It’s BUDGET BATTLE time and we’ve armed each of our normal home cooks with only £5 worth of ingredients for 4 delicious portions. Can it be done!? Watch to find out!

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  • Payne Eavis
    Payne Eavis

    Where did the nicknames come from?

  • Jimmy Geschwind
    Jimmy Geschwind

    Loosing a badge for coming in last place is just absurd (and a random one at that), if you mess up badly, then yes you could loose a badge, but not like this.

  • Ebinmeister

    Suggestion: have the normals try to steal a badge from one another. Could be a series of duels, where they pick a badge from each other and then they have to both try to attack and defend each badge in the same battle, like if there was a squid badge and a technique badge, they would have to come up with a squid dish that also shows their mastery of different cooking techniques.

  • it's just brandy
    it's just brandy


  • it's just brandy
    it's just brandy

    I'm sorry, I gotta say this. Between the shirt and the apron colors, Mike looked like a Baskin Robbins worker. 🤣😂

  • Rexeit

    Tartiflette ? Expensive ? It's one of the cheapest things to make, it's not a challenge !

  • taraluvs jenny
    taraluvs jenny


  • Z

    is anyone not gonna talk about how that is not “char siu” 😕😫 why not just called it marmalade pork or something else if its not at the least bit similar to the original char siu 😥 the “satay” sauce also wasn’t similar to usual satay sauces and he boiled the peanuts instead of using roasted peanuts which gives it more flavour 🥵 just wondering - isnt “char siu” and satay are both strong flavours & would clash / overpower one another? i love sortedfood but please please don’t try to do dishes that doesn’t do justice to the originals! you can always name it something else!! maybe a culture badge would be something to consider for a future ep!

  • cattus lavandula
    cattus lavandula

    How about a challenge where the guys have to go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients they use on a budget? There is no way I could purchase all those items for any of the dishes at the $5 price point. One small container of Greek yogurt, store brand, is $3.47 at Walmart. A store brand, small block of cream cheese is over a dollar as well. Other stores are more expensive. I live in Metro Detroit, our prices are pretty moderate. I'll bet $5 doesn't go far in London, either.

  • Erin O'Donnell
    Erin O'Donnell

    Barry needs to lose his basic pastry badge. That one probably shouldnt have been awarded in the first place. He needed so much help and it still didn’t turn out perfect.


    Not a fan of losing the badges, not gonna lie. At least give him a chance to defend it or something!

  • Manny Pearson
    Manny Pearson

    Tartiflette ??!! Tartiflette ??!! No, just no guys ! ^^ Tartiflette is potatoes roughly cut with pork belly, onions and a butt load of reblochon (cheese). There is nothing in common in that dish, not even the way potatoes are cut !

  • Amanda Ziadeh
    Amanda Ziadeh

    Has anyone been able to find the recipes on the website not as a member of the sorted club? I cannot find Mike's Tahchin hacked version anywhere.

  • Tiago A. Pinto-Pereira
    Tiago A. Pinto-Pereira

    That tartiflette might as well be called an Irish stew, or jacket potatoes. Not even close to a tartiflette, it just has potatoes. Otherwise completely different.

    • Yenneffer

      I know, right? I'm usually not against variations in recipes, but the oozy melty crusty cheese is such an integral part of tartiflette that this just feels like a completely different dish. It's just a potato casserole of sorts.

  • Joshua Schimanski
    Joshua Schimanski

    Uncle rodger is crying marmalade......

  • baked fish
    baked fish

    i really wish they'd list out all the prices of their ingredients, especially when it matters here.. like where in london did they manage to find a jar of pesto and marmalade for a pound??

  • VideoGamesAreAwful

    This format isn't good and you're just pitting your community against your presenters, and then also eachother. We've seen a ton of arguments about these videos in various places. Just have a cooking battle, the badge shit is just hurting your community. This stinks of the gaudy, over the top cooking shows of the Food Network like Chopped, but lower budget and lower rent. This isn't your strength.

  • Everet Balforthe
    Everet Balforthe

    Just recently sort of discovered the channel and have binged most of the videos....great content, lads.

  • Kristy Childs
    Kristy Childs

    I love when Mike wins cause he's so pure on his victory.

  • dukz_tactical5000

    I think you should do a on the job badge, put the normals in a professional kitchen and have them work a service along side a kitchen team

  • Yay For Boo
    Yay For Boo

    Omg Mike! That was chaotic! I never seen someone flip something like that out of pan like that. Unreal. Lollllll

  • J.Marie Thompson
    J.Marie Thompson

    Never gonna get Reblochon cheese for under a fiver. Oh Baz..... classic

  • TheLoreSeeker

    The only badge Barry ever deserved to lose was Spiceology...but that was more on the way it was awarded than anything.

