Roisin Dunne

    I reckon you could do a vegan chef vs chef but invite a vegan chef to participate in order to increase the challenge for Ben and James 😜

  • Renee Grabski
    Renee Grabski

    Please test more instant pots, mine is a weird one that has a bake and souv ve setting. Please test!

  • Olivia

    On the topic of vegan alternatives to jerky, you should really explore Asian/Chinese grocers for a wealth of vegan snacks. Bean-curd based foods have been around forever in Asian cultures, and not as a 'meat' substitute but a food in its own right. There are sooo many bean-curd snacks that would taste even better than the ones being produced by Western companies, as they've really perfected the craft in those cultures. (Note how the Primal Spirit jerky snacks were an American brand, but made in Taiwan.)

  • Toby Lyons
    Toby Lyons

    I’m confused by the supposed need to cook banana skins, they just biodegrade surely? Or are we talking about using them to address a food shortage problem? I get that there is a huge food waste problem with food being manufactured and going through their entire supply chain to end up as waste but does that apply in the same way to banana skins? Because they are a byproduct rather than a finished product which is uneaten & thrown away (wasted). Could someone shed some light on this, genuinely interested.

  • Schreckschraube

    Re: the soy for the jerky coming from halfway around the world - that's likely not the case. I'm in Germany and when I buy products like soy milk or meat substitutes it usually says on the package where the soy comes from and that is usually Austria or France. There are European countries that produce soy, and I think it's quite likely that the vegan jerky company imports their soy from the EU rather than South America, where the soy produced is largely used as fodder for cattle. Apart from that, some products containing meat are not locally sourced either, meat is imported from as far away as South America or New Zealand. And even within the EU there are cows being raised in one country and then driven hundreds of miles to a different country to be slaughtered there and then shipped back. I know Ebbers meant well, but that comment seems to negate the sustainability factor that meat substitutes have over meat and that just isn't true.

  • Andrew Fallows
    Andrew Fallows

    I'm never giving up meat..keep your plant rubbish to yourselves

  • LinzBelle

    I think vodka would go great with the elixers lol

  • Chain5'9s

    They should make a whole pig on a spit roast... but VEGAN wow lol

  • Gadric Gadwind
    Gadric Gadwind

    Pls less vegan stuff, especially if it pushes an agenda.

  • Sharaya Lee
    Sharaya Lee

    “My opinion can’t make a difference doesn’t work when there’s 7 billion of us.” That should be on a T-shirt. Ben’s brain is so sexy and he’s so right, there’s definitely a balance to figure out how much waste is made when creating processed food verses the benefits of having it on the shelves. Also huge props to Aduna for keeping back some fonio for the communities that grow it! 👏👏👏 I had no idea quinoa was priced out of the local communities budget. That is so heartbreaking and feels like a type of cultural appropriation on such a core, basic, gut level. I know that’s common with coffee and chocolate. Now I’m curios what other communities are separated from their local food because of demand and high prices else where....

  • Millionari

    Omg the way you said yerba mate threw out for a loop lmao

  • Jamal Peoples
    Jamal Peoples

    I feel like they do no research. They just say shit. You still have the peel you have to throw it away. You still use energy and a freezer bag to freeze it. More water to cook and energy to cook. Be better off going to the compost.

  • jjimboy386

    A bit late to the discussion, however I'd like to point out that a large percentage of soy, imported to the UK, is used for animal feed. The figures are a little ambiguous, due to the fact that some, soy based animal feed, is the byproduct, from the production of other soya products, such as oil. However, even the lowest estimates (which don't appear to have data to back them up) say 37% is fed to animals. Which is much less efficient than eating the whole bean.

  • Lisa Witzig
    Lisa Witzig

    Germany, France, Italy Switzerland and many more european countries grow their own soy products.... soy prefers moist light soil and a lot of countries have that. How about you give Ben access to a computer so he can actually do research instead of looking stupid on camera (same with the comment on meat consumption... come on is he even trying???)

  • Leo Watkins
    Leo Watkins

    Great stuff guys. Really like the maturity of your discussion here, really balanced and informative. More of this please, it’s important content

  • John Moody
    John Moody

    so tried this Fonio as interested in alternative foods, and I can see why it's served with strong tasting spicy food as without, it's like eating food from an old Tupperware container.... nutty!?!?!.... more like plastic... perhaps that's why it's gone out of favour in Africa??

  • Madman 21
    Madman 21

    I sure do enjoy eating banana skin infused with pesticides and all the shit they put on it on another continent

  • BbAaNnAa

    Nothing special but I've been saving apple peels and making apple tea with them, it works really well, I do the same thing with shrimp peels for broths... Fonio reminds me a lot of millet, which, sadly, isn't very popular where I come from even though it's very, very good for you :)

  • AnnaWalch

    Honestly, I didn't know what the fuss was all about with the okra, since in German it is pronounced very similarly. But I agree on the Yerba mate, that was horrendous 😂 but otherwise great video!

