AFTERNOON TEA Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass it On S2 E24 | SORTEDfood
Get ready for an emotional WHIRLWIND as the guys take on another recipe relay challenge. What has Janice got up her sleeve this time? Watch to find out!

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  • Richard & Lynn Garst
    Richard & Lynn Garst

    I so love “Be back in 45 minutes, boys. Don’t let me down!”

  • Matt So
    Matt So

    I have an idea lol. Everyone gets decided on what position they are, but they are not told what the actual order is. Or, they all get given a different recipe idea secretly lol.

  • sharnnaharm

    Ideas for future themes: Mums fav meal/ Mother’s Day/ meal for mum Pick countries as a theme- Put them in a hat and draw them out BBQ with dad Ingredients with very low food miles (like all food on the plate within so many Km of the studio)

    • sharnnaharm

      Also date night 2 course dinner with no stove or oven. Need to use microwave, toaster and kettle only.

  • Dan O'Shea
    Dan O'Shea

    I'm sorry...!? "Stir with a table knife" !? Why don't you recommend crossing paths with a black cat, and break a mirror so you can cut the scones in half with one of the shards...?

  • Sasha A
    Sasha A

    Next Pass It On order: By age of first ROMANTIC kiss. In case of a tie, the alphabetic order of the kissee's first name. Pass It On challenge: Flavours of summer or Fall Harvest

  • Kate Cole
    Kate Cole


  • Clarissa Gafoor
    Clarissa Gafoor

    Actually watching Ben pull all that together was pretty #lush tbh!

  • Daph

    "15 minutes is a LITTLE bit better because It means that I can have 5 minutes of pure panic" ~Mike

  • Carolyn Murtaza
    Carolyn Murtaza

    I will be going for Afternoon Tea for my Birthday at the Dome in Edinburgh. It is a great tea with beautiful cakes.

  • Barbara Muckle
    Barbara Muckle

    Recipe challenge - Saturday night treat., no pizzas or burgers though (I do like them but they're too easy)

  • Vyselink

    15 minutes must feel, individually, like a LOAD of time for them now w/out James.

  • amp.forever

    "4 for us 1 one for janice" i was hoping for a janice reveal D:

  • AAxDD - Architecture & Design
    AAxDD - Architecture & Design

    I LOVE pass ir on, it's just clever and fun. I'd love to see a keto or low glucemic/insulin pass it on. Maybe a carb budget? I have insulin resistance and i think it would be great to show some dishes with that theme !

  • stownsin

    Please explain the difference between ‘afternoon tea’ and ‘high tea’ for our American cousins.

  • Jeff Gberg
    Jeff Gberg

    Recipe relay idea....Backyard Grilling/BBQ hors d’oeuvres, main course, and side salad or dish

  • Ahmed Qassem
    Ahmed Qassem

    Pass it on is the only reason I subscribed

  • Nitchanan S
    Nitchanan S

    Looks yummmmm

  • bloemundude

    As a Yankee who has only ever lived in the States, they may as well have been juggling unicorns, but it was amusing nonetheless.

  • Lady Crayon
    Lady Crayon

    Order suggestions: Everyone goes once except for Mike, that has to split his time in multiple parts and go between every single person, as well as first and last. Panickyboi needs to panic some more!

  • Shaun Fletcher
    Shaun Fletcher

    You should do a pass it on but instead of Ben , Mike , Jamie + Barry it should be the behind the scenes team 😉

  • pilchtastic

    Anyone else utterly shocked by the rectangular sandwiches? Triangles, Ebbers! 😵

  • Oon-Hui Ng
    Oon-Hui Ng

    Remember that time when Mike remembered the nozzle in the piping bag and we all went GROWTH!! Yet here we are again..... xp

  • Victoria-18-Smith

    I think you all should react to this one because they keep thinking the pastry is strawberry but it is raspberry

  • Benjamin Effinger
    Benjamin Effinger

    Just gonna leave a comment here for the algorithm lol

  • D Kelly
    D Kelly

    Janis needs a Twitter!!

  • Blue Crush
    Blue Crush

    next time you all do a relay make sure each person is responsible for 3 dishes, before next round

  • Ayla Nganeko
    Ayla Nganeko


  • D Kelly
    D Kelly

    AMERICAN BBQ pass it on would be amazing!

  • D Kelly
    D Kelly

    I want a lovers battle ie - first dish they each made their significant other!

  • L. Colvin
    L. Colvin

    You guys did smashingly!!

  • asamvav

    This is indeed impressive. 👍

  • BunNGunLee

    Anybody else notice that the tighter the brief is, the better they tend to do? Because they pulled out surprising wins with Croquembouche, Fresh