  • Navy Bubbles
    Navy Bubbles

    Couple badge ideas: - alcohol pairing badge: make a dish with a liquor - shopping organization: shop fast and get all the ingredients with just a name of a dish Also I feel like badges should only be revoked if they show that they don’t actually know what they were doing like Barry’s spice badge

  • Emily King
    Emily King

    Barry's decision to use packet soup to thicken and add flavour has honestly changed my cooking, I've used that technique 4 times this week and it's worked fantastically every time 👏👏👏

    • SORTEDfood

      That's so amazing to hear! We're so glad that tip is helping you with your everyday cooking.

  • Tom R
    Tom R

    You should do an episode where the boys know in advance what badge will be tested, to see who is able to learn more about the technique/ingredient before they get tested

  • Tom R
    Tom R

    Barry's dish is the winner 10 times out of 10 for me there if it was cooked perfect, unlucky mate

  • Kai Topet
    Kai Topet

    Anyone have the recipe for the thing mike made? I really wanna try it

  • Xanthopteryx

    Next battle: 100% british produced. Okay, i can go with non british salt if needed, but otherwise, only british food (including spices).

  • Dahmsy

    Poor baz

  • Yegor Beliaiev
    Yegor Beliaiev

    stop messing up with Barry! not fair at all!

  • Nokenify

    Seems like everyone did a great, great job! Harsh having a badge removed for presenting a decent dish, but rules are rules!

  • Nokenify

    Can you please show what everything cost each chef? 5 pounds is nothing, and I feel that they made soo much with that amount of money.

  • Rebecca

    Noooooooooooooooooo. Honestly the only dish I'd make is Barry's. Who has time to make a rice pie or go out of their way to create a noodle dish with overcooked noodles? Find you accepting over cooked noodles better an insult to Asian cuisine.

  • Elizabeth Marcotte
    Elizabeth Marcotte

    Would love to see these recipes in the Meal Packs app or available somewhere!

  • Joshua Mauterer
    Joshua Mauterer

    If Barry loses a badge, it should be one of the ones he made up.

  • samuel cornwell
    samuel cornwell

    Food budget: £5 Plate budget: £500

  • CMiller1334

    Calling chopped bacon char siu hurts

  • N Smith
    N Smith

    Why don't you let the lads actually design their own meals instead of following a recipe they've been given?

  • Farrah Coulee
    Farrah Coulee

    Hate that people in the comments are focusing more on being annoyed at the format and not even talking about the dishes or the recipe anymore :/ guys it is not that serious there's so many funny moments in here!!

  • mcglk

    I'm not crazy about the badge-removal part here; they all accomplished the goal, and any complaints were minor. But it was an excellent battle.

  • Aninoag

    I don't understand why there is only 1 winner and 1 loser for each badge. sure, the battle can have a ranking for winner, but for the badges, they should all go up to a standard and not against each other.

  • Azrdraco

    Is Mike not vaccinated? That makes me sad.

  • J Turner
    J Turner

    I fully understand that this was on a strict budget, so compromises were made, but I don’t understand why it was named char siu pork. Char siu is not a stir fry. “Char siu” literally means roasted (aka BBQ) in Cantonese. The recipe neither used roasting as a method, nor charring or even using the flavours of char siu sauce. It would have been more accurate to just call this a stir fry or curry. Char siu pork is a very specific dish in Cantonese cuisine

  • Becky Heydemann
    Becky Heydemann

    Just reading the comments it looks like the whole emphasis on making everything a competition is losing ground. There was no need to take away any badges.

  • Amrita Roy
    Amrita Roy

    Nooooo nooooo don't remove badges

  • Josh D
    Josh D

    Look we all know Barry deserves to loose that squid badge but like this when he cooked well is a bit harsh make him defend the badge in a battle against Ben and if he pulls off the better dish he keeps the badge

  • Rouzhina Safaei
    Rouzhina Safaei

    Can you one day try a proper tahchin? With loads of saffron, chicken or lamb and eggplant filling

  • Carrie Ullrich
    Carrie Ullrich

    I'd rather see them earn badges for doing well, and lose them if they do badly. Again Jamie's dish is some how less creative because he uses more common to the UK ingredients? I clearly don't know for certain not having tasted them, but I think Ben doesn't like English foods very much.

