Chef and Normals Review DIY Food Kits Vol.8 | SORTEDfood
Prepare to be amazed (and hungry) as one Chef and three Normals test and review three incredible DIY Food kits that got our taste buds tingling and our stomachs rumbling.

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Check out the amazing food kits we featured in today’s episode by clicking on the links below:

The Berenjak Bazaar Kabab Kit: -
NOTE: Since filming the price we paid has changed from £30 to £40.

The Hawksmoor Prime Rib Box:
The Chick ‘n’ Sours All In One:

And head over to our blog post which covers all of our favourite Restaurant DIY Meal Kits here:

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  • Julian Schorr
    Julian Schorr

    The plastic is not recyclable. They may say it is but the majority of plastic that is put in the bin is not cost-effectively recyclable so they don't bother. It ends up in the field. Please pay close attention to the type of plastic you use when you are consuming. I can't quite remember but I do believe it's one and three that are the least cost effective recyclable materials. Glasses also not very effective at saving the it requires a lot of energy to melt it down

  • KeymashProductions

    As someone from an Iranian family, it is so great to see this food given this platform. Watching Ben make this reminded me so much of my own family cooking this same food at home. I really hope people who see this video either buy that kit themselves or visit some Iranian resturants to experience some really amazing food!

  • English Anytime
    English Anytime

    I'd like to see that fried chicken kit done by shallow frying to see how it turns out - I don't know many that can deep fry at home

  • dave matthews
    dave matthews

    Who fears steak? I looooove cooking steak as I know exactly how I like it and if anything I fear serving it because no one wants it cooked the same way and I'll buy myself a £20-£30 steak a month and my butcher loves me because I'll always give him something fun to make me up like Oxford sausage or get him to dry age me something for my next visit or just to find me something different to try plus he's Greek so he gives me ideas and his family favourites

  • rickybell

    i love a negroni...

  • Kate Cole
    Kate Cole

    after you rest the steak, how do you heat it up again?

  • Appladay

    When you guys started lying about the best cow coming from England I chuckled they come from Japan

  • Jenny An
    Jenny An

    Hawksmoor steak needed a nicer sear/crust

  • Anja

    I think the Hawksmoor kit was an amazing option during lockdown, when going to a restaurant was impossible and you still wanted that quality and experience. Especially for a special occasion. ❤

  • Sasha A
    Sasha A

    Kebab skewers... what a waste though! Maybe should have an option not to buy new sets every time?

    • Rosie Booth
      Rosie Booth

      they’re solid metal so you reuse them

  • Sethrain

    We ordered that kebab kit after watching your review. It was fucking amazing.

  • Jeremy Heck
    Jeremy Heck

    For price it's Barry hands down but that streak though

  • Jeremy Heck
    Jeremy Heck

    That prime rib marbling though

  • Daniel Rios
    Daniel Rios

    Berry kit

  • Herschel Jackson
    Herschel Jackson

    75 pounds for chicken thighs, no thank you.

  • AHeroAlmost

    The first one seems the best value for me at least …

  • snuffymcsnuff

    Having to deep fry something from a kit myself would absolutely be a deal breaker for me. At that point I'd rather just order some takeaway, crispiness be damned.

  • Jacob Clarke
    Jacob Clarke

    So you all are aware an authentic negroni in the uk is 25ml gin 25ml Campari 25ml martini Rosso so no mixer at all but that’s from me a mixologist in an Italian restaurant

  • Joey Gunota
    Joey Gunota

    I would love that kebab kit, but I live in the US. Does anyone know of something similar in the US?

  • B.T K
    B.T K

    the first and second and third kit does not feed just 2 people it will definitely feed more than 2

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell

    Boy that looks so good

  • Adam

    All those look amazing! Assuming the kebab kit comes in an option without the squewer’s once you have a set? How much is that? Makes it even more accessible I would say. Would love to see a chefs choice kits for chefs and for normals.

  • Simon Holmqvist
    Simon Holmqvist

    I ate that type of kebab made on a public fire place at a beach near where I live. There was an Afghan man than my family knew that had come to the country I'm from to seek asylum who had never cooked in his life before he came here, but he had always seen his mom cooking kebab for his family. So when he came here he started making it, and some time after he made it for us out in the nature. It was quite an amazing experience.

  • doctoryoinky


  • Bill MacDonald
    Bill MacDonald

    "There IS one thing..." "Oh yes! I want to hear it!" "...I kind of wish we hadn't started with cocktail hour..." "Well that's a dumb thing to say." GOLD. Thank you. This made me laugh out loud! I love the chemistry you fellas have and the way you work together is exactly why I'm sub'd and why I recommend your channel to my friends. Keep it up! Great work!

  • jabberwock95

    Kind of a bummer that after this video, when orders presumably went through the roof, the first restaurant bunged the price up by 25% :/ Opportunistic much?

  • Tori walker
    Tori walker

    its £40 for the kebab kit.

  • CeriseGrist

    Makes me sad that those yummy looking fresh ingredients you feature probably cant be purchased and sent to the U.S.

