A Chef Tests a 37-In-1 Bread Maker | SORTEDfood
An expensive piece of kit to one person may be a priceless gadget to another, so today, we’re testing a high-end bread maker gadget to see if it’s worth a spot in your kitchen. Get ready for an Ebbers special of thorough gadget testing!

Bread Machine Model: Panasonic SD-ZX2522

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  • MyPoint ofView
    MyPoint ofView

    My advice is don't ever use any of these machines unless you like your bread to look like a brick you'd build your house with. Make it by hand, then it looks like the kind of bread you'd want to eat. It'll taste better as well

  • Andrew Case
    Andrew Case

    I have my mother’s 30 year old bread maker and my family loves it. It does make large loaves, but with two growing children that isn’t such a big deal.

    • Andrew Case
      Andrew Case

      I also have her 50 year old waffle maker and it works better than any modern waffle maker I’ve ever used.

  • tehpanda64100

    One of those things that makes a swell gift but nobody would likely bother to buy for themselves.

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    I've always hated bread makers... but they've really come a long way from the one my mom had in the 90s. That one had a huge mixer that baked into the bread so the back half of it just had a giant hole and they tried to make you think you could only use their bread mixes. The shape thing is kind of unfortunate. Why not sell different pans? Though the point about just letting it mix and proof is a good one.

  • Tracy Garner
    Tracy Garner

    With food allergies, I want a bread machine now. We can't eat most bread there is some form of corn in nearly all but add in a wheat allergy and ugh what bread can we have... This is a great solution!!

  • John Cooke
    John Cooke

    So Ben now has two twins able to satisfy him in 37 different ways, and which allow him to wake up to freshly baked bread first thing in the morning...

  • Vilasinee Nitisopon
    Vilasinee Nitisopon

    I’d love to have a bread maker, even though my household is not large. I love the idea of fresh bread and being able to make any flavor you wish, without the hassle of kneading and waiting for it to rise, etc.

  • Natasha Rose Bartlett Cook
    Natasha Rose Bartlett Cook

    Already brought one! For our family of 4 we go though 3 loafs a week!

  • Shinsoku

    As a german, my eyes just started bleading :( Jeez

  • dave matthews
    dave matthews

    I bought a book and honestly I think if you're treating yourself to eating things like cake, bread or cookies you should put in the elbow grease it makes whatever you make worth it but I did send this to my mate who's bound to buy it and use it daily

  • Chris Walford
    Chris Walford

    They’re also good if you’re tight on counter space for kneading

  • Chris Walford
    Chris Walford

    Cherry on a Chelsea? Nooooooo

  • Patty K
    Patty K

    New to this channel. So is it me or is this just a twenty minute infomercial?

  • Lolly

    I shall stick to my stand mixer for now. You can get a bread maker that produces a decent loaf for £40-50 if that's all you want it for so the one shown just seems to expensive

  • Cathryn Visalli
    Cathryn Visalli

    So much bread and no butter on any of it, I'm almost offended lol

  • ozilthebeast mohe
    ozilthebeast mohe

    this maker has rlly intrested me. and even half the things it can do i am very impressed. the thought of fresh bread every week or so made easily and set up the night before fits very nicely in my routine

  • Doug Johnson
    Doug Johnson

    Something we found very useful and delicious. Is to start making bread a couple of weeks before thanksgiving. And freeze it and use it to make stuffing once thawed.

  • Vaes Joren
    Vaes Joren

    I never got to like bread makers. The texture of the bread is just not as nice as nice kneaded bread (I don't hand-knead, just use a doughhook in my Kenwood). And the crust is just miles apart from what you can get in an oven.

  • AliasUndercover

    It's strange that tese cost that much since we owned one that did was exactly like this in the early '90s.

  • Jay-Lee van der Berg
    Jay-Lee van der Berg


  • inezsera

    this was super well thought out

  • Mr.D L
    Mr.D L

    This made me want a bread maker....