  • Weird Explorer
    Weird Explorer

    I tried making a banana peel curry and although it was alright initially, I couldn't get through it. It could be the recipe I followed though since it didn't involve any soaking/marinating.

  • Iglika Gencheva
    Iglika Gencheva

    What do you mean plant based non-alcoholic. Alcohol is legit vegan

  • brewski118sempire

    Oh no.. primal spirit, I was not a fan. Yeah lots of spice, which I didn't like.

  • Georgie Roberts
    Georgie Roberts

    I’ve been saving all my banana skins in the freezer since this video! I’ve got enough to make curry now!:)

  • Jonin Cactuar
    Jonin Cactuar

    Hope that Aduna can stay as ethically sound in regards to the crop share if they were to get a much bigger demand

  • Brian Flanagan
    Brian Flanagan

    Vegan products ruin the environment

  • xzBorn

    Wait. Plant based alternatives for alcohol. All alcohol is plant based.

  • Jude Vicious 333
    Jude Vicious 333

    Instantly put fonio in my add to cart

  • Shaiful Asmar
    Shaiful Asmar

    Malaysian has been consuming banana with it’s skin for centuries. Google ‘Masak Lemak Pisang’ (creamy banana curry)

  • nikiichan

    Those Botanical drinks sound interesting. It seems like non alcoholic drinks are getting more popular. The beer app Untapped even started the year with a non alcoholic beer month. So far 'One for the Road Brewing co' is the best non alcoholic beer I have found. I am not sure why the banana peel thing is suddenly being considered a trendy thing. Check out Kela Ravaiya it is a Gujrati dish. Bhavans kitchen uploaded a great recipe for it about a decade ago. With a recipe like that you do not have to worry about what to do with the banana either because she uses the banana too. I sometimes think that quite a few food trends have been foods that other cultures and people have eaten that have just made it over west and then its considered trendy. I havent heard of Fonio and I am going to see if I can buy that where I live. I wonder if its anything like Teff that is used for making Injera because that is delicious!

  • Dezeya

    when they were talking about asparagus I realized not everyone just stuffs the whole thing in their mouth like me. I am a heathen

  • My Llama
    My Llama

    That bag of Fonio in the states is $39.99

  • AnnaMorgause

    “Plane based alternative to alcohol”.... who’s gonna tell ‘em that alcohol is make from plants already?

  • Luke Stephens
    Luke Stephens

    Plant based? What alcohol isn’t plant based?

  • Mr. BDece
    Mr. BDece

    Everyone's calling Ebber's out on "Mate," but nobody says anything about "Okra?" (Yes, I know they're also correct)

  • Merlin Aldan
    Merlin Aldan

    [USERNAME][DATE_LONG]Tuesday, 04 May 20211620093192Tuesday

  • Judith B
    Judith B

    My family and I are testing our way through what alcohol free gin has to offer. There are some really brilliant ones out there! the one thing that I think can never be fully replicated alcohol free is whisky. I only tried one so far, tbh, but that one had won prizes and is basically a smokey syrup. reaaaaaly weird

  • Emily Overmyer
    Emily Overmyer

    One of my favorite things about Sorted has always been that y'all go into the origin/history of the ingredients/dishes you cook. Absolutely love the continued conversations of how the growing market for certain "trend" food items (quinoa, for example) impacts the communities that produce them, and have produced them for generations. Additionally, the discussion of the environmental impact of certain foods is interesting to hear in a world that is growing more conscious of this issue. It is clear that the research is done for these videos and there is a genuine appreciation for the discussion of these complex topics in the content y'all produce. Food is never just "food" and I keep coming back to your videos because Sorted is one of the few channels I've seen which goes beyond the taste and the trend.

  • Rads ical
    Rads ical

    Vegan can be unhealthy too. I’m vegetarian, but that’s for religious reasons.

  • Lauriti

    Ben I love you but..... yeir m8 ? like... google has an audio translator with the correct pronunciation. come on MATE

  • Teagan Rogers
    Teagan Rogers

    Primal Spirit jerkey is so fantastic!!!!!!!!

  • BunnyChanX

    Plant based alt to alcohol, a totally not plant based drink haha

  • shuyin1111

    A new food trend I've been seeing lately is Blue Java Banana's.

  • Matt Tran
    Matt Tran

    Holy Shit! It's the Banoodle that Link from GMM invented years ago.

  • Melania Girardengo
    Melania Girardengo

    FYI it takes WAY more soy to make a beef jerky thank a soy jerky. (Not even mentioning the water use, land use etc). Still much more sustainable the vegan option.

