A Chef Tests a 21-IN-1 SMART COOKER | SORTEDfood
AD | Wouldn’t it be great if there was one machine that could perform all your kitchen tasks? Turns out there MIGHT be one, and today we’re putting it to the test! Ebbers and the food team have been giving the TOKIT Omni Cook a cheffy once-over for the past few weeks, and now he’s bringing in 2 normals, Jamie and Mike, to see if it’s home cook-proof too.

They’re whipping up a 4-course meal using just the Omni Cook! How good will it be? Watch to find out!

Find out more about the TOKIT Omni Cook here: bit.ly/3whLzuo

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  • it's just brandy
    it's just brandy

    I'm buying this!

  • Camhin1

    There is no need for an internet connection and it should be a show stopper for everyone. What is going to stop them from end of lifeing it? How are they managing security? How are they managing updates? What happens if an update breaks the device?

  • Chad Bradley
    Chad Bradley

    Did the ipad just say "To creative"? Like they actually made this expensive cooker and the grammar is incorrect? lol

  • Crafty Loops
    Crafty Loops

    I think if you lived in a tiny apartment with limited kitchen space or indeed, no kitchen, then this wee machine would be perfect. Personally, living in a house with a fully functioning kitchen, I don't see the use for this at all. But, if I lived in a tiny apartment in Tokyo or New York with little to no kitchen, then I would definitely see this as a great investment. Great demo guys. Lee xx

  • zeenasworld

    It sing too. 9:23.

  • Stefan

    Sounds like it had a problem at 7:17 but you coincidentally cut away to the finished version ;) Btw: the meat balls would have been much better if you would have seared them first. Overall not a fan of toys like that to be honest...

  • blake keating
    blake keating

    I would never use it/pay for it, but it is pretty damn cool. Damn it's expensive.

  • Dannie N
    Dannie N

    Fancy, shmancy electronics get upgraded and improved, and eventually the company quits supporting the older models. Like has happened with my computer, sewing machine, and cell phone. So, nope, wouldn't spend the money.

  • Alfian Syaifudin
    Alfian Syaifudin

    Backing this just because it use °C.

  • Alexandre L.B
    Alexandre L.B

    I wonder, how is this better then a thermomix ? you might pay a bit more with a thermomix, but the quality and reliability of the machine are more then tested and proven. So why would i go for this machine then ?

    • Eureka Rx
      Eureka Rx

      It's 50 percent cheaper from where I'm from and the product comes for a subsidiary from Xiaomi that actually makes good quality product for the price.No doubt thermomix should be the better quality but there is a premium

  • Raphaël Bunck
    Raphaël Bunck

    this is like a chinese version of thermomix

  • bleukreuz

    Went to the KS and found it's not available for Australia. Guess I won't have to waste $700 on something I will probably use twice and put back in the box to be forgotten! :D

  • Karen Smart
    Karen Smart

    I am so impressed with this gadget, having you guys review it is the best

  • Candelaria Marti Porto
    Candelaria Marti Porto

    I'm with Ebbers!!! Love my polenta with meatballs!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Caleb

    I would love to see you guys review the CHEF IQ smart pressure cooker too.

  • Bigtime Sucks
    Bigtime Sucks

    Where's the red guy? Haven't seen him in a while

  • ladefoged87

    One of the best things to cook in these kinds of blenders (ThermoMix) is herb oils. Allows you to extract the flavors of herbs with heat, but not too high, so the chlorophyll doesn't get cooked and it stays a wonderfull green color. For restuarant level herb oils theese machines are the best

  • Logan Young
    Logan Young

    Interesting. Though it doesn’t do anything some basic kitchen equipment and basic kitchen skills can’t do. Save on dirty dishes maybe...?

  • Jon Prive
    Jon Prive

    700 USD or 500ish GBP on kickstarter... hmmm

  • Wendy Houghton
    Wendy Houghton

    Just was with a Friend who has a similar product named a thermomix and loves it … we made cloud eggs for breakfast ..