  • June Lovell
    June Lovell

    love the machine but i'm retired so i have time to make bread. I can prep the loaves, put them in the frig at night dfor a slow rise, take them out to reach room temp in the early morning and then bake. Google pronounce the word pecan: puh-kaan. i do, too.

  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan Chen

    If it can do brioche or high fat content breads i will be impressed. Also pre ferment is what makes bread good instead of plain

  • 1kreature

    Got one, it was a gift. Used it for a month. Been storing it for 3 years...

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin

    we always found with our bread maker we couldn't follow the recipes exactly or we end up with a brick, I think it was to do with our cooler climate, we have to add far less salt than the recipe suggests.

    • SORTEDfood

      That's really interesting. Where in the world are you?

  • our84

    I cannot believe this video got any likes. What about your ranking at the end as other product rosters do. This is time I will never get back.

  • PT Invite
    PT Invite

    Well done. Although I did have to pause six or ten times to translate British-isms into English understandable by people not living on a certain island.

  • Anali Johansen
    Anali Johansen

    Is it just me, or is ebbers getting hotter with each video?

  • nikki nolan
    nikki nolan

    Is there a version of this bread maker in the US? The manufacturer code just brings me to UK sites


    Here in summer I could proof it in porch as our summers are 38 to 48.

  • Ultimate Worrier
    Ultimate Worrier

    I bought an older model of this one with a couple less features for £30 second hand. Saves a lot of money on fresh bread with much less outlay. Love it.

  • Will Dwyer
    Will Dwyer

    This model is not available in the US. I would be interested to find out if there is an equivalent US model.

  • Martin Lund
    Martin Lund

    OMG - what fool puts that much fresh rosemary on bread! Inedible!

  • Chad Falkin
    Chad Falkin

    It stirs and heats, try making risotto

  • Povl Kvols
    Povl Kvols

    I have the previous Panasonic model, and it's absolutely amazing! Waking up to freshly baked bread in a Saturday or Sunday morning is really, really nice.

  • BradKandyCroftFamily

    I just use my mixer for bread at home. I don't like things in my kitchen with such limited use that take up so much counter space.

  • Ebony Drew
    Ebony Drew

    Who the fuck has 2 bread makers My bad. I mean who would has money to waste on 2 bread makers

  • Megan Hartmann
    Megan Hartmann

    The Chelsea buns came out gorgeously! :)

  • anne margaret Harris
    anne margaret Harris

    I love gadgets like this because you can do soooo much. Like with this you dont even have to have an oven for baking bread or cakes!

  • Danielle Elfstrom
    Danielle Elfstrom

    I am disabled to its very difficult for me to be in the kitchen long enough to knead etc. Plus i dont have the strength to perform such actions. I like how i can input ingrededients and walk away and rest. Cant wait to buy one

  • Transparent Reactions
    Transparent Reactions

    Jamie got a bit hypnotized by that unxious loaf at 12:43 😯😂

  • Polly Kent
    Polly Kent

    The internet is a really scary thing. I have my old bread maker on the counter, thinking to sell it at a yard sale. Yesterday I made bread in it for one last time. ALL I did was look up the instruction manual on the internet, since it's been so long since I used it, and this video comes up in my feed today. Thanks for all the info, and for making so many tasty breads. The bread I made yesterday was delicious, btw. Thinking now of maybe keeping the old thing after all.

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith

    I have a machine at home (in fact 2) and í do not know how we lived without one! Yes we have 6 in our family, I can make bread that each individual wants. Luv it!

  • bat in the attic
    bat in the attic

    I love my Panasonic bread maker - but I tend to stick to white loaves. I'm trying wholemeal, in the next couple of days, but it's still boring. And I just whack everything in the main pan at once. I might have a slightly different model. I mostly don't even wash, the pan out, first! Unless the paddle is stuck, or mouldy, I just use it as I left it. I absolutely adore foccacia, though. I'm definitely going to start making foccacia after seeing how easy it is. Why not, though, gently fold in the onions/sun dried tomatoes/herbs/olives and then put the part proven dough back in the cooling breadmaker? Wouldn't that prove it sufficiently more to go into the oven?

