A Chef Reviews VINTAGE Cooking Gadgets | SORTEDfood
Today, we’re delving into the past and taking you guys on a journey back in time by exploring the world of VINTAGE gadgets. Will our Chef James discover any ancient gadget gems? Watch to find out!

If you’d like to track down the vintage gadgets we explored in today’s episode, have a dig around on second-hand gadget sites such as eBay using the search terms:

Fentone Biscuit and Icing Gun
Vintage Goblin Teasmade Model 854
Vintage Soda Stream

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  • Sylvia Tamie Anan
    Sylvia Tamie Anan

    That cookie press is not vintage. My mother has one of those.

  • Marcel Kreijne
    Marcel Kreijne

    I used to make cookies with a cookie press like that when I was still living at home with my parents. A plastic one though instead of a metal one. We used to have a very early soda stream as well (as a relationship gift from suppliers of my dads store). Back then it was not even economic to use it instead of regular soda bought from the grocery store even if you got the machine for free... And still at this time it is hardly ever economic, but now you could argue that is saves plastic bottles (depending on what happens to plastic bottles that get returned through the proper channels)

  • ann coffman
    ann coffman

    How cute is it that they had a cup to match the one on the Teasmade box!?!?

  • ann coffman
    ann coffman

    I have a different brand cookie press even older than their's. Never used it, just keep as a novelty.

  • chronically_mads

    Does anyone else feel like they'd end up sending the Teasmade contraption flying when they're scared awake? My arm would be fully swinging to find the off switch before my brain could tell it not to, and there would just be hot tea everywhere...and I'd be in the hospital with burns...oops

  • mafiacat88

    I've got one of those cursed cookie press things, and I hate it. It works really well with super stiff batter that doesn't rise, and you *can* get it to work really nicely and make complex shapes but....fuck that thing. I'd rather just eat a round cookie and skip having to use (and CLEAN) that thing. Love those old sodastream bottles though.

  • Miri Darkstar
    Miri Darkstar

    I have a cookie press. I LOVE the cookies coming out. It's all in the recipe.

  • Susan Wills
    Susan Wills

    My grandma had one of the toasters it brings back memories 💕💕💕💕

  • Jen Knodell
    Jen Knodell

    We’ve done the cookie press butter cookies (we call them “spritz”) since at least my dad was a kid, and always for Christmas. There’s definitely a learning curve to them, for sure. If they come out messed up, we just put the dough back in with the rest to try again.

  • R. C.
    R. C.

    They missed a joke a the end. "Did you enjoy our journey into the past. And which of those gadgets do you think is a blast." Is that qualified as a joke or just a rhyme?

  • Vic Rose
    Vic Rose

    Still use one of those cookie presses today! I'm the third generation to use it. They're great and perfect for making butter cookies

  • Byron MacGreggor
    Byron MacGreggor

    I had no clue SodaStream was that old of a company. I figured it was a new invention of the last 15 years.

  • No Face
    No Face

    Why haven't you done a review of the Mr frosty that we all remember from our child hood you can't get more nostalgic than that!! I still remember the TV advert 😄 I think mine is still in my folks loft 😁

  • Luke F
    Luke F

    With a modern Sodastream i have absolutely carbonated white wine and refreshed prosecco that has lost some fizz. But yeah it doesn't need as much as water

  • Heidi Williams
    Heidi Williams

    My mother still has a cookie press identical to that one. It take practice but it’s doable

  • Indzai Tinay
    Indzai Tinay

    Is James still part of Sorted Food?

  • neutral color of Adelia
    neutral color of Adelia

    Oooooooh I'm missing the super geek transition it's been a long time!

  • quack437

    I have never seen a soda stream but heard plenty about them i dont know if it was just an irish thing but people used to make fizzy milk with them 😂😂

  • Michael Saunders
    Michael Saunders

    Who the fuck makes tea in their bedroom? Personally, I prefer "Sun" tea to any other form or method. The Soda Stream device is overkill. Reminds me of a laborious version of Fizzie tablets, which you simply dropped in your liquid of choice and then add ice and drink. (www.oldtimecandy.com/pages/fizzies-drink-tablets)

  • Lee Butterworth
    Lee Butterworth

    Bigclivedotcom does all sorts of soda stream alcohol carbonation

  • Cynthia Nations
    Cynthia Nations

    This was before cameras on cell phones but my mom had one. It was battery powered and it worked great. People always thought my mom was a great baker. Little did they know I pressed the cookies and she made the batter.