  • MogTheCat

    A couple of differences between this and the Thermomix - 1,000 vs 70,000 recipes and the Thermomix has the arms that lock the lid in place for safety if you are blending hot items. Cookidoo is pretty good too, you can plan your recipes for a week then order all of the ingredients online directly from it.

  • Ruby Littler
    Ruby Littler

    so a themomix

  • Andrei

    That's a Thermomix ripoff

  • NapiBear

    Kinda need this

  • Wax Relax with Amba
    Wax Relax with Amba

    I want it!! 🙈😍

  • imperialmoose

    You got a rice cooker! Uncle Roger would be so proud.

  • Leong Kwan Hoe
    Leong Kwan Hoe


  • MsSilentH

    We tested it for work, and I found it to be way more work just to do simple things like making homemade mayo or chopping veggies by hand. Like frustratingly so, so definitely more for a home cook, especially with the recipe thing

  • Cheers Bobby
    Cheers Bobby

    An industrial version of this for restaurants would be game changing.

  • Antheaxe

    a person with small apartment dose that sound perfekt

  • Amrita Roy
    Amrita Roy

    Allow the potato to cool and then add spices and mash it

  • eddebrock

    What interests me in that machine is the heating, the ability to set a specific temperature.

  • Kriste Isopahkala
    Kriste Isopahkala

    One day you'll wake up and find this thing cooking plastic explosives in your kitchen.

  • Kmnsk69 Kmnsk69
    Kmnsk69 Kmnsk69

    Basically an off brand Thermomix. Kickstarters are just blatant scam these days...

  • Just Winks
    Just Winks

    Says who? All of us..... Behold the mighty potato

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C

    Can we have a video just walking through what the food team does day to day? Meet the crew?

  • Nina D
    Nina D

    This would be perfect for someone living in a small apartment because it’s basically a food processor + multi purpose cooker. The recipes are a bonus if you’re not a great cook. I would love one of these but the price is utterly INSANE. But I want it 😭😭😭

  • August Denys
    August Denys

    So, I wanna put this out there, I was thinking about this the day it came out but didn't comment on it, so... why are the normals there? If you are, as you sort of claim in the video, showing the device to be foolproof by using normals, then why hold their hand (or at least show that was the case via the editing) while they are cooking? Basically, I'm confused.

  • Esu Miwa
    Esu Miwa

    I would invest in it even at 700 bucks. It would really cut back on a lot of different machines. BUT. It would be a hard investment for someone just starting out where dropping 700 would be a hardship. If I were thinking about this framed by my past self just out of college and living on my own, I wouldn't be able to afford to get it right away and would end up buying the individual pieces for each function over time. Then again, I would probably guilt my family into cash bday gifts to get it. tough one.

  • Sian Louise
    Sian Louise

    This is a really unique and good piece of equipment. Cost effective over a long period of time it would save money on all the different bits of kit you would need. However i do feel for the average person it's very pricey as its even more expensive than an actual oven and hob. I would be interested to know how the blades last. Would they need replacing or sharpening once a year as that would need to be added into the cost to find out if its actually value for money.

  • BumNut

    thermomix tm6 knockoff? looks good though

  • Cla!

    Where's the big difference to the Thermomix?

  • Sam Daniel
    Sam Daniel

    Totally and utterly useless IMO. I read a comment about how it’s connected to the internet. So during power outages you’re left with a big box. The voice is annoying. I’d rather just get a recipe book

  • Henri Pollari
    Henri Pollari

    As a chef living in an apartment with a tiny kitchen. This would actually be really handy simply due to the fact that it would compress various machines into the space of a big blender.

  • ogrejd

    No cloche? That explains the downvotes...

  • PyroDaveProductions

    Too expensive.

  • Advert Slaxxor
    Advert Slaxxor

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to mention that this is a Kickstarter, and backing it is not a guarantee you will get the product.