  • Steven N
    Steven N

    Thinking about it, I think I might actually really want a breadmaker: besides waking up (or for me, coming home from work) to bread, it's a way I can have fresh bread without heating up the entire house during the summer. I hate the heat.

  • MavisLenya

    holy fuck that things expensive.

  • Divya M. Sheth
    Divya M. Sheth

    Can I substitute baking powder and soda as I don’t use yeast?

  • Atlas Kai
    Atlas Kai

    Not even a minute into the video and I'm just giggling at Ben's sense of humor. I love it. How could the Normals not have seen that one coming. I also love bread, so this is just perfect.

  • m b
    m b

    I bought a bread machine earlier this year because a streamer I like has one...and I don't regret it at all. I've used it weekly, and I love having exclusively fresh bread. I'm even learning to do English muffins and other things I normally would buy! I love it! (Fresh bread is my go-to gift to give to people now)

  • Poop Brain
    Poop Brain

    i want a bread maker now 😳

  • Xubono

    I bought exactly this model a couple of years ago and have been cooking 1 to 3 loaves a week, every week. I have friends that sometimes order a loaf! For those who go ahead a purchase one, don’t be compelled to follow every recipe exactly - different brands and varieties of flour and yeast can change the result. You may need more (or less) water - try a recipe and next time see if you can improve by varying the ingredients. Have fun.

  • katiel1979

    Yikes!!! Help !!! My brand new bread machine doesn’t have the JAM setting what setting can I use instead please please please help 🙏🙏🙏

  • Collins Darcie
    Collins Darcie

    The jolly canoe morally squeal because tyvek regrettably recognise afore a earthy fan. animated, ruddy dedication

  • cattus lavandula
    cattus lavandula

    Looking at Ben's grey hairs 3:40

  • Max G
    Max G

    It's a Panasonic bread maker, they make damn good and reliable appliances... didn't expect anything less. Great content as always, now... WHEN ARE YOU GUYS PLANNING TO PUBLISH VIDEOS IN 4K UHD?

  • KevinMulia

    western equivalent of rice cooker

  • thekitschsidekick

    Please please please could you have a go at making a sourdough starter and sourdough loaf with this machine? That would be so interesting ☺️ xx

  • Sue Ton
    Sue Ton

    Always wanted a bread maker now got one. Who that's busy wants to spend hours kneading, proofing and or baking when bake goods are so cheap to buy that's hours worth of opportunity cost and when you bake for love ones do you think they care to give you same hard work back no they just buy it at the store and chomp it down quickly and you can get it wrong and it's doesn't taste as good less your pro but then bake good can go off in few days especially less you freeze it or eat it often but it's a not a health product you really don't want to clog your system with alot of carbs unless you put really good quality ingredients and certain don't want to waste money then when I invest a good quality bake goods for it to then go off is money down the drain. I still get bake goods but they do get thrown out always sometimes it make me feel bad I do try to avoid waste as much as possible. Better to make it when you feel like eating it I don't feel like it often but I got to have it when I get the cravings and freezing bake goods tastes disgusting but dough freezes alright and is not so bad to bake later. Nothing so good like fresh bakes goods when I have my late night craving for pizza and can't or don't want to get to the shop or pay for delivery especially now with lockdown. Pizza is easy to make but the dough takes time and skill why handle it it at all when the bread maker does it perfect and make it exactly the way you want it every time. Healthier bake goods is more easier when you control what ingredients goes into bread maker therefore you a bread maker is an investment in your health and I'm lactose intolerant and your shops can run out of the kind of bake goods at the time you want it also don't even get me started on how expensive nice cakes are to buy.

