A Chef Reviews VINTAGE Kitchen Gadgets from History Vol.2 | SORTEDfood
Sparks fly in today’s episode as we dive into the past and explore the wonderful world of vintage kitchen gadgets through the critical eyes of a Chef and three normal home cooks!

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  • Jennifer N
    Jennifer N

    I would LOVE to watch the team review kitchen gadgets from your first videos. It seems like everyone is a tiny bit more difficult to impress. I’m curious if with time and as skills progress if the fun or entertaining items are still so? Or if items you once hated are now super useful

  • Marianne Reed
    Marianne Reed

    I wonder if the HotDogger could cook raw sausages like bratwurst?

  • Yeatusdafeatus

    Jamie looks like eddy hall if he didn't do strong man

  • Gen Doll
    Gen Doll

    I don’t eat hotdogs unless they’ve rated up so much that they’re bursting lol. I don’t know why but I just like a really cooked hotdog. I’d never like, boil a hotdog. Ya gotta grill or microwave that any till it bursts!

  • nfish10

    The hot dogger has an on / off switch: The Lid :D Also, maths and physics say for resistive loads: Double the voltage, four times the power. So that hot dog should be cooked in 15 seconds :D

  • Keri N
    Keri N

    ❤❤ Ebbers ❤❤ You handsome devil you!!!

  • 1kreature

    You do get metal ion migration through the meat from the electrodes so I would stay away from the hotdogger.

  • mafiacat88

    I cannot get over the hot dogger. Without the switch, that's literally just a death cable in a plastic box.

  • Drunken Dragon
    Drunken Dragon

    Hot dogger is at least a smart concept but I must say, Koegel makes the best dogs and if you want a good dog buy a good dog not the crap you get for $1. Bye bye Ballpark, Koegel rules.

  • Coach SCDub
    Coach SCDub

    Those hot dog buns are so weird looking

  • Hunter Warnock
    Hunter Warnock

    I completely forgot about danger danger high voltage

  • Heidi Williams
    Heidi Williams

    Hmmmm with British slang “hot dogger” is funny. You could see them laughing and then you add wieners I can’t believe even a US company didn’t know what they were doing

  • Helen a
    Helen a

    We had all four items when I was growing up

  • Maggie Blackbird
    Maggie Blackbird

    I have a Veg O Magic and it’s great for fries, which is the only reason I keep it around. The blades are too dull for anything else.

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner


  • ClissaT

    I'm sorry you guys, I just have to say it. Since you guys are Poms n all, you should know what I'm getting at!. Me sitting here in Australia am p!ssing myself laughing right now. A pommy 'hot dogger' as a totally different beast altogether (if you get my meaning)! :*D

  • Dan R.
    Dan R.

    That veg-o-matic is just a cheap plastic version of an existant kitchen tool. Any place that does its own fries will have a wall mounted stainless steel one of those with a long handle.

  • Chris Sirois
    Chris Sirois

    Couldn't find out much about the Hot Dogger, eh? www.google.com/search?q=presto+hot+dogger&rlz=1CATSGW_enUS873&oq=presto+hot+dogger&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i457j0l3j0i22i30l5.5456j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

  • bs4e

    Hey love your videos but the music in the background is a little too loud.

  • Co11aps3

    Now I want hotdogs

  • E. Scott Templin
    E. Scott Templin

    The Hot Dogger, and the Veg-o-matic....my mom still has, and uses, BOTH

  • James Maddox
    James Maddox

    You oughta use pasta straws instead of aluminum/steel straws. Metalic straws are imposible to sanitize (clean ?) without an appropriate small diameter barrel brush. Pasta straws can be cooked and thus are far less pretentious, cheerss mates :) PS: Real men drink from the glass :p

  • Lily Mustang
    Lily Mustang

    I love hot dogs & one birthday an ex got me a book about hot dogs & a hot dog cooker like this but in the shape of a dog

  • MrDrokkul

    The way their hot dog buns are cut hurt my soul.