  • Supriya Gour
    Supriya Gour

    Oh that hurt so much! Don't badges away for losing, Ben! All their dishes looked, sounded, and (I swear) smelled amazing (through the monitor...)!

  • Randi Jensen
    Randi Jensen

    Taking away a badge after they show they have great skill is unfair, and does nothing to show how much like a chef they are.

  • Devika Moss
    Devika Moss

    Anyone know where we can find the recipe's for these dishes??? SUPER eager to give them a go!

  • hotwill100

    The Squid badge haha

  • oxyjam-ie

    GOD I love you guys but DESPISE of this badge system. Sorry Ben, but it’s not just your judging- it makes everything feel so gimmicky and “high stakes”. I think if we knew before hand there were ONLY 20 badges in certain things and they could try and one up each other to compete over JUST 20, that’ll be better. But now it’s like ok they’ll just keep adding more/taking them away so what’s the point.

  • Kurt Bada
    Kurt Bada

    You guys all probably washed, but something in me CRINGES every time you handle the finished food with your bare hands. Come on, guys! Set a good example for the kids! At least show you've washed your hands first!

  • JP Baley
    JP Baley

    I have made really great mushroom sauce using evaporated milk. Cream is expensive and too many calories. I used a bit of arrowroot to thicken and give it a nice sheen. So I don’t agree that Barry lost. His hacks were used to make something different than a stir fry. But 👏👏👏👏 to Mike for the flip and the win. Oh by the way adding dry mushroom or onion soup to a meat loaf helps keeps it moist when you use leaner ground beef. Another hack I figured out. I used dry chicken soup for my turkey meatloaf.

  • blake keating
    blake keating

    Removing a badge this way is dumb. Don't do it.

  • Konsultarvode

    Living in Sweden I'm baffled by the cost og groceries in the UK. All dishes would easily cost atleast double here.

  • MrSir

    45p for a pepper!1 Here its about £1.50 for a pepper. And 7p for two carrots!! You dont want to know. Good job Mike, I was voting for you all along...

  • my name
    my name

    that was NOT a tartiflette

  • Hannah Baird
    Hannah Baird

    Maybe the badges could be up-leveled! Like they all start with bronze, if they improve this skill, it could go to silver, then gold?? Just an idea!!

  • Dessydd

    Badger badge Off Ridiculous

  • tunney debusk
    tunney debusk

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    tunney debusk

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  • UltraViolet

    Why does Barry look like a Jamie and Jamie look like a Barry

  • Charles Mather
    Charles Mather

    Jamie should have lost the battle. A stir fry is NOT creative. I think Uncle Roger would agree with me that he should’ve lost.

  • Guff Guffington
    Guff Guffington

    HACKS!!!. You mean tips

  • KenZz

    there is no char siew ingredients for the char siew

  • irharrier

    Great color on the Tahchin but not putting saffron and putting fried egg on it was 10x worst than putting chorizo in the Paella. And then to make it worst, you said from Iran and that sort of place…

  • Daniel Morgansson
    Daniel Morgansson

    I'm getting mixed messages here... In one video you're really promoting all things sustainable and that it's perfectly fine to pay £25 (or whatever it was) for a bar of chocolate because the farmer should get his fair share and all that... And here you're pushing for a 3,5 p carrot? Isn't that farmer supposed to get his fair share too?

  • B molitor
    B molitor

    hmmm. that was dumb. just cook food. stop being a dumb reality show with faux tension and competition. but I suppose the viewer numbers support this dumbness. I hate humans. dammit, sorted.

  • David Lawrence
    David Lawrence

    Not a fan of the "remove a badge" bit - Sorted is usually a very positive channel, even when people make mistakes. This just feels cruel and I'm honestly not digging it. Maybe as an alternative, everyone gets a do-over on a badge and has to re-earn it, if we really need to take off a badge that probably shouldn't have been awarded?

  • Yasmin Hopkin
    Yasmin Hopkin

    When I tell you it took me a while to realise that lentilaise was Bolognese with lentils and not mayonnaise made with lentils..

  • joshs_random_location

    No such thing as a $5 dollar meal. You have to go out and buy $50 dollars worth of ingredients to get the $5 dollar meal.

  • Knightcommander

    I'd prefer if you filmed these separately. Too much background noise

  • Kaj Raske
    Kaj Raske

    I was utterly shocked that rice dome didn't just fall apart everywhere. Super impressive.

  • Beck Gunz
    Beck Gunz

    I think a budget dish is about how far you can extend your animal products, from an anti nutrient vs nutrient perspective, all the dishes presented here were born out of lack of animal products. I would've chose Mike as last and Barry first, I think his also looked the tastiest and what I would crave out of all the dishes.