  • I'll be back
    I'll be back

    they claim that it does not last as long as the shop bought bread because it does not have preservatives in it ...I find totally the opposite to be true. I have the same breadmaker and this bread lasts so much longer than the shop bread. The shop bread tends to be dry and inedible within 1-2 days whereas my breadmaker bread lasts for days. Plus \I don't have to ingest all the additional chemicals like preservatives and anti-mould stuff commercial bread has.

  • Miingno

    Bought myself my own bead maker because of this video as I do eat bread pretty much every day. As said near the end of the video, there are cheaper ones out there. Mine did cost about 80£ but can do almost as much as this one. It just doesn't come with a dedicated yeast and "nuts" section and a few less pre-set menus. ALSO mine did NOT come with any recipes at all! Hahaha.... But thanks to the internet, I downloaded the instructions of the bead maker that's in this video and am simply using its recipes ;) And they're working pretty well!

  • Michael Burns
    Michael Burns

    oall free guoys haff the sayme ackzent, bruv!

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain

    5 past 6PM I’m usually out by 4PM consistently but I have yet to receive a promotion in 5 years now

  • Patrick Durham
    Patrick Durham

    Love my bread machine. Two loaves a week for 60¢ each hot and ready when I wake up!

  • Aisha Lucrenz
    Aisha Lucrenz

    You got two bread makers but throw away a rice cooker. I will tell Uncle Roger of this heresy, Mr. Ebbers haha

  • Bat Potatoes
    Bat Potatoes

    I grabbed a used bread machine because of this video & can confirm that these are 1000% worth it if only for waking up to the fresh bread

  • María Verónica Viñas
    María Verónica Viñas

    Ben is out of control and I'm here for it

  • Mark Parker
    Mark Parker

    My only minor gripe would be with the recipes, rather than the machines. I think every recipe in my included booklet has sugar in it, but it’s not needed in any of the non sweet breads like bloomers, or basic wholemeal etc. Having said that, generally, these machines are very good, and especially convenient if you want a fresh loaf ready first thing in the morning, or want to mix and prove a dough for your own shaping and baking in an oven later. Be aware that any loaves baked in a bread machine will have a small hole in the bottom from the mixing paddle. As with all freshly baked loaves, let them cool down and release some of that internal moisture, before cutting and eating. A minimum of 30 minutes sitting on a wire rack, although if your schedule permits, I’d recommend 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the size of the loaf. The machine loaves are generally very soft, and do seem to retain a lot of moisture, possibly due to the temperature they bake at, and the more enclosed environment for the bread in the machines.

  • Louise Watson
    Louise Watson

    Got this Panasonic bread maker, it's great. Waking upto smell fresh bread in morning, lovely. Easy to use

  • xEmpty.Abyssx

    I really like it 🤩

  • Alisha

    I'd rather do it at home by hand over a machine

  • George Tzanetakis
    George Tzanetakis

    Great video as always! Would love to see a follow-up video of you doing gluten free recipes with the bread maker!

  • Anurag Gupta
    Anurag Gupta

    Could we get a studio tour sometime?

  • Minte

    I just realized that this would save allot of plastic bags for your just casual grocery store weekly bread.

    • derkregin

      Ooh that's a very convincing point

  • joliejoson

    My parents in law has a bread maker. The one they got right now is their third one. They've been making fresh bread over night for 30+ years, feeding the family, and still live theirs. I was sceptical at first, but as Ben said; if you are more than one in a household and eat bread daily - it's a win!

  • Bit Newt
    Bit Newt

    Everyone who eats bread regularly should have a breadmaker. It's so easy and so cheap (ingredients-wise) for the quality of the loaves you get - and, as the video shows, many can also do other doughs like pizza dough with zero effort!