  • Laura Starbrooks
    Laura Starbrooks

    Omg mikes chicken sandwiches at the end was amazing

  • The Hui
    The Hui

    These diy food kits were amazing. Expensive but food looked really good and big portions so not surprised.

  • Nana Jaber
    Nana Jaber

    Berenjak shld really hire barry 4 ads🤣🤣🤣🤣 MOOD 101

  • Collins Darcie
    Collins Darcie

    The eatable argument certainly hammer because gladiolus temporarily remember through a null bottom. complex, regular rise

  • Nadi Alom
    Nadi Alom

    I love the absolute range of food you guys have feel really included xx

  • derkregin

    Ohh noooo why would Berenjak raise theihr price from £30 to £40! I really wanted to buy one but £10 per skewer and an oversized wrap seems a bit much...

  • TheSimong69

    have you seen the waste... plastic plastic plastic,,, skewers left in the cupboard and next time you order more plastic and more skewers.... wow what a waste

  • Transparent Reactions
    Transparent Reactions

    I must say I am extremely disappointed: after watching the gorgeous food from Chick'N'Sours, I went online to discover that I can't get their kits shipped to the U.S. 😭😭

  • Adier Twigg
    Adier Twigg

    Would love to see a comeback of the Big Night In series

  • Adier Twigg
    Adier Twigg

    Poor Barry : )

  • Adier Twigg
    Adier Twigg

    Liking for "snapkin"

  • palmer123

    i was really impressed by this to the point i got the Chateaubriand kit , sticking to the instructions gives the PERFECT steak (didnt even need the video). now the food.. the belly ribs were delicious very tender and slightly over powering by themselves, slaw is fantastic, really helps complement and brings the ribs back into check, great starter to get the taste buds alive... the meat was tender and juicy and as ben said, cook everything else as the meat rests and u have the greatest steak. the mushrooms are juicy, creamed spinach very soft and light and the chips were sensational, and the sticky toffee pudding was devilish im not a pudding fan usually but that one got my attention and was just sublime. something very naughty but wow overall the food was very nice BUT, this is food that is VERY rich and filling. if your not used to the richness i would recommend spreading the first course and main out approx 30-40 mins. the food is exceptional. it is high restaurant quality made simple. would recommend as an experience or a special treat (mine was 5 year anniversary). the alcohol on the other hand. im not much of a drinker but DAM THATS SOUR negroni. and the larger wont blow you away. red wine still in the bottle.

  • Owen Mitchell
    Owen Mitchell

    20 mins to rest the steak. Sorry mate but I prefer my steak hot.

  • rrocktoo

    Has Barry ever looked happier?

  • Charlotte Harbaugh
    Charlotte Harbaugh

    Who the hell has an oven at home that you can leave open and grill food?

    • Charlotte Harbaugh
      Charlotte Harbaugh

      @derkregin well thats not fair

    • derkregin

      UK ovens are much smaller than US ones but have grills too

  • Joseph Guimarin
    Joseph Guimarin

    I'm mad cause I can't have any of this...


    It’s a shame berenjak have raised the price on their kits.

  • Kayleigh Lehrman
    Kayleigh Lehrman

    That steak kit is absolutely "parents' 35th wedding anniversary" type of "save it for a special occasion"

  • Haral

    The problem with saying "the plastic containers are recyclable" is that in a lot of areas in the UK they aren't. West Berks won't take any plastic except bottles

  • Caerigna

    Can I just move to Britain for these?

  • danzbjj

    absolutely taking the piss if someone claims that the UK has the best steaks.. they'd be the only 2 chefs in the world who suggest that..

  • Phoxy dB
    Phoxy dB

    Proud to see my restaurant in here, getum Hawksmoor crew!

  • Gerald Cedillo
    Gerald Cedillo

    OGs remember the Full English at the Hawksmoor, yuuuummm

  • Squeaky4all

    This seems like a sponsored episode.

  • Bip Sutton
    Bip Sutton

    Dunno who lied to those two guys about the best steak in the world, but it felt like an ad after that lie.

  • Nokenify

    Jamie always wins.

  • cj_maldo

    This felt less like a kit review and more like four mates just hanging put and messing with each other.

  • Militaru Florin
    Militaru Florin

    Those tomatoes look so bad , like they are made of plastic ...

  • TOM C.
    TOM C.

    I'm salivating over the Hawksmoor kit! Though the spinach appears next level tasty, a light sprinkling of nutmeg would send it over the top! 😁😎👍✌

  • Nicole Nox
    Nicole Nox

    OMG those kits cost a fucking fortune. 😱😭

  • thecraftycreeper

    chef: but sticky toffee pudding Barry: oh F*** sake chef: oh yeah your favorite barry: f*** you why am I here lmao

  • Ambd1993

    They should try to make a meal for one person that they would really like. Maybe on Bens birthday two normals could complete and make a meal to see how well they really know each other. Maybe with a twist like if they pick too many of the same ingredients there is a penalty to keep things interesting.

  • Ray Lira
    Ray Lira

    James is gone but not forgotten ❤️

  • Kevin Edwards
    Kevin Edwards

    I’m going to a Hawksmoor for lunch next week. 😉

  • Azwiin Mikael
    Azwiin Mikael

    I think i'll enjoy Baz's kit better since it has Snapkin and it's not too hard to make, and it's not that much whereas Jamie's and Mike's are wayy too much. Enough for a small party.

