After 9 incredible years, our mate and sorted Chef James is leaving Sorted… for now! So we thought, there’s no better way to send him off than challenging him to an epic CHEF VS CHEF BATTLE!!! Who’ll be crowned the ultimate chef of Sorted? Watch to find out!

Go and show James some love over on Instagram @jamesalcurrie

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Our Chat With James -

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  • oldskooljules

    I was not expecting to feel so emotional about this. You will be missed, James.

  • Dave Paddy
    Dave Paddy

    To all of the Sorted food guys (and back stage team) please keep it up, utterly fantastic channel that I enjoy and love going back through. James I’m sure we will all miss you and yet still wish you all the best going forward.


    Now this is coming from Vegas. Chefs are incredibly horny men

  • Jamel Piclit
    Jamel Piclit

    Goodluck James on your journey. But if ever you decide to return to SORTED FOODS, as a viewer. I will wholesomely welcome you.. Btw.why are you so pale James?

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez

    ,, It's not an absolut disaster It's just a little softer than I would've liked." ,, That's what she said, AM I RIGHT!"

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    Bedt if luck James, a bit late but love you

  • Angy Elfcraft
    Angy Elfcraft

    Ben, get fucked mate...

  • Vedant Sumaria
    Vedant Sumaria

    I miss him!

  • Corey

    I love how both dishes represented their cooking style perfectly. Ben cooking a risotto and being super science nerdy with all the components, James cooking something super fancy that is multiple things at once.

  • xtratzii

    We'll see you again James! Good luck on your journey

  • Issa Mayor
    Issa Mayor

    What a great episode!! I've been watching for years and still love everyone so much!!

  • Ben Porter
    Ben Porter

    James was a beast and a great member of the group. This is late, but I wish him luck in his ongoing career.

  • Jonathan Griego
    Jonathan Griego

    Am i watching the hundred foot journey or sorted...

  • Charlotte Harbaugh
    Charlotte Harbaugh

    I was crying until the end outtake just made me smile!

  • Susan Wills
    Susan Wills

    Good bye and good luck James all the very best for your future god bless 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋💗💗💗💗💗😂😂😂😂

  • Joe Witkowski
    Joe Witkowski

    To bad, James was the best.

  • cun1983

    Noooo!!! James, you are the coolest of the guys! I'm sad to see you go :( Best of luck for your new endeavours! Please come in for a guest episode once in a while :) o7

  • Itorogai

    I don't know what it is but I'm absolutely obsessed by James his dish. Is there a recipe somewhere? I just can't imagine how that's gonna taste.

  • stuart earthrowl
    stuart earthrowl

    "fermented and picked" who let Ben write the caption so he could show off that he picked them himself (*pickled, I know)....

  • Frickypoo

    What??? James is leaving :( nooo!

  • Dark Espresso
    Dark Espresso

    Good luck in your new job James, wishing you all the best! Idea for a video - make a vegan/veggie/gluten free etc version of a battle winning dish and have a guest chef with that dietary requirement to judge it to.

  • Charlotte Pring
    Charlotte Pring

    This literally makes me tear up 🥰🥰💕💕💕🥲🥲🥲

  • fallinangels _
    fallinangels _

    I'll miss the shit out of james, he had the perfect amount of sass and dry wit and it really balanced everything. It seems like whenever I have a favorite team member on a channel they always leave to do bigger better things, and while im happy for them, im also incredibly sad that I won't get to enjoy the special prescence and dynamic they bring to the team. It always kinda ruins a channel for me... that being said I love sorted, and I'll stick around to watch because I love food, and enjoy learning more about it. All of you guys are a pleasure to watch.

  • equitine _
    equitine _

    I hope James appears here and there.

  • wckdqt

    James can't leave!!!

  • blake keating
    blake keating

    GD it.. I purposely waiting until now to watch this battle so I would not be sad. Well that didn't work. I loved the video and hope he makes it back more sooner than later. See you later, James. You will 100% be missed.

  • Hunter N. Biden
    Hunter N. Biden

    6:27 Ben joined the crips

  • Noel Wright
    Noel Wright

    Good luck in the future mate.

  • Benjamin Li
    Benjamin Li

    >.< nooooo, James' leaving. Good luck to him though.

  • Reece Emanuel
    Reece Emanuel

    I didn't know he was leaving 😱. When was it announced?

  • Kujata Sylver
    Kujata Sylver

    I'm late to the celebration, but I'm heartbroken to see James go. Good luck with the new job... but also come back.

  • Minwell it’s a nickname Be grateful
    Minwell it’s a nickname Be grateful

    Bens shock at James sitting in the crowd before they met and was impressed by him was so cute.

  • pamelamathilde

    Oh No! Please come back James! At least to visit! You are the first reason I started watching you guys! You are so level headed and talented! Surprisingly calm in the kitchen! The whole team will lose a big part! I've even been watching less, not seeing you so often... (not that the others aren't entertaining, I just have limited interest in their antics. (I'm ADD and easily bored)

  • der.Schtefan

    This show is pointless without James. Boooo!