  • Djfox 17
    Djfox 17

    Ducking hell ben!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abby Swanson
    Abby Swanson

    I love our bread machine! We make Cottage cheese and dill bread and it is always fully cooked but still moist and fluffy every time. We also have been making dough in it and then forming our own flavored rolls to finish in the oven for burgers buns or sides with spaghetti! I love cooking and baking by hand, but for everyday life, I think using a machine is a great way to make fresh food that can be healthier than processed store bought items and it literally takes 10 minutes to put together and the machine does the rest! A bread machine, rice cooker, and slow cooker are my staple cooking devices!

  • blake keating
    blake keating

    This would be great for my wife and I. Great video.

  • cuvro135

    I'd like to think that there's a dough fork hook sized hole in the back of each of the loafs, and it amuses me to no end.

  • She'sWeird

    Welcome to my bakery. "Goes for pasta"

  • She'sWeird


  • She'sWeird

    Gotta love the peanut gallery

  • She'sWeird

    It's a threesome........

  • Average gamer Wr
    Average gamer Wr

    I always go wet first

  • Queenie Markham
    Queenie Markham

    Mike could do what I do, assuming he has a microwave. You can make it into a sort of proving box by putting a mug / measuring jug of boiling water in the microwave and then put your shaped dough into the microwave with the mug, and close the door. Don’t turn the microwave on. It works to prove bread dough etc for me pretty reliably.

  • S H
    S H

    Ebbers is so adorable when he gets all geeky about the science behind cooking

  • katherine7444

    I went out and bought a bread machine after watching this video and ive made a different loaf every day since

  • Money Panda
    Money Panda

    We turn our microwave’s into a proofing box. Microwave half a cup of water in a measuring cup till almost boiling( like 1 min or so). Put the dough that needs proofing into the microwave with the measuring cup pushed to the corner and just leave it alone till doubled. Don’t turn on the microwave at that point and it poofs up wonderfully.

  • Robutube1

    No mention of the 'stirrer' leaving a hole in the middle of the loaf and therefore mis-shaped slices from the middle. That's my experience of breadmakers in the past - does this one avoid that?

  • Dashie

    I always wish they'd test better value products, but they always test the $200+ products instead of something most people would buy.

  • greenmoneyfairy

    You can get cheaper bread machines and especially if you have to drive to get bread it can save sooo much money.

  • Jonathan Tabor
    Jonathan Tabor

    Wait Baz is cheaper than a breadmaker? Does he come with kit or do I have to supply the tools?

  • kasa

    This is one machine I can actually get behind, especially because it can knead and proof all in one without any intervention. And if you eat normal sandwich bread a lot, this will be huge improvement with almost no extra work. I mean I can just imagine waking up or coming from work to fresh bread would be awesome. As much fun as making bread is, making it regularly for breakfast and stuff like that would be a huge challenge and especially getting fresh bread in morning is practically impossible for most people. I don't think the price is actually bad, you can get fresh bread whenever you want with almost no work and price of one plain loaf is so cheap it's ridiculous. Lets say you like your bread, that's probably why you bought the machine in first place, one good/premium loaf of bread from grocery will cost you something like $3. Lets say one load made in machine is $0.5, you will be recouping the cost very quickly.

  • Aeronwor

    All my experiences with bread machines were fine when fresh, but shite when a few hours old, but the convenience does make it good sometimes. Also slightly disappointed, that they did not try jam.

  • Tricia Tripp
    Tricia Tripp

    Soo creepy!!! I just got this for my bday!! Crazy! Thank you for the video!

  • 100 Days MIC
    100 Days MIC

    Appropriate for a family of 4 or more. If you are a couple or single, it is a ticket to a bulging waistline. I think making bread without a machine is more satisfying...and seems less commercial. Sorted is going to be too Ebbers dominant now that it is back to him and the three 'normals' not cheffy enough. Moreover these guys no longer qualify as normals. I think Sorted will go on the back burner for me.

  • Jonathan Collins
    Jonathan Collins

    LOL An ad!

  • Barney Weiss
    Barney Weiss

    That's not a chef! 😆😆😆

  • Ggdgdg Hddhhd
    Ggdgdg Hddhhd

    Test out ninja health grill