Ultimate CHEF SKILLS Challenge: CHICKEN & EGGS | SORTEDfood
With so many chef skills badges up for grabs in today’s episode, which of our normal home cooks will surprise us with their cooking techniques, and who’ll throw the world’s biggest tantrum? Place your bets!

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  • OnIiKa

    I love this more dominating Ben, it's filling me with love 😹

  • Terence Hill
    Terence Hill

    Barrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy. As a normal I feel your pain

  • Redbeard The Pink
    Redbeard The Pink

    I feel so sorry for Barry 😆

  • Rexeit

    In French, a Goujon is either a fish or a metal rod to hold 2 other pieces together, like on a door or other mechanical parts So yeah... I don't know why you would call that "Goujon" x)

  • Rexeit

    For poached eggs, season the water with salt AND vinegar It will help keep the egg in shape and be less random because of the convection of the water You'll get much better chance to get a good poached egg like that !

  • Navy Bubbles
    Navy Bubbles

    Badge suggestion: vegan/ingredients substitution

  • Transparent Reactions
    Transparent Reactions

    That Sound of Silence cover at the end with those IMMACULATE harmonies was everything I didn't expect but everything I never knew I NEEDED in this video!! 🔥🔥😳🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Nada Batu
    Nada Batu

    Holy s*** that harmonizing was beautiful! Please show more extended clips of that if they kept on!

  • Chris Denman
    Chris Denman

    Barry I'm going to make a cheats mayonnaise everyone faceplams you can't cheat a mayonnaise it's eggs mustard and oil

  • Matthijs van Tol
    Matthijs van Tol

    I can't be the only one who is still repeatedly listening to Mike and Jamie harmoniously singing The Sound Of Silence!!

    • SORTEDfood

      Haha, we're glad you love it so much!

  • crimsonlilyfairy

    mike and jamie are such good friends; look at them being genuinely shocked and upset on barry's behalf before laughing at his misfortune. true friendship goals.

  • Eleanor Chan
    Eleanor Chan

    We need the full Sound of Silence.

  • KitsuneNoMeiji

    "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Why is this even a conundrum? Did people forget about Dinosaurs? lol The egg obviously came first, LONG before the chicken even existed.

  • August Brown
    August Brown

    Yes, the egg came first.

  • stefanie smith
    stefanie smith

    Barry it'll be ok badge

  • The_King_of_Chefs

    I mean, randomly quizzing barry and taking a badge and not doing the same for jamie and mike is bs. I bet neither of them would have been able to pull that out of thin air

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    I do say Jamie has come a very long way from the meat and fried food stereotype, if I was offered a salad made by any of the sorted team I'd pick Jamie cuz I trust he can make an amazing dish in general now!!

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    I was thinking steak and eggs would be so much better but looking at what they all did it looks amazing! Another great one guys, and Ben ;)

  • Pitchblende

    For once Mike actually made scrambled eggs I would eat, I will never understand people who like them wet and half cooked

  • WhiteSythle

    I mean, I feel bad for Barry a little. I hope he wasn't too salty for too long. But he did deserve it.

  • Karl Mckinney
    Karl Mckinney

    The scrambled egg judging was offensive. There are so many techniques for making "perfect" scrambled eggs. If that is how mike likes his eggs, he passes. i.e. look up Wolfgang Puck adding mustard to scrambled eggs.

  • Steven N
    Steven N

    Poor barry..

  • Georgina Yee
    Georgina Yee


  • Hannu Ala-Olla
    Hannu Ala-Olla

    Oh, Barry brought it to himself by wondering aloud what goes into the mix. Didn't notice that before.

  • Elle Sinky
    Elle Sinky

    I love everything about this episode, the team recognizing that they need to go back to basic skills, the badges finally being hard-earned, the contestants being separated to ensure fairness, the unexpected drama... Sorry Barry, it wasn't your day but id could be the fire under you you needed to consolidate some knowledge and not "wing" it (pun intended)

  • SlashBat

    Mike made the best scrambled eggs. If someone handed me a plate of wet scrambled eggs I'd literally puke

  • Alvaro-Mati Viilver
    Alvaro-Mati Viilver

    Oh damn , Mike and Jamie should do a band , i loved how perfectly they sing together , if possible then tell Them to finish the Hello darkness my old friend song as a duo. I really also feel bad for Barry , but yes, He should learn more and follow the instructsions as told. Thanks for the awezome video :) .