  • Isaac de los Reyes Gallego
    Isaac de los Reyes Gallego

    We want that mousse recipe!! 🤪

  • janenba352

    SORTED should have offered James more money.

  • Kahlan Am
    Kahlan Am

    Something about the gentle way James speaks really punched me in the gut just now and now I'm sobbing a little. Stop making me feel emotions darn you!😂😭😭😭😂😭 Man I'm gonna miss James in these videos. 💔

    • Kahlan Am
      Kahlan Am

      Okay okay, thank you, Ben. You busting out the alky in order to bribe the judges the way you always do, has cheered me up, or at the very least stopped the crying. Now I'm laughing a little. Thanks Ben 💜🤣

  • Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!
    Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    Truly shocked nobody commented on James’ innuendo “it’s not an absolute disaster, it’s just a bit softer than I’d like” Ebbers?! Nothing!?

  • Charlie W
    Charlie W

    where is james going to work ?

  • Izaak Currie
    Izaak Currie

    Say psyche right now

  • Tympest Books
    Tympest Books

    Going to miss James being on the show, but I like how you guys have made it clear that this isn't good bye. Just good bye for now. It'll be good to see it when he pops in next.

  • Jetmorrison

    would love to see a BIPOC chef fill the spot

  • Jetmorrison

    what was the nose thing after announcing him getting a better job? please tell me it wasnt what i think it was...... *cringes from 8 time zones away*

  • BigEyedMakito

    I'll miss James. It'd be cool one day to have a special with everyone who has been part of the show since the beginning.

  • Platinum Flea
    Platinum Flea

    Oh man. This is a bit sad. Happy he has an opportunity but sad he isn't going to be a regular anymore. Going to miss you James.

  • Rose Hill
    Rose Hill

    So excited for James and his new role but to me he will always be our Sorted Sassy Ginger Chef 💖🇦🇺 Ps how is Janice taking his leaving??

  • yetinother

    Ohh yummy!

  • randomrolle

    i am very sad that james will leave becouse i really liked him but, oh well, life goes on

  • Kim Barnes
    Kim Barnes

    I’m going to miss James so much. I really hope he comes to visit and good luck in all his endeavours.

  • Scott

    final chef v chef >?

  • Tiffany

    Unless James is going to Bon Appétit or something I fear he's not going to be nearly as happy as he's been here. From everything I've heard professional kitchens tend to be super stressful. A stark contrast from working with friends on a show I imagine. Well, he'll always have a home to come back to if it doesn't work out I suppose.

  • KaraoYoshi

    Gonna miss ya like mad James. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  • Charlotte Maddox
    Charlotte Maddox

    The little bit at the end from Jamie about James’ arms😂 James it’s been a pleasure, good luck for everything in the future. You deserve it!

  • H S
    H S

    Need Ebbers to do a Taste Buds with Brad Leone where they sample their own and each other's pickled/fermented items

  • Rory Jester
    Rory Jester

    Awwww... I'll miss you James. Thanks for the years of entertainment 🤟

  • Seeyou later
    Seeyou later

    Anyone know the Sáke they used?

  • flii87

    So happy for James and yet so sad for the boys. I'm sure you all will stay in touch and looking forward to seeing James stop by to visit in future episodes. Love the idea of bringing in other chefs to school the normals - I wonder how new chefs would do in Pass It On 🤔🤔

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley

    We will definitely miss James! Best of luck in his new adventures.

  • Keegles Mcgee
    Keegles Mcgee

    James, May your knives be ever sharp, and your flames stay hot. The fire of a kitchen tests us all, chefs, normals, or just weekend grillers. This life is not for the faint of heart, and I applaud you for taking a leap of faith to develop your skills somewhere else. As chefs we must always learn and grow, otherwise we can no longer beat the Normals with our "Sexies" and our very hidden "Dish". Goodluck in your future James, I hope to see you grace my FIshows feed once more. Sorted is the only reason I still go to FIshows, minus some random stuff when I'm bored. You guys keep teaching me new tricks, despite the fact I finally had to hang up my apron and knife roll. GG and well played James. Best of luck to you all, and much love.

  • Crymson Nite
    Crymson Nite

    I'm gonna miss james, i kind of understand wanting to better himself, but sorted seems like a pretty great gig

  • Edward Kantowicz
    Edward Kantowicz

    No more Ginger Beef Currie! Best wishes to James in all his future endeavours. He will be sorely missed.

  • onlylane

    I took forever to watch this. I just don’t want James to go. Sigh. But best of luck!