  • Michael Duggan
    Michael Duggan

    Love the vintage gadge.., regards the toaster, you don't have to turn the slices by hand. As you swing the outer grid, it flips itself if you swing it down far enough - self - flipping :)

  • John Daugherty
    John Daugherty

    No hot dog executioner? (aka the Presto Hotdogger!)

  • Mim309

    My mum had a similar biscuit press. I remember her telling me it's for a specific type of biscuit. Use the wrong recipe, you don't get the detail. Hers always turned out well, but they did taste different to a standard biscuit.

  • somthingbrutal

    the soda stream takes me back used to be able to get Bars IRN BRU syrup for it

  • Kristin Becker
    Kristin Becker

    My family uses those cookie presses to make spritz cookies every Christmas. There is DEFINITELY a learning curve. It’s tricky and tiring

  • Gus Gould
    Gus Gould

    My grandma still uses one of them cookie presses for yo-yo’s and they come out perfectly

  • Emma Harper
    Emma Harper

    I'm getting really good at guessing the price of these gadgets shame I'll never use it where I live haha 😂

  • Jennifer Eisenberg
    Jennifer Eisenberg

    Should have used parchment paper with piper(it was designed with the stickiness in mind), silicone is a modern cheat.

  • Queen Banz
    Queen Banz


  • KuroNekoChan

    The Spritz dough needed to be more firm. We have a manual and an electric press, that we use every year for Christmas. You can colour the dough too! You guys should make a Christmas video (or mini-series) where you make different traditional Christmas/Winter cookies from around the world!

  • Michael Luehr
    Michael Luehr

    We have a cookie press and use it ever Christmas for spritz cookies. They even make electric ones!

  • WildRover1964

    still use my sodastream a couple of times a day in this heatwave. And we had exactly this same model shown here back in the 70s and I can confirm after dilligent adolescent experimentation, that milk will NOT carbonate. It curdles into a horrible mess.

  • andrewleiser

    My mom uses the vintage cookie press and the dough has to be a certain consistency for it to work perfect. But overall works fin

  • Ms Gamne
    Ms Gamne

    I remember using one of those toasters as a kid, maybe at my grandparents, and burning my fingers every now and then. It was a memory I'd forgotten until now ❤️

  • Ms Gamne
    Ms Gamne

    OMG I need a Teasmade in my life.... Provided I can get one that is no longer a fire hazard. Though honestly I'd risk it for a cuppa in the morning.

  • Sara Stewart
    Sara Stewart

    The cookie dough was too sticky. We had that back in the olden days. It made great cookies. Christmas time we would put food coloring in & made Christmas trees, wreaths & candyland shapes.

  • Celiene O'Hara
    Celiene O'Hara

    LOL! I deal in collectibles, and there is a cookie press in every estate sale!

  • Gen Doll
    Gen Doll

    Omg the toaster one makes me feel like that’s just so much energy wasted with so much heat just escaping lol.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Cookie press is a thing in my family

  • SMA WJ
    SMA WJ

    .....it cant be the same jon attack that wrote about scientology can it?

  • MurphyzLaw

    Can't use silicone with the cookie gun, it never sticks enough. But with some practice and the right recipe it works great.

  • John Cowley
    John Cowley

    The toaster automatically turns the toast if you put the grid right down.

  • Tony Witt
    Tony Witt

    I owned that cookie press, I loved it

  • MrSimulatedsanity

    used that soda stream evrytime i went to my nans and pops, late 70s early 80s. Used to get told off cause we used to make it "fart" over n over.

  • TheReddinotimeforce

    Jamie's face: The original gas canister

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    That teanaid is amazing I bet Colin Furze didn't know about them when he made his Wallace and gromit looking monstrosity 😂

  • Mister Smonkov
    Mister Smonkov

    I would love to see some vintage Coca Cola, the good ol days when we put cocaine in soda.

  • KashmirKiddy

    We used to have a toaster like that when I was a kid in the 90’s. The amount of toast I burned... :p

  • David R Bellairs
    David R Bellairs

    I'm a bit down now as I remember Teasmades and 70s style SodaStreams, so I suppose that makes me vintage too!