  • Georgia Michael
    Georgia Michael

    Plan for the bank holiday weekend: buy 6 bananas, peel them, freeze the fruit for smoothies, and make that lush looking curry. Cheers boys! 👍 (I've also heard banana skins are good for a bbq pulled pork replacement 🙂)

  • DiZh0

    Instead of that suggestion, Vegan chef vs chef do: vegan chef vs normal (something basic) vs vegan normal (with recipe). Like i tend to make cheeseburgers sometimes, just meat, cheese, sauce and buns. But could a normal use a vegan burger and make something better with help (something we viewers could do). And how would a vegan chef stack up against that

  • Jana

    Some soy is actually grown in the UK as well as in Austria and France. Soy-based products in Germany, where I'm from, often contain soy grown in the EU whilst soy grown in Latin America is mainly imported to feed animals. Especially products from organic brands often try to use European soy instead of soy grown in Latin America. :)

  • El Captain KD
    El Captain KD

    Great content, really liked it 👍

  • Samuel Sampi Kamffer
    Samuel Sampi Kamffer

    Aduna is a great brand doing great things.

  • R33X

    The banana one. How about the chemicals they dip the bananas in? Do they wash away in the first soaking??

  • TheMrthor78

    Wow an actual blooper on the outro instead of another outtake

  • Anita Smirnov
    Anita Smirnov

    Would love to see some more anti food waste recipes from you guys :)

  • David Hale
    David Hale

    I will definitely try Fonio!

  • Monika

    For the first one: Calling it 'plant-based' would be a bit... questionable as alcohol for the most part is generally plant based. It's more like if you want to be extra-pretentious about it. But having salon-capable fruit-drinks that aren't mostly for children is a good thing to have. There's not much things to choose from as of now. Second one: That slight dissappointed and helpless 'ebbers..' from Jamie really had me chuckle. Looks like it really doesn't taste good. :D Imitating typical Meat-stuff, like Jerky is, might not be the smartest idea society had so far. I'm not particularly looking forward to that. My last missadventure was that i've gotten fried rice with some kinda meat-substitute (tasted like carton and had a similar texture as wet carton as well) because of a mess-up in the kitchen i suppose. (Rip my chicken) I wasn't particularly thrilled after a few bites. But for whoever lieks it: enjoy it! The Banana-skin is prety new to me but i suppose it can be a thing if cooked well. :D To the Fonia: I'm a sceptical as it'll be most likely marketed as the new super-food (After Cranberries, Quinoa, Avocado and whatever else), causing a massive increase in demand, which also causes massive deforestation to grow it and as soon as the hype is over, the damage will be done. I mean, if it would be possible to grow it locally, then i have no issues with it. But if it's shipped all the way from africa.. it get's a clear 'no' from me. I'm glad that you've pointed out that vegan alternatives aren't necessarily better for health as well as for the world as many have very long travel distances and alot of forests and jungle is still burned down in favour of creating space to grow these ingrediences.

  • Ashley Morrison
    Ashley Morrison

    I sent an email to you guys several months back about Three Spirit Drinks! I'm so happy you decided to review them!! 💕 Knowing your thoughts and opinions on them makes me more likely now to go and invest my money in them as I was unsure just reading the info on the website. Also Jamie, with loads of bananas I like to slice them all up and put them in a container in my chest freezer for things like smoothies, oatmeal or just to snack on as frozen bananas are lush! It's nice when you find a bunch in the store that is about to go off that is reduced in price as you can do this and save them. Right there you will have multiple banana skins that you could use in a recipe if you'd like without having to eat them all at once :)

  • Bobzii

    14:30 that slide was the most satisfying magic trick what tf

  • Mario Nicolini
    Mario Nicolini

    you guys upgraded your camera? this video looks amazing

  • Bekz

    Thankyou for talking about how communities sometimes or many times even, miss out on their own food because of trend or new found health elements. I never really thought about that except once with bamboo. In Australia at least, bamboo products are around every corner, under every rock...i always thought what about the animals who eat the bamboo or use it as part of their bedding/nests .....i knew about dirt cheap pay or corrupt producing but never really thought of communities not able to even afford their own food...makes me feel like a thief a bit...glad u brought this to our attention.

  • Petra R.
    Petra R.

    Have you ever tried Brudet? U should come to Croatia, it's originated from our fisherman islands Have you been to Croatia? 🙌

  • David Masseri
    David Masseri

    I love your video's but could you please stop making these taste testing ones and be so positive about them. I already bought 60 EUR worth of salt rocks, where I just put one on the table when I have unsuspecting guests come over for dinner, and once the food comes I just stare them down while slowly grating my rock (of salt). Granted it's great fun but now I also purchased 80EUR in 3 bottles of alcohol that isn't even alcohol. My neighbors are going to talk about my mental health if this goes on.

  • Melissa

    Grapefruit peel to chicken up recycle please, and please talk about the history of it being used in really poor communities not being born of meat replacement trends

  • Yannis Gavage
    Yannis Gavage

    That “yerba mate” pronounciation made me fall out of my seat 😅😂

  • Nancey Jones
    Nancey Jones

    This was a great episode, definitely have to try the banana peel thing. I'm not a big fan of the new intro...the sounds are jarring 😬

  • Ashley Smalley
    Ashley Smalley

    No farmers no food no future also the consumption of meat has risen and will rise even more buy local and support your local farmers