  • Calli Murphy
    Calli Murphy

    Jamie's final flourish by clacking tongs at the plate is peak Jamie plating energy 😄

  • camille sg
    camille sg

    As a French person, I feel like Barry murdered that « tartiflette » with a ski pole 😥

    • Yenneffer

      I'm not french, but I love tartiflette and I am inclined to agree. Chicken and mushroom? Huh? I'm usually not against variations in recipes, but this was so far removed from tartiflette it was just a random potato casserole. And I'm sure it tasted good... but I don't get the insistence to call it something it wasn't lol. If you want to make a cheaper tartiflette, I could see trying to substitute reblochon for a cheaper washed rind cheese or something similar... but removing it all together just seems to defeat the purpose of the dish lol.

    • Tiago A. Pinto-Pereira
      Tiago A. Pinto-Pereira

      Sooo painful to watch. I think the only accurate ingredient is potatoes.

  • Roger

    Is it possible to make Mike's rice dish vegan? What would you bind the rice with?

  • Cinder Block Studios
    Cinder Block Studios

    Can't believe that based on visuals alone I had already agreed with Ben on the judging! Also I know this isn't IG but if Barry has a platting badge that's the one to lose!

  • Cliqboom

    all of them sounded really good for budget

  • Harleigh Beane
    Harleigh Beane

    ya know. i’ve been trying to convince myself for years that i’m going to marry mike and as the years continue to go by, that is being proven wrong.

  • Cody Hubbeling
    Cody Hubbeling

    Wow honestly nobody loses but flavor is everything and if the garlic is tainting the dish well than you know who should lose the badge.

  • Jimmy Trejo
    Jimmy Trejo

    Ben cleaning in the back at 4:45 is such a Ben thing!

  • Benjamin Murrie
    Benjamin Murrie

    I love what Mike says about the rice. It would be interesting to see a series for these. For example - they have a 20 pound budget for the next 5 battles (5 pounds per battle and then leftovers) so the can get a big bag of rice, but then it's probably going into everything. They can keep stuff between battles but if it goes off or out of date (or someone else eats it during the week) - they can't use it. They can spend more than 5 pounds on a challenge if they want, but they'll have less to play with further down the line.

  • LurkerXXXVII

    It seems to me that the problem is less about removing badges and more about the consistency and criteria by which they are awarded. This video felt particularly unsatisfying to me because of how the badge was awarded. If all three were that good barring minor mistakes, then they all deserved the badge. Making it a prize for the winner only felt forced and arbitrary. I thought these badges were for proving what skills the normals have developed over the years, not trophies for winning battles.

  • Christina Stracquodaine
    Christina Stracquodaine

    What happened with the audio??? Normally they don't have so much background noise from the other guys.

  • Zefar77

    For pretentious items you could give the WhiskeyCubes that are Golden colored. They are in metal too.

  • Tyetus Rygar
    Tyetus Rygar

    removing a badge "just because you lost" is a terrible idea, just FYI. The one lost badge over the spice ordeal was legit obviously but this new set of rules seems too harsh of a punishment, they obviously know the knowledge. Mayhap just re-test the knowledge we vote on, and if they can get through it they keep the badge, if not, then they lose it.

  • lotharPPT

    I agree with the results. In the beginning Jamie was in front but the execution of the cake convinced me to vote for Mike. (revoke squid badge)

  • Timeree Aden
    Timeree Aden

    ....man why is everyone so mean to Barry?

  • Tyro Kitsune
    Tyro Kitsune

    I think its cruel to take away some of these badges. They brought their best. They don't deserve to loose badges arbitrarily.

  • Karolina Muth
    Karolina Muth

    Barry totally doesn't deserve to lose another badge for such an amazing dish :/

  • Geirkri

    Suggestion for a pass it on: bring in a guest that is the start and starts making a dish the rest of you dont know about, and the order is randomly drawn. Pros: * would keep the pass it on series going in the same format * utter carnage and hilarity with the "normals" Cons: * high likelyhood for a lot of spaffing :-P

  • KA

    great video! and since these are all cheap i might actually make them

  • Ξανδρος Peaches
    Ξανδρος Peaches

    Can this turn into a serious of just cheap kitchen hacks?

  • Payal Agrawal
    Payal Agrawal

    Mike's dish was Dal Chawal with raita upgraded !! 😛

  • Lydia Radford
    Lydia Radford

    Why do you have to take badges away? Why can't it be a happy cooking environment like bake off?

  • PiousMoltar