  • Polina bellmondo
    Polina bellmondo

    Polite reminder from someone who just studied this exact thing in physics (voltage, circuits and fuses as well as safety), no, it may cut cooking time in half, it does however also provide an easy shortcut to a house fire. This should have ended a lot (A LOT) worse, you were lucky this time.

    • botvis

      What are the pros and cons vs electric pickles?

  • Fireblazt

    I want another big night in episode. It was so fun

  • one tom
    one tom

    With english as a second language I don't get why the hot dogging makes them giggle so much. Just pick a sausage and gobble it up 🙄

  • Mika Peltokorpi
    Mika Peltokorpi

    1) carbal syndrome generator

  • DarkRubberDucky

    As an American, I never knew y'all had higher voltage. I don't know how that changes things, but now I know.

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose

    We had a Veg-o-matic when I was a kid. It was certainly effective at convincing a children to help with food preparation.

  • Kristy Childs
    Kristy Childs

    I want to see the boys test kitchen gadgets from Asia. hit up taobao!!

  • Tom Tatum
    Tom Tatum

    Electrocuted frankfurter = Frankensteinfurter?

  • Thornblood

    My family had one those ice crushers when I was a kid

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    You guys are missing the common infomercial line, "It's THAT easy!"

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose

      young women living in boarding houses, teaching at schools, or flat-sharing in the late 19th and early 20th century did not. You might not be able to eat out (especially after da

  • Thomas Baker
    Thomas Baker

    I was hoping they'd make a dogging joke about that hot dog maker.

  • Juan Oliveira
    Juan Oliveira

    if you want a better tasting caipirinha just add 1:1 parts of alcohol and water plus the lime, sugar and ice. You won't feel the alcohol at all and you can put as many shots you want in there as long you use the same part of water. Helps a lot with not being hangover too. Source: trust me, I'm brazilian.

  • navicapolia1

    Quick question..... What happened to James? Dont think i have seen him in a while

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      So for the record Ebbers... P = V * I or = V^2/R or I^2*R (I know you love background info) So given that the resistance of the hotdogs is relatively consistent we can use the

  • 246kisses

    We still have and use the vegomatic

  • BlueBreadMore

    Hot dogger from the 70s for sure, diff model sorta. Had one, was great but did leave metallic Taste on ends. Odd you didn't get that with an old machine. Fun memories though!! Tks.

  • Alex Feldhann
    Alex Feldhann

    Honestly id love to see you guys reaction to a sunbeam automatic toaster

  • Clay3613

    No beer in the onion ring batter? :O

  • DinaG

    By Ben's metric, most of switzerland is a 'niche group of friends' 🤣🤣

  • Gimp Doctor
    Gimp Doctor

    what you failed to take note of is how there IS NO CIRCUITRY IN THE HOT DOGGER. you are literally just plugging hot dogs into mains voltage. No safety mechanisms of any kind (not even for the lid). You may as well stick two forks into a hotdog and stick them in the wall. This kind of gadget would cause hundreds of deaths annually if sold today on the market.

    • botvis

      > This kind of gadget would cause hundreds of deaths annually if sold today on the market. They are. They're called 'electrode boilers', and it's frankly terrifying that you can find them used as shower heaters or compact travel water boilers.

  • A E
    A E

    My parents got a Kwik-kut manual food chopper/biscuit cutter as a wedding gift and they say it's probably the most useful thing they were given - would love to see that reviewed!

  • Ryan Bacher
    Ryan Bacher

    Does the UK use "1 Brazilian 2 Brazilian" the same way that the US uses "1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi," or is that something just that one guy does?

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    power / heat. Therefore there were two options: Hot Doggers wireing melts (not this case) or hot dog is done four times faster (15 seconds).

  • liz domino
    liz domino

    I actually bought a new Westmark ice crusher last year. My parents had one while I was growing up, and I needed it. They really are amazing and easy to use.

