NOSTALGIA Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass it On S2 E22 | SORTEDfood
Today, Janice has got us feeling all nostalgic as she challenges the guys to create a dish that brings back foodie childhood memories. Will they manage to pull it together or will someone flip the dish at the final hurdle? Watch to find out!

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  • jayne's lane
    jayne's lane

    Just wondering if you guys would consider doing a 'pass it on' challenge in a drunk state :D

  • Dan Gonya
    Dan Gonya

    I too would love an uncut version of Pass It On.

  • Seoyeon Cai
    Seoyeon Cai

    My Ranking would be: Ben - Mike - James - Janice - Barry - whoever does the camera work in the kitchen - Kush - Anna - Leyla - Charlie - Funko Pop Ben - Mike's Wife - Barry's Wife - Ben's red Shorts - Queen Elizabeth - the deli owner downstairs - whoever published their book - Jamie's Wife - Jamie's Kids - Jamie Spafford

  • Kurt Bada
    Kurt Bada

    It's videos like this that make me thing it's unfair Jamie gets the clown music, when it's Ben that's messing everything up... ON PURPOSE.

  • Phil Robbie
    Phil Robbie

    this was one of the funniest episodes ive seen, great work, im tempted to try something similar to the fish fingers with local chippies

  • Jeremy Heck
    Jeremy Heck

    Love it

  • Clarissa Gafoor
    Clarissa Gafoor

    'I don't know what I'm eating any more!' has become my new catch phase 😂

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    Monster munch aren't the same, I feel like they used to be more puffy and wotsit like

  • Cynical Citizen
    Cynical Citizen

    For those who are not in the know, their brand of insta noodles are fucking disgusting.

  • Ramsey Alshamaileh
    Ramsey Alshamaileh

    THERE WAS SO MUCH MORE POTENTIAL 😔😘 still great job and content thou. Great job guys

    • SORTEDfood

      Thank you!

  • Tiny_Cherries

    I love Janice in these.

    • SORTEDfood

      She's the best!

  • Yvette Salinas
    Yvette Salinas

    I love Barry's growth. Lol he's no longer giving himself 8s and 9s for breathing. 🤣😂

  • Hayden Petty
    Hayden Petty

    bro UK nostalgia food hit different when i think of nostalgia I think of Chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and beans

  • Brumsgrub

    On the next one, get one or a few professional chefs to replace the normals, so Ebbers thinks that they are doing amazing when it's his turn. He'll have no idea what's going on.

  • Kaishinamon

    Back in my day we had turkey dinosaurs, potato smiley faces, spag hoops and a generic cake XD

  • aurora mistress of shade
    aurora mistress of shade

    hers an order idea. Half of the crew decide ahead of time. and the other half get called in as they go

  • The Minnesota Wolf
    The Minnesota Wolf

    I want to know what that ketchup tasted like, both before and after Jamie happened. I've never been more curious about something on this channel.

  • M I Parker
    M I Parker

    How does Ben do so much in 10 minutes

  • Wagner Voss
    Wagner Voss

    Best food challenge ever. 😅😂🤣

  • Kayleigh Lehrman
    Kayleigh Lehrman

    Watching this makes me nostalgic for when James was still with us :(

  • stugod5000

    as someone who has used Doritos and ritz crackers to fry chicken, It's nice to see monster munch used to create something cool

  • John Marston
    John Marston

    Mike is Janice right? For all of these episodes I’ve been thinking it is.

  • Jakra Pup
    Jakra Pup

    "Why does everything smell so much?!" - at least he doesn't have covid!

  • Crane S
    Crane S

    Can’t find the reaction video?

  • Elia Brown
    Elia Brown

    "Pot noodles are associated with loving yourself" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pavlína Vernarová
    Pavlína Vernarová

    One day, on some special occasion, could we get a live pass it on? Pretty please?!

  • Gonzo

    I feel like some sort of pictionary element could be interesting. Give a clue that you get 30 seconds to draw to guide the next person.


    Baz dumbfounded by the Vimto jus had me in stiches

  • Cherry Boy
    Cherry Boy

    barry’s lookin like jesse pinkman

  • Caitlin 6
    Caitlin 6

    I would love to see what they do in a ridiculously long amount of time. Like flapping about and pure panic! Maybe even not tell them they're getting extra time until their normal time is up, then tell them to go again. No one would know until their turn was up. See how those "not my problem" moments turn into... well, this is a me problem now.

  • Quicksilver_Cookie

    I think there was a slight confusion about the theme, or I don't get something. It's supposed to be nostalgic. Fish fingers in monster munch and vimto ketchup aren't nostalgic, it's just childish.