  • Kay Bell
    Kay Bell

    You guys need to check out the thermomix

  • Hannah Clara
    Hannah Clara

    So it's literally just an imitation of the most recent thermomix, down to the yoghurt, milk and sous vide function thermomix added with their last update

  • Rufus Connolly
    Rufus Connolly


  • ID:N/A

    cant cook in it if the wifies down

  • Peter Baum
    Peter Baum

    So the final price will be 899 USD per Unit? I'm out. It seems to bring nothing new to the table of these kinds of Gadgets. If I wanted a do-it-all machine, I could go for a Thermomix (Model 5) for just over 900 bucks, which has an already established company behind it, so you don't have to fear that support only lasts for one or two years. Aside from that, it does everything the TOKIT does: It has a recipe portal to go with it as well, has all the functions, gets frequent firmware updates to improve cooking times etc.

  • ReDHeaDSg1

    This would be perfect for me because i am lazy cooker and i do only a couple of recipes that can be done in cca 45 min like rice and chicken or fast spaghetti or instant polenta and some meat and so on.

  • Catherine Quinn
    Catherine Quinn

    One long Advert.

  • LeAny


  • Monty M
    Monty M

    Mash > Polenta

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness

    So it's a less good Thermomix?

  • areasontolaugh

    Man that price point is pretty steep.

  • Niros

    That thing looks amazing! I'm definitely going to get one once it's released. This look like the perfect solution for making fresh food without the risk of trying dodgy recipes and making mistakes.

  • Charlie Anne Caves
    Charlie Anne Caves

    I agree it should have been potatoes or pasta instead of polenta

  • Robert Rimmer
    Robert Rimmer

    Jamie's pain when Ben wouldn't stop talking killed me.

  • Mythicallizzy

    For a small kitchen, would you recommend it?

  • Ditorious

    This would also be nice for individuals that have disabilities.

  • D S
    D S

    In summary: it's considerably cheaper than a thermomix

  • Sh Kudo
    Sh Kudo

    So other than hollandaise you used your own recipes? May be it deserves a second go to put their recipes to the challenge 🤔?

  • Kenneth Christensen
    Kenneth Christensen

    So a kickstarter to make a copy/paste of thermomix that is still 100% better quality and exists and likely have patents. I would not throw money after this as i can see legal issues with this. There is not innovative about this. So how this can ever be a kickstarter baffles me.

  • DevilboyScooby

    I can already tell this is going to be way beyond my budget 🙈

  • Amanda Byrd
    Amanda Byrd

    Mike-Sound effects/Foley artist-secret talent! 😆

  • Della Kidd
    Della Kidd

    Why are you guys treating this like it's something new and novel? It's basically a Thermomix, even down to the jug design and the icons on the control panel.

  • Chris Hosaka
    Chris Hosaka

    OMG! I want one!

  • Bunny in the Box
    Bunny in the Box

    Feel like I’ve just watched an over extended ad for an overpriced appliance with no entertainment value...cos that’s pretty much what just happened.

  • me999

    Interesting. Kinda pricey. And no way would I part with that much cash until its an existing ready-to-buy item (like, sitting in an amazon warehouse for prime delivery in a few days) - I wish there was a way to sign up to be notified when (if) it becomes available for purchase, so I could then consider whether I want to spend the money or not.

  • tryplot

    honestly, I'd get that. I don't have the skills, nor the attention span to cook, so having something that does it for me and gives audio reminders for each step is a game changer.

  • ControlledSingularity

    Another internet crapget, got it.

  • mus musculus
    mus musculus

    I hope you can turn off that terrible voice and sounds it makes 😅

  • Lèlani Adam
    Lèlani Adam

    Please compare it with the Vorwerk Thermomix.