  • Benny Evans
    Benny Evans

    I just want to see them in a kitchen on a Saturday night

  • Zetsuke4

    that was fun

  • Zetsuke4


  • Jeric Harding-Barns
    Jeric Harding-Barns

    You guys should do some classic Italian dishes: Cacio e pepe, risotto, maybe alio e olio... might be fun to see fling pasta wauder everywhere

  • Swordface

    I was cackling throughout the Badge reveal knowing they were going to sass Barry hard but the ending song was shocking and beautiful.

  • Neil Chund
    Neil Chund

    Can we have Ben vs guest chef?

  • Jeff Robbins
    Jeff Robbins

    Chicken or the egg first logic! Once upon a time there was no chicken.. then one day a bird who had coitus with a different kind layed an egg from which the first chicken was "mixed scrambled and formed" thusly making the egg first as that is from where such a bird hatches from not live.

  • tomboyz151

    12:48 Barry's "...wut?" 👀 was everything!! 🤣

  • Christine Poulin
    Christine Poulin

    eggs came first, chicken evolved from dinosaurs... dinosaurs has eggs, thus eggs came first

  • ScifiGamer 1991
    ScifiGamer 1991

    am I the only one thinking Jamie has improved the most (so far) since doing these badge challenges

  • Tasha M
    Tasha M

    I'm not one to comment often but how about a transformation badge? Give them all a dish of leftovers and 30 minutes to utterly transform them

  • Christine Amalie
    Christine Amalie

    Just had to tell you all, you calm my anxiety , or if i am having a bad day you make me laugh. Just thank you all for making me smile

  • abval001

    Ben was a bit of a sadist in this episode.. 😅

    • SORTEDfood

      Just this episode? 😂

  • Veronica

    I've literally watched this video about 20 times just for Barry's reaction to losing spiceology badge. It's pure gold!!!

  • codie williams
    codie williams

    I don't like this much anymore, bring back another chef to even it out. It's just a bit flat now...

  • Nikolaas van Dijck
    Nikolaas van Dijck

    WTH? fishows.info/post/kMmKasjXX6HYuqc/videot.html Please make a full version of Sound of Silence! And give those two a harmony badge!

  • G F
    G F

    I didn't realize they had beautiful singing voices

  • Kim Seminiano
    Kim Seminiano

    That "u are such a Barry today" made me laugh so hard

  • Rifat Baswedan
    Rifat Baswedan

    Indonesia battle

  • Bekah

    I think I’m forever going to come back to this video for the badge retraction and reveal 🤣

  • Chandra Chauhan
    Chandra Chauhan

    Hope Barry finds a better gig and quits like James did.

  • Pamela Monzingo
    Pamela Monzingo

    Maybe a badge for using the proper cookware and/or utensils.

  • Sumara Ahmad
    Sumara Ahmad

    That extra clip of Jamie and Mike singing to Barry *chef’s kiss* Also Mike acting like a kid at a candy shop at Barry losing a badge 🤣🤣🤣

  • Parker Vaughan
    Parker Vaughan

    They should have to make something with ridiculously complex instructions to test their *cough cough Barry’s* ability to follow directions

  • anooymous84

    can we have a "salvage a dish" badge?

  • Charlotte Harbaugh
    Charlotte Harbaugh

    The way Barry talks makes me think he's a chef But looking at his out come he is deff a norm! 😄

  • Charley Carey
    Charley Carey


  • Jade T
    Jade T

    Wow the singing was actually beautiful 😍

  • Kit Rozon
    Kit Rozon

    Runny scrambled eggs = gross. I’ll take Mike’s scrambled eggs. Just because the other two were the way YOU like doesn’t mean they’re right.

  • Zypher77777

    Let's all face it. Jamie is probably the best of the normals.

  • Pongsathon Boonrod
    Pongsathon Boonrod

    It seems that Barry's confidence is affected as he tried to pulled his new trick on chicken breast, and then being struck further by the rescinding of his badge.

  • Kyle Yuen
    Kyle Yuen

    11:43 Absolute power corrupts absolutely

  • Jurriaan de Jongh
    Jurriaan de Jongh

    Oh man, I was in tears after this episode! SO good!

  • The Minnesota Wolf
    The Minnesota Wolf

    Just want to start off saying that in Final Fantasy XV, this dish is called "mother and child" and the day I worked out what it was...

  • John Mozingo
    John Mozingo

    Dude those harmonies! lol... Thanks again guys!!!

  • Isobel Turner
    Isobel Turner

    I’m vegan, and yet here I am, watched the entire thing 😂

  • Kyle Warner
    Kyle Warner

    Did they just earn the Simon and Garfunkel badge? I think they did.

  • Dustin Heisey
    Dustin Heisey

    I think Ben should review the pass it on footage with them and look for badges that might need to be revoked.