  • Paper Tiger
    Paper Tiger

    "It smells like burning flesh, and Ebbers is stalking!! "

  • feuilletoniste

    Chafing dishes also have a very interesting history as a portable, affordable means of preparing warm food at home if you didn’t have access to a kitchen - as indeed many young women living in boarding houses, teaching at schools, or flat-sharing in the late 19th and early 20th century did not. You might not be able to eat out (especially after dark), and your landlady might be stingy with the heating and strict about meal times, but a little paraffin stove and a chafing dish meant you could at least warm up some soup, coddle an egg, or have a cup of cocoa in the strange new freedom of your own little room!

  • Ernest Shackelton
    Ernest Shackelton

    Hot dogger is right up there with the Cornballer on Arrested Development 😆😆😆

  • Richie Bee
    Richie Bee

    I thought the tall lanky one left the show to be a sous chef somewhere or something...

  • Ed Bond
    Ed Bond

    How about reviewing on table cooking gadgets. We have a mini pizza oven, raclette and teppanyaki .

    • SORTEDfood

      Good idea :)

  • Chilly Dippers
    Chilly Dippers

    So for the record Ebbers... P = V * I or = V^2/R or I^2*R (I know you love background info) So given that the resistance of the hotdogs is relatively consistent we can use the second formula to determine how much power is being expended. So P = V^2/R and we are doubling the voltage (2V)^2/R = 4V^2/R ..... so by doubling the voltage you are actually increasing the power consumed by a factor of 4 ... 100% Power =60 Seconds so 400% Power = 15 seconds.

  • Emily Miller
    Emily Miller

    Vintage ice cream or slushie machines.

  • Laurence Fraser
    Laurence Fraser

    The weird thing about that hotdogger not having its own switch... Is that most US sockets don't have switches either...

    • SORTEDfood

      Oh weird!

  • Moses Zero
    Moses Zero

    I would like to see someone who knows about electricity take that hotdogger apart. Is it really just open voltage going directly to each row of spikes?

  • Fageta Boutit
    Fageta Boutit

    i love that ebbers gave a shout out to physics

    • SORTEDfood

      Haha! Such an Ebbers thing to do.

  • C.k.e egg
    C.k.e egg

    You should try a Presto salad shooter.

  • Ariel Harmony
    Ariel Harmony

    My grandmother had the vegomatic! She did potatoes and onions with him mostly. Sometimes things like apples for fruit salad... But she used to complain to my dad that veggies and fruits didn’t taste like they used to and I wonder if that has something to do with how well they work in old machinery

  • LinzBelle

    If you want something from America that last a REALLY long time. But ONEIDA flatware. My grandma bought the Paul Revere set in the early sixties, and my dad got them when he married my mom. He then inherited when my grandparents died. They look nearly identical. They are still very nice looking they are use them on a daily basis.

  • Cryssi Ann
    Cryssi Ann


  • blake keating
    blake keating

    We grew up with the Hot Dogger in the 70s and 80s and it worked amazingly...until we got our first microwave.

  • Jennifer Eisenberg
    Jennifer Eisenberg

    This just proves that older Appliances were meant to last. I use my mom’s Food Processor from the late 70’s, cause they new how to build products that last.

  • Donato Clandorf
    Donato Clandorf

    Just go buy a modern electric fondue fountain, probably about 18 pounds anyway.

  • RavenGhostwisperer

    fondue without cheese? ftw ;)

  • Joseph Vickrey
    Joseph Vickrey

    I'm upset, I didnt get as many Bennuendos as I wanted from the "Hot Dogger".

  • Sepharoth

    15:22 for easy repeating

  • makz2009

    "Obviously an American product" ... well of course its a hotdog electric chair.

  • Merline Checo
    Merline Checo

    It’s 3:00am why am I watching this, I don’t even cook.

  • Joan Hall
    Joan Hall

    My Dad won a Presto Hotdoger as a door prize at a Medical Convention. Just what every Dr.’s wife didn’t want. My Mom said “Why?”.

  • DevilboyScooby

    "Those spikes are what you put your sausage on." So it is a torture device, after all...

  • Jeff Clancy
    Jeff Clancy

    I think it's safe to say Ebbers likes old gadg

  • plantpowerednerd

    Hot Diggity Dogger!