  • Gauri Budhe
    Gauri Budhe

    I have been trying to avoid watching this video ever since it was posted. I'm really happy for James moving forward in his career but it's hard to imagine sortedfood without him. I found sortedfood when I was in a bit of a bad place in my life and these guys really bought joy to me. I aspire to be chef someday and sortedfood, especially the chefs have taught me so much about being humble, creative. Ben and James both have such different approach in food yet equally admirable. What they said about the other in the video is so nice and shows how much they respect each other. I hope to achieve what these have someday. Good luck James. Thank you sortedfood

  • 1kinu T
    1kinu T

    Always wondered how long the same guys would continue in Sorted. Kind of wonder if Sorted was offering each of the guys enough stimulation and stretch even after 10 years of doing this. Since about Christmas, James hasn't been seen as often as he was before so kind of got the feeling something was going on. Good luck to them all. Supposedly change is good.

  • Felix

    enjoy it james!

  • yo Clark
    yo Clark

    I'm so sad to see Chef James go! I don't know whether to like or dislike. Best of luck at your new kitchen.

  • jjimboy386

    I'm really sad James is going. Can't he just film once a month? I just feel he gives a different dynamic to the videos, and balances out the others. If he can't I'm a chef and also named James.... Not a ginger but I'd happily take his place!

  • Cassandra LeRoy
    Cassandra LeRoy

    Please give us the recipe for James' final dish! It would be amazing to be able to taste his last winning dish while with Sorted

  • Mikey

    Nooooo! We're losing sexy James?! The world is unfair! 😢

  • Pepper

    literally the best for last

  • lasanthi jaya
    lasanthi jaya

    James is my favorite, sorry boys I'm partial to gingers

  • Fred Dains
    Fred Dains

    I don't know if things will ever feel the same again without James! You will be missed, my good sir!

  • Mehreen

    I love how James didn't even start with explaining his dish, he just went in with "Microwave this" and "I'm blooming some gelatin! :D" 1:06

  • ThatDarkAurora

    I'm so sad James is leaving. 😭 He was a favorite

  • JackieJay

    You should bring in Gordon Ramsay as a guest chef, the normals could try to get a badge out of Ramsay.

  • Dean McLean
    Dean McLean

    I remember being subscribed since before James was on the channel, and I’ll be here after he leaves. I’ll miss James but he’ll always be a part of sorted for me😊

  • oropher777

    We will miss you, James! I hope your new job teaches you loads, and that you come back for lots of visits!

  • Callum Hunter
    Callum Hunter

    Hi Ho hi Ho off to a new job curry goes

  • Lightning Round
    Lightning Round

    Sometimes, I get so tired of all the bashing and making fun of Ben. I know they're all friends, but....

  • Shannon Rae
    Shannon Rae

    This gave me all the feels. So sad that James is leaving!!😭😭

  • Kdp2theresq

    I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying... lol Thanks James for all your years of hard work! :) Good luck on your new adventure!

  • Final Eminence
    Final Eminence

    I Will miss you James🙌🏻❣️

  • J S
    J S

    Loved when Ben pulled out the Erath Oregon Pinot!

  • Vandell

    I dunno what colour grading you guys use but jesus when those guinea fowl breasts were turned over I just about died. Wonderful sendoff for James, I'll miss him. ♥

  • megatron30cm

    Aww maaan! Gonna miss James! Best of luck mate!

  • Elkyne The Horde
    Elkyne The Horde

    Congrats James! Never stop wanting to learn! You will be missed!

  • Kat Kreated
    Kat Kreated

    Love James! Wishing you many, many future success, and hopefully lots of guest appearances!

  • Chandra Chauhan
    Chandra Chauhan

    James, please don't go!!! 😞😭

  • Lizzie Reads
    Lizzie Reads

    This is too emotional 😭🥺

  • Bilge Nisa Büyükkasap
    Bilge Nisa Büyükkasap

    too much love in this video for my poor heart to handle. of course i didn't cry and laugh throughout the video. of course not. You will be missed Mr. Currie!

  • fribz z
    fribz z

    Anyone knows the name of the background song used when they were eating the food? @15:00

  • Paul Maxson
    Paul Maxson

    I cannot believe i felt emotions on this. James wish you the bestest!

  • Liam Dunleavy
    Liam Dunleavy

    on the bit where they mentioned wines from Oregon, specifically near Portland, just no. The Willamette Valley wines are meh at best. Just go south, please, god.

  • Shitstirrer

    Wow. The norms were savagely spicy today.

  • Amanda Desirae
    Amanda Desirae

    I'm not crying your crying

  • Nonsense

    I would love to see a Chef vs Chef where James comes back for a battle about a year from now, just to show a bit of what he has learned at his new job!

  • Michael Kaszynski
    Michael Kaszynski

    Wishing you safe travels, James. Hope you get back for holiday episodes.

  • Keith Newton
    Keith Newton

    Didn't watch right away because it seemed so final. They talked about bringing other chefs on as guests and I'm sure James will show up. Best of luck James and thank you for helping entertain and educate us.

  • cait cooper
    cait cooper

    I haven’t finished the episode yet but I hope James loses and I never say that but I’ll miss him 😩😩

  • Katelyn Hutchinson
    Katelyn Hutchinson

    so sad to see James leave :( ... on the other hand... that shirt and new haircut looks great on Barry :)