  • Todd Ellner
    Todd Ellner

    Imitation is the sincerest form of bullbleep. This is a knock-off of the Thermomix

  • MrLarryanne

    Onion and red pepper in gazpacho! I can accept red pepper (even though it should be green) but ONION! No no no no no

  • Charles Yarwood
    Charles Yarwood

    This is intriguing, but a key selling point is the built in recipes. To what extent will they be localised? Will they be Asia focused, US, UK or one-size-fits all the world? 1000 recipes might sound great but if only 20 have a cultural fit people might be less than pleased. Might it be possible for cooks in forums to generate recipes for downloading to the machine? Some below have mentioned Thermomix - but that is nearly 3x this price. This has potential but I think there are questions you should raise with the supplier. Great video guys - a lot of work went into this.

  • andzia.zach

    It's basically Thermomix with some special functions.

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D

    $700? Yeah this is for wealthy people.

  • Tim Howarth
    Tim Howarth

    I dont think it cleaned that well.....

  • Monke

    surprised it took them Ben telling for them to realise he meant glove puppets LOL

  • cvbmaus

    There is actually a kitchen machine made in Germany that might be the original product which this machine is based on. It's called thermomix, you may compare these two?

  • Elle

    so... a thermomix with weighing function, with minimal-none warranty coverage or parts replacement?

  • manpreet arshi
    manpreet arshi

    Its like a jacked up instapot/ rice cooker with blender/ food processor blades

  • Sasha Von Kirsch
    Sasha Von Kirsch

    It is a good machine for students, young adults who starts to live alone. Or maybe summer house, where you don't have a Stowe and all the other staff but you can come there and cook normally . ... At home... I don't think I'll use it. A lite of times I'm multitasking in the kitchen, so i need extra blender, pot with Sause and pot with potatoes ...

  • Orella Minx
    Orella Minx

    The full meal demonstrates just how useless this is for a home cook. These are meant to be lined up in a professional bench. Sad state of food, hand made is becoming lost.

  • Eliot Hochberg
    Eliot Hochberg

    I like the idea of it, but $700 is pretty steep, I was thinking $300, because it uses your phone to operate? If not, maybe it should? But the other thing is, it’s only one device, you might need more than one to really make a meal in a reasonable time. If a second bowl was included, it would be better.


    I own a Thermomix TM6 model, this is pretty much identical except the Thermomix doesn't do the creepy robot voice. Thank you guys for doing an all-in-one cooking machine video. :)

  • randomdoodification

    still just don't feel right without our favorite ginger

  • Gonzo

    This honestly sounds like the future of home cooking. Maybe i missed it but it would be awesome if they have a companion app for your phone so you can have the recipe while shopping. If they support a community of people creating recipes, they could expand their library immensely within no time at all

  • ben palmer
    ben palmer

    Doesn't ship to a lot of countries (Japan / Middle East / Africa, / Australia / NZ / India, South America, East Asia etc ) might be worth mentioning that before making those views sit through a 17 minute advert.

  • timothy naquin
    timothy naquin

    Jamie said it... It's time for Barry to be on his own and create a meal on his own with this gadget and see what happens... Give Barry a gadget badge

  • Shio h
    Shio h

    I really appreciate the subtitles so much!!!!! They're always there on like, every sorted video and it's such a relief to press the CC button and not see "English- Auto Generated"

  • Chris Coffman
    Chris Coffman

    Tell me it's a set it and forget it device to temper chocolate???

  • Aguy

    I'd keep an eye out for it AFTER it successfully launches and distributes. Might be $1000+ at that point, but at least it's not in a kickstarter limbo

  • nuget102

    I live on a boat and love using appliances, but space is a huge issue. This would replace every appliance I own, be smaller, AND do more than I'm able to with my current appliances. I'm definitely going to grab one lol.

  • Simply Psyke
    Simply Psyke

    Cancelling my Steam Deck pre-order for this I'd love to see a full partnership with the Meal Packs app and this bit of kit

  • LowbrowDeluxe

    I'd be interested to see a stove-sized unit with multiple additional functions/pots. If you're going to have an all-in-one cooker, it should be a full function replacement for the lower-tech version that already exists.