  • DevilboyScooby

    Love how James automatically blamed the vimto jus on Barry, called it horrible, then used it anyway 🤣

  • Roden Beard
    Roden Beard

    I adore that the oysters were left there for the entire video just to be given a no and taken off

  • Txomin Abel
    Txomin Abel

    Pass it on spicy, make a spicy meal order, ex gfs Most to least

  • Willy Salvato
    Willy Salvato

    You should have everyone write one ingredient they love and one they hate, so that at the start of their turn they draw a piece of paper and they have to incorporate it into the dish no matter if it’s good or bad

  • Loingo

    Picnic pass it on

  • Yeezus

    I like bens creative thinking process and how quickly he does it, it’s fascinating

  • MisterD90 Gaming
    MisterD90 Gaming

    why is Barry wearing a wolly hat ¬.¬

  • Kelly Connelly
    Kelly Connelly

    Is it just me, or does James make a LOT of different ketchups in these Pass It On relays?🤣

  • Shadowreaper50

    The most cohesive pass it on we've had in ages and they rated themselves so low.

  • Tash

    You should do a WW2 war rations pass it on

  • Anandamayee Singh
    Anandamayee Singh

    We need pictures of ben's tuck shop!

  • ACupOfDuck

    I'll agree with the pass! And you guys should make this again but next level!

  • AbhiSasha

    OMG........had been binge watching this pass it on series from yesterday and just finished it! Going to gadgets now😎😎

  • Lady Berd
    Lady Berd

    A calm PIO...a chaotic PIO.....i love them all!!!

  • FatDekuScrub

    Massive pass for nostalgia! Love me some pickled onion monster munch. Panning to Jamie's face was hilarious

  • Edward Hodge
    Edward Hodge

    The fake fem voice over is woke is it? Can we not.

  • Vesuvius (the band)
    Vesuvius (the band)

    What an awesome first 10 minutes Ben! 😧

  • Gerald Cedillo
    Gerald Cedillo

    just a 7.5 Ebbers!? That was a 10 start if there ever was one

  • Macey

    Pass it on. You should allow each person the 10 mins, but allow more time each if they need it to allow the dish to succeed. Otherwise if they don't need it, just allow the 10 mins.

  • Andrew Harvey
    Andrew Harvey

    I wonder if "Really Obvious" would actually be a good theme for one of these. Just give them a random table of ingredients and see if each person thinks they are making the really obvious thing for those ingredients. Bonus points if the ingredients are all part of some complicated famous recipe revealed at the end.

  • Greenbook

    Some comments bullied Barry so much that he changed to please them.

  • AmorSamurai

    Can you do a video recommending recipes for people with braces?

  • PG__ Animation
    PG__ Animation

    I do the curry powder hack on the regular! It's so good on wedges!

  • Jessica Neal
    Jessica Neal

    "Why does everything smell so much?" Me: "Because you're pregnant."

  • Thea Buenabajo
    Thea Buenabajo

    Im really waiting for the Reaction video of this one

  • Marcus Rayne
    Marcus Rayne

    Jamie took over Barry's role as the hobgoblin this time! :O

  • Beef Cake
    Beef Cake

    Did Ben really sprinkle whole pot noodle over chips instead of blending it?

  • Margo H
    Margo H

    Theme ideas: Food of the future Ingredients of the future Ingredients of one colour only Ingredients starting with the same letter Ingredients that you hate Different Ingredients mystery box for each person / one person must use one mystery item that has been chosen by Janice (that the others don't know about) in their turn Order: Who can hold their breathe longest to shortest Longest to shortest hair Longest to shortest full name

  • Ryan Stiff
    Ryan Stiff

    Pass it on, but an episode where everyone is watching the one person cook at a time

  • Michael Gould
    Michael Gould

    JANICE IS JAMIE OR BARRY. I still don't know.

  • David Stewart
    David Stewart

    James saying he didn't think he made the ketchup that sweet then the camera zooming into Jamie was absolute gold 😂😂😂😂

  • isinox

    more videos like this please, this was very fun to watch!

  • reapfield

    Watching this video and seeing Ben's unbridled optimism and wondering if he's ever watched an episode of Pass It On

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis

    I love pass it on so much! I really think Barry misjudges himself on this one. He recognized pretty much everything Ben was going for, and kept it going Perfectly. That's at least worth a 7.

  • JP Baley
    JP Baley

    One sniff and Monster Munch!

  • Rania Langouretou
    Rania Langouretou

    I would to see you try making something Greek on Pass it On!

  • peem

    Idea: Before being told the theme each lad picks an ingredient somebody must use in the dish. Order is then alphabetically of the ingredients they chose.

  • MechaEmperor7000

    Here's my idea for another pass it on: Fruit de mer platter, with Chefs starting and ending, but only the first guy knows what it's suppose to be. No communication, not even flour writing.