  • iflywithnowings

    You guys confused Lavash and Sangak bread. Sangak means little pebbles due to the style of cooking while lavash is cooked in a huge tandoor

  • A Nastylos
    A Nastylos

    I normally don't spend more than 60€ when dining out, why should I pay that much for something that I still have to cook myself?

  • Gracie Taylor
    Gracie Taylor

    Can’t find anything in the US like the steak kit, that looks totally yummy

  • Maker Monkey 3D
    Maker Monkey 3D

    Too bad we in the U.S. can not enjoy thins. (assuming that is they can not be sent to us considering whats in them)

  • flii87

    Oh the Hawksmoor experience looks epic!!!! Hands down my favorite 😋

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali

    Great video. But that double cheese placement though................

  • Fluorescent

    I love these videos and seeing small businesses highlighted.

  • Mr Upshot
    Mr Upshot

    I think over the years of watching this on & off, Ebbers made me realise I'm bisexual. What a sensational guy.

  • Neil Benn
    Neil Benn

    Kebab kit is now £40 plus £10 nationwide postage. That is a big increase from £30 stated.

  • Michelle Säde
    Michelle Säde

    Holy mother of steak in a box - I am DROOLING and also LMAO at Jamie's expressions with the ingredients from his chosen box.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    Please do not let the beer (or wine) glug when pouring. You have totally bruised the beer. Pour only as fast as the vessel allows. Bad form Ben.

  • Thomas Archibald
    Thomas Archibald

    that steak to medium is a crime

  • L Wardrop
    L Wardrop

    I would think this is great for families, with or without pets, for which trying to clean and make room on a counter surface for kneading dough is more of a chore than watching the kids. Especially if you consider that focusing on one decreases your success with the other, either way leading to disastrous results (how often has a dog snarfed something off of the counter the moment you’ve turned your back?). In addition, this is great for allowing an exploration of bread flavors! And it allows the bread to be more on demand if the bakery isn’t close enough to your daily or weekly commute.

  • chen Wang
    chen Wang

    number 1 and 2 combined in one evening is where its at for dinner for 2

  • chen Wang
    chen Wang

    i only watch u guys when im eating if not the munchies kick in badly


    Can you do an experiment with cheesecakes

  • Guðmundur

    Barry wins other food looked complicated

  • cavjer123

    Really wish Ebbers would stop talking. He really loves the sound of his own voice.

  • princessrose17

    gives you an example of the time it takes them to edit/post videos. Best before on the meat is 4/21 but video was posted 5/26

  • Shawna R
    Shawna R

    Snapkin 😂💀

  • Kylo Ren's Rage
    Kylo Ren's Rage

    So much plastic man #fail If food comes so frsh, why isn't it in foil trays with cardboard lids that can easily be recyclabled...

  • Mario Nicolini
    Mario Nicolini

    Watching this at 10:50 am while eating a sad toast 😭

  • Stacey Smith
    Stacey Smith

    I want that kebab kit!

  • A L
    A L

    The first one is the best deal and feels more like something you would make at home. The other two are too restaurant styled which would make me feel intimidated.

  • Jared Fisher
    Jared Fisher

    I ccant say I would buy thr chicken sandwiches because deep frying at home is something I'm not comfortable doing or using coffee filters to save the oil

  • bradley Powell
    bradley Powell

    I am so in love with these boxes this make me wish that I was in London

  • Hunrock12

    Perfect date night ideas thank boy

  • Localjoost

    That all looks amazing! The alcoholic beverages were starting to get to Ben in the end, he looked a bit flustered, red cheeks and all..

  • Nima Zahedi
    Nima Zahedi

    In Iran we put the juice from the meat on top of the rice with a know of butter

  • Giefan

    I was expecting cabbage for the veg on the korean sandwiches. it's normal in korea right?

  • SimKat

    Best food kit episode!

  • Niki P
    Niki P

    You have restaurant kits‽ Genius idea. Crys in Kiwi. I wonder if they'll export this far. Also, for those of us watching in foreign parts, when you say the prices it would be great if you could also say what it would cost to eat it in the restaurant. That 2nd meal looked amazing, (nearly cried when l saw the crust on that steak) but, I'm not sure l'd bother unless it was significantly cheaper than eating in the restaurant.

  • Scott

    its £40 haha

  • Misshowzat

    I'd have to go with the first one. The chicken one looks interesting but it's filled with chillies and your chicken would end up a smelly mess without an airfryer

  • Margaret Cross
    Margaret Cross

    I was only familiar with Argan oil as a hair treatment, I had no idea it was edible!

  • CJ Matty
    CJ Matty

    You had me at Jersey cows. I pay more to drink milk from a local creamery called Twin Brooks that sells Jersey milk in glass bottles you get a discount for reusing. The fat and creaminess of it is best

  • Daragh Keogh
    Daragh Keogh

    British beef make the best steaks? I don't agree at all. Have you tried Irish beef? Widely regarded as the best beef on the planet