  • Steph Meachen
    Steph Meachen

    I'm so unnerved by that soda stream. I had the same one growing up that we inherited from my great grandparents, but I didn't know how vivid the orange is because ours was so old and used it was basically a beige/brown colour haha. I miss the old bottles though, they were gorgeous!

    • Steph Meachen
      Steph Meachen

      The sheer amount of times we'd over carbonate and it would spill under was insane

  • Melissa Greene
    Melissa Greene

    I inherited a cookie press like this one but mine works.

  • arcanask

    Wow. I didn't know sodastream has been around that long. TIL.

  • Ben Renner
    Ben Renner

    My toaster was made in the 1970s and still works fine! Toasts both sides too.

  • PiousMoltar

    I miss James already

  • Marie Kessler Kaminski
    Marie Kessler Kaminski

    We still have one of those cookie dough dispensers at my house and bring it out for Christmas cookies lol

  • SnowStarsong

    Saw the first item, and got sent back to family Christmas cookie baking with my Grandparents using my Grandmother's spritz cookie press. Thanks guys.

  • Eman Ahmed
    Eman Ahmed

    My mom still uses the cookie press and it is working ok.. the pressing part is kind of tricky you have to train a little bit.. after it is baked it retains its shape, no spreading or color.. maybe your oven was a bit high?

  • Sara

    My uncle uses a cookie press (but older, with a wooden plunger) every Christmas to make almond biscuits! It’s his grandmother’s old recipe.

  • Lannik

    It's not about the details, when using the cookie press.... It's more important to drench the "Spritzgebäck" with looooooots of chocolate (imho)

  • Anita Cher
    Anita Cher

    Oh yes! I have this kind of cookie press. It belonged to my Mum and it's older than I am (I'm 65). I use it for certain kinds of biscuits or cookies that are too soft to use a ccokie cutter. There's a little thingy at the bottom of the presser arm that allows you to adjust the amount of cookie dough that comes out of the press. You just turn it around for more or less dough.

  • Algaamis

    Did you know that you can add bubbles to vodka? I'm just saying...

  • Fail Kaboom
    Fail Kaboom

    It's really important to chill the dough overnight. It'll make it harder to use, but the colors will hold their shape. My dad makes these every Christmas, they usually turn out pretty well, but some tips are definitely better than others.

  • Dekoth-OGN

    Always thought the soda stream was neat. Ended up getting one for free. Gave it away months later after discovering all their syrups taste like crap and getting good ones is more expensive than just buying a good soda.

    • Bluebelle51

      I always make my own syrup, so it never tasted like crap, of course, I got mine at a thrift shop for 2 dollars and I threw the syrups out when I got home with it

  • William Stephens
    William Stephens

    We made spritz cookies In my junior year cooking class, they weren’t all that great

  • pigstix

    more sodastream fun here: fishows.info/post/qqiloanZp2-zydU/videot.html

  • Jus Apel
    Jus Apel

    Omg can't believe i miss the super geek theme song lmao

  • Garth Goldberg
    Garth Goldberg

    I have my grandmother's Swedish cookie press. It's a lot older than that one. I haven't actually used it. I make chocolate chip cookies with a small scooper. Alexa turns on a Wyze switch plug that turns on our coffee maker at any particular hour or on a schedule or just asking Alexa to turn it on.

  • smalls9852

    Lol my mom used to have a plastic spritz cookie maker and it basically worked just like this metal one did. And honestly, not my favorite cookies.

  • Craig Eaton
    Craig Eaton

    I can’t tap double thumbs down - stop saying cookie when it’s a biscuit maker

  • Joel Finkel
    Joel Finkel

    Just to let people know, there is an international boycott of SodaStream. The boycott began because SodaStream was being made illegally by an Israeli company in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. That boycott was called for by the Israeli peace group, Gush Shalom. The boycott continues because Palestinian civil society has called for a non-violent international boycott of all Israeli products.

  • Celestine

    I knew that was a cookie dough device. I've seen one before. I think we have a modern day soda stream now by bubbly sparkling water.

  • Kollyn

    We didn't use a cookie pistol but a meat grinder for the cookies. I think the pistol need to be used more horizontal not 90 degrees.

  • S0dfish

    Do not carbonate anything with sugar in it or that will happen.