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    I love fondue. I want to buy a set and have a party.

  • Ken Cramer
    Ken Cramer

    Keep in mind for the Hot Dogger that it came out prior to microwaves being in most homes. To cook a hotdog you A. Boiled them in a pot of water, B. put them out on the grill or C. fried them in a pan. Boiling a pot water for just a couple of hot dogs would have been a pain for mom feeding a couple of kids. Dad usually ran the grill and at this time charcoal was the "convenient" fuel as gas grills had not fully saturated the home market and pan frying came with lots of smoke or a hard to clean pan. So at the time this was a quick, easy way to cook hotdogs.

  • JoySilla

    The ice crusher was probably one of the best.

  • Aviko

    13:04 - Easy answer -> electrolysis happens

  • Je Or
    Je Or

    Here's an idea for a future episode: kitchen trash compactors. My grandparents had one cuz my grandpa loved new gadgets...but I never hear about them now.

  • saskibla

    Lol, my parents have something like that table chef, but with two burners or four burners. We still use it for something called "gourmetten" in The Netherlands (you have small pieces of meat and vegetables and prepare it whilst sitting at the table in small pans)

  • Hannah Ryan
    Hannah Ryan

    don’t want to know what sort of sordid things you can find on ebbers’ dark web or in ebbers’ hot doggers deli

  • Ms Gamne
    Ms Gamne

    Reading the title of this episode alone, it is clearly everything that I didn't realize was missing from my life and this channel. Love. It!

  • Bryan I
    Bryan I

    OMG, I so love that you guys tried the hot dogger on 240v. That made my day.

  • pct

    ebbers has mad scientist vibes when talking about the hot dogger and i'm here for it

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    I grew up with a Presto Hotdogger. I still have one and love the nostalgia.

  • reed Johnson
    reed Johnson

    It's the og slap chop

  • Larry Tate
    Larry Tate

    Someone tell the chubby bearded one that a 60 year old woman left her pubic hair on top of his head

  • Robin Langenhorst
    Robin Langenhorst

    Please continue to let him test the gadget which involves alcohol first.

  • Melissa Pelletier
    Melissa Pelletier

    Soooo what we learned from this is Ebbers likes bad ideas….. Lol

  • Anita Holmes
    Anita Holmes

    There was a time when--due to so many people having bought Hot Doggers--during any visit to a thrift shop in the US you were bound to come across at least one Hot Dogger.

  • lapukas

    I’m 48 and we had the hotdog cooker when I was a kid in the 70’s.

  • Wally & Tony
    Wally & Tony

    I had a electric hot dog cooker that was in a circle.

  • Matthew Leo
    Matthew Leo

    Power goes up as the *square* of the voltage, so if you double the voltage it takes 1/4 the time to put the same amount of energy into the hot dog.

  • Karel van Voorst Vader
    Karel van Voorst Vader

    I like the hot-dogger, and more late 1970's/ early 1980's gadgets and meals (Merry Berry on the Thames TV FIshows channel)

  • Sterling

    "Caprinha". God that's revolting, not the drink though, the way you say it. It's like he never bothered to actually learn the word. Close enough is good enough, right?

  • vik t
    vik t

    I kind of miss when Ben would try out vintage recipes from old cookbooks 😢

  • Mats JPB
    Mats JPB

    "All normals" pass it on challange with a twist suggestion: First normal picks ingrediants, but is not allowed to cook anything. Second normal cooks but is not allowed to plate anything. Third normal must plate an instagram-winning plate (that also tastes good).

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod

    I can’t believe how close Ebbers put his face to the hot dogger. Yikes!

  • Barbara Holley
    Barbara Holley

    You need to get the Sunbeam Radiant Control toaster from the 50's. Anyways, never stop doing these. I am obsessed with 50's appliances.

  • S H
    S H

    Ebbers is so darn cute, that’s all 😁

  • HoneyB Bridge
    HoneyB Bridge

    Love the hotdogger. Lol! Just great to have with friends on a Friday summer night.! Special!