  • Raymond Zacchaeus Arias
    Raymond Zacchaeus Arias

    Please do a full version of the song. Puns aside, that was chilling. Loved that harmony.

  • Raymond Zacchaeus Arias
    Raymond Zacchaeus Arias

    *EMULSIFY* is my new Harry Potter spell.

  • VivRbn

    Good video, but *Wow*, double thumbs up for Mike and Jamie's harmony at the end!

  • Jodi VanDyk
    Jodi VanDyk

    Killer harmonies!

  • Zilo

    I felt bad for Barrie loosing a badge

  • E E
    E E

    how dare you hide that perfect harmony in the blooper? i need a whole video of that!!!!!

  • James Harder
    James Harder

    There should be a Sorted Culinary School. Classes and lessons like this would be cool.

  • You Got a Thing
    You Got a Thing

    total bs to revoke the badge bc of that. noones knowledge is or needs to be infalliable

  • Richard Cooper
    Richard Cooper

    Ben was savage this episode, must be trying to make up for James's lost sarcasm lol

  • Seth Marton
    Seth Marton

    Love it!! Do a stock badge next.

  • Zyph Bear
    Zyph Bear

    Honestly, I think taking away the Spice Badge was a good idea, embarassing, but good point. Have other tests through the year that includes references back to the ones they already covered and be clear that if they mess up on one they won, they lose that badge as well, BUT, also give them a chance that if they LOST it last time and mastered it this time, they can still get the badge again. Then of course at end of the year, they should have a bigger “final” where random things are referenced and can lose/gain more badges in the same manner, but that is the end.

  • MissMerc007

    That was disheartening when the badge disappeared. He did his best. I hope he doesn't lose motivation. Hang in there Barry. Loved watching your efforts. You did better than I could have.

  • Savvy Oga
    Savvy Oga

    just to taunt barry a bit more, make a french cuisine skill challenge.

  • Jebble

    How bad can you be at peeling an egg?!

  • Eva Marie Kristen
    Eva Marie Kristen

    We all thought losing the photography badge was Barry's villain origin story. Turns out, it was just the beginning.

  • Jordan Metcalfe
    Jordan Metcalfe

    James is gone so now Ebbers has to be ruthless to cover the gap

  • Jake Stacey
    Jake Stacey

    Poor Barry 😂

  • Alchimage

    On the chicken what about the oysters

  • AthenaGoddess

    Poor Barry. His ego got away from him. I am glad that he was called out though for the spice badge.

  • Prachet Agarwal
    Prachet Agarwal

    Ben was a bit too harsh on Barry

  • TheRemiCay

    Jamie's chuckle at the end was really quite funny, but well done on 3 for 3!

  • PandaKittyCo mk rssll
    PandaKittyCo mk rssll

    Jamie is gonna win lol

  • MaZEEZaM

    Particularly good episode, I enjoy ones we learn from.

  • MaZEEZaM

    Great singing at the end.

  • MaZEEZaM

    You can cook the breasts on the carcass, it’s called, at least in Australia, cooking on the crown. It results in juicier chicken breasts as the bones protect them while cooking. It’s not what Barry did though.

  • MaZEEZaM

    You can make mayonnaise far more easily and quicker using a tall jug and a stick blender. I prefer whole egg mayonnaise.

  • Andy1119

    See I think it'd be a good idea to do this with a random guest home cook

  • sharcalena

    Besides crowning the champion, can we go back to the punishment-of-loser formula--except instead of food hell, they get a skill purgatory: crash course of/produce something using the skills they hate/suck at most.

  • Anton M
    Anton M

    I feel so bad for Barry, that was harsh

  • mst3kanita

    yall's aspargus is H U G E

  • Kas Søby
    Kas Søby

    the harmony at the end was super surprisingly great

  • David Sheldon
    David Sheldon

    I'd much prefer Mike's scrambled eggs, chunky and soaked in butter :P

  • MegSong24

    I would love to see a challenge of 'through another's eyes." sort of thing. In food service we have to do things to please customer's palates that we might disagree with. (Well done steak etc.) Jamie gets those glasses that help correct color blindness, which would likely distract him on "Wait *that's* what that looks like? Barry and Mike have to wear glasses that show color blindness. Which distracts them on "Uh....what is this?" that he has had to deal with. I'd say something that color *really* matters on.

  • Anna Reed
    Anna Reed

    Me, through half of this video: WTF is a goujon?! Those look like chicken fingers. Is it just a chicken finger? (it is indeed a chicken finger)

  • Siti Khadijah
    Siti Khadijah

    Fish deboning skill!