  • WingTji Liu
    WingTji Liu

    Ben shaking that bottle of mayo rhythmically while talking. The way it splattered 😂

  • Ruby Mikoto
    Ruby Mikoto

    hey can you guys make a playlist for pass it on, I'm on binge (re)watching the whole series again

  • Unexpected Penny
    Unexpected Penny

    Hi guys! I can’t message on your Instagram so thought I’d ask here - would it be possible to add captions to your stories? It really helps all who are deaf/hard of hearing. Thanks 😀

  • James Laforme
    James Laforme

    I would REALLY like to see a Relay Challenge or maybe another similar game if this one doesn't fit my suggestions.That has each contestant randomly assigned a country, and their goal is make a dish that best represents that countries food culture (both new and old). only using ingredients or techniques that they use there. Or maybe have a new Relay contest, where the team has to make a "full course dinner" with a set theme. And each person handles the soup, another handles the salad, one handles, main course, ect. It all depends on what you decide to make and how many people are on the team ect. I also think the set theme could be a bunch of different things like, different styles of cooking, or maybe have all the foods revolve around one ingredient, and trying to make everything unique but still included that ingredient somehow! Hopefully what I wrote makes any sense at all! I love this videos, I'd love to see you evolve them into something even better! (Also, i REALLY think that, if you can that is, get a unbiased third person to help the judging to make things a big less personal and hear someone else thoughts on the food. Maybe another Chef, or litte kid, or many another random FIshowsr, or heck even just a random bloke would be cool.

  • Willem

    honestly... Don't do voices.

  • Kristen Footo
    Kristen Footo

    Pass it On: Halal Street Cart

  • Giggles87

    You guys better make a series out of this. 1st warning!

  • ProxUrAimz

    Where's the reaction video? :0

  • Nicolle Melanson.Powell
    Nicolle Melanson.Powell

    Are Brits really tea aficionados? Did the water boil? Did you pre-warm the pot? Did you pour the water over the tea or add the tea after? How about a blind taste test guys? 1) boiled or not boiled 2) water first or tea leaves first 3) steeped or stewed? I gotta say that we plunk a teabag in a mug, add cold water and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes - tea- SORTED!

  • matt 364
    matt 364

    Probably a unpopular opinion but they should bin Jamie....... 🤷🤣

  • Pixi Pix
    Pixi Pix

    Did James dye his hair?!

  • Nutella Latte
    Nutella Latte

    Can I just say I'm 4 minutes in and I just love the way Ben's mind works. This is why he is a professional chef, just absolutely immaculate and creative ideas on the spot. Ben you're amazing!

  • Anthony Carless
    Anthony Carless

    Challenge is nostalgia and Barry is dressed like Parappa the Rapper

  • Ben's Views
    Ben's Views

    Lamb chops, veggies and gravy was our meals.

  • Sachiko

    I'm curious what Jamie said. Ebber would have a pot noodle and WHAT? Why is it censored?

  • neverforget3107

    They should do the pass it on by “after each person is done, they leave and watch the rest finish on a tv. Then when they are at the table, they get to tell each everything. “ I find it funny that they did a solid dish and passed it but they all gave themselves such low scores.

  • Drew Pyper
    Drew Pyper

    Laziest relay evvvaaa... new format guys

  • J O
    J O

    Ben is so creative

  • Eloise Goodman
    Eloise Goodman

    what happened to the cockles?!?! LOL

  • Cliqboom

    That was a fun episode!

  • Dany lexi
    Dany lexi

    I love it PASS for me

  • Laksh C
    Laksh C

    Ben doing hundred of things in ten minutes as always Barry following and not adding weird things The snacking James reasoning for picking Jamie lol Jamie coughing and coughing Mike stressing but plating as great as always

  • cortex1551

    So a pass ot on, where each chef is told a different each chef is given a different prompt. So the normals can't make heads or tails of what the dish is. Plus I'd love to see one chef thinks he knows what it's supposed to be and change the dish drastically halfway through

  • Malka Gonter
    Malka Gonter

    Thanks for not writing the words pass? Or fail? On it so the outcome was a complete surprise

  • laxxboy20

    Barry: I need someone with confidence, batter bring in James James: What is this? Why are these here? What do I do? Do I stick my finger in it?

  • laxxboy20

    The Real Slim Barry over here 😂

  • Mio Mirin
    Mio Mirin

    Vimtoooo yaaaaaaaaaaaas, i never knew you had vimto in Britain

  • Nokenify

    Biggest issue to some during 'rona: "WHY DOES IT SMELL SO MUCH?!" :D

  • Chardan

    Jamie straight up auditioning for The Office

  • smithy458

    Anyone notice at 3:40 where the timer just stops at 23 seconds

  • DonMorte2

    6:26 When you're watching a cooking video and suddenly you get a gun show!

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