  • TheBull14597

    i still use toasters like those, they heat up very quickly and are very scary

  • Christine Buttigieg
    Christine Buttigieg

    I am so happy that I came across your channel ♥️You guys are the best ♥️

  • Phazz

    As a self-proclaimed "cola syrup connoisseur" I need to mention that the amount of syrup they want you to put into water is astronomically high. Like so far away from what's good, especially for cola flavor. One of those bottles is supposed to just be enough for like 9 liters, when, in reality, you can easily stretch that to like 30 liters and not lose out on flavor. The amount that James put into that little bottle is like double the amount I put into 1,5 liters.

  • dzfz2100

    There is something so charming about how low energy the entire presentation of this video is :P

  • Caitlin Andersen
    Caitlin Andersen

    The cookie press works great. But the dough needs to be kept really cold to work well. When the butter soften the dough sticks to everything and the cookies don’t stay in the shape you want.

  • heatherinsf

    Chill your cookie tray and the cookie dough will affix properly using the cookie press.

  • Ryan Hicks
    Ryan Hicks

    I miss James

  • Lucy Q
    Lucy Q

    My family pulls out our cookie dough extruder every Christmas (and ngl it’s a pain in the butt)

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker

    oh i so needed to see this with my morning coffee, its has set me up for the day! especially Ben's face when he suggested wine, knowing exactly what was going to happen, helped along with "it will tell you when its done" to get that extra bit of pressure in there... however i can confirm my up to date soda stream has been used to make all kinds of things fizzy including wine, gin and vodka, it juts takes some practice and lots of taste testing.... which is a happy accident really

  • Jay-Lee van der Berg
    Jay-Lee van der Berg

    I love that Ben is dressed up 😊

  • Jennifer Potter
    Jennifer Potter

    Re the toaster : after the first side is toasted, hold the 'door ' right down. The bread slides off and presents the uncooked side to be toasted. Ergo- no burnt fingers

  • Tigerfire75

    A lot of these you need practice

  • Abhishek Soni
    Abhishek Soni

    The fact that i can't see them in a single frame makes me loose my mind.

  • Lora Ricketts
    Lora Ricketts

    We had a soda stream in the 80s and I often used to drink it like squash without bothering to carbonate the water. Now I’m older, a teasmade seems a good idea but my bedside table isn’t big enough for the gadget plus cups, plus milk (presumably either room temperature or in a flask) plus sugar bowl.

  • Andrew Robinson
    Andrew Robinson

    "This is exciting". This is post-Brexit Britain.

  • Eve Lambrick
    Eve Lambrick

    These prices were so good for 50 year old gadgets!

  • khuang96

    I was just about to comment that I didn't imagine James to be nervous over a soda stream, and then he got brave and went 7, and then it happened... 😅

  • Molly Nap Queen
    Molly Nap Queen

    I went "SQUEEEEEE!!!!" when I saw the SodaStream. I grew up with one of those. I got so damn nostalgic.

  • Mumzly04

    The toast probably tasted like the blitz

  • Megameatloaf

    The reason Sodastreams are still popular is that they are much more eco friendly than buying sodawater/carbonated water in a plastic bottle. That's the only reason I got one. I go through a lot of soda water and rather than constantly buying them in a plastic bottle, I just swap out the gas bottle every now and then. No waste. I did the math and a gas cylinder costs about the same amount as the equivalent amount of sodabottles it can create. So its not really cheaper. But you don't have all that plastic waste.

  • cattus lavandula
    cattus lavandula

    The new Soda Stream machines make a farty noise when the button is pushed to carbonate.

  • Emrys89

    Ok so I was ecstatic when I saw the cookie press. My mom had this one and we did NOT use it to bake cookies with. Instead we used it when we made Swedish meatballs. Its perfect for portioning out the same amount you will need to roll for each meat ball.

  • Amber

    Wtf is in ben’s top pocket

  • BBFSGaming

    Soda stream is now a novelty it's too expensive at least you used to be able to get proper flavours lik Coca-Cola and Pepsi now they are just generic and it costs more than going to aldinor lidle and buying a 2 liter bottle

  • Devan Gillard
    Devan Gillard

    I remember when my mom and I went away for a weekend so it was just my dad and brothers at home. They tried to carbonate a bottle of wine in our sodastream and we got sent a pic of my brothers bruised ribs after the bottle careened across the room hitting him in the chest.

  • Ashley Noble
    Ashley Noble

    Not using the right cookie dough for the dough punch. Need something that doesn't rise when baking. Also needs to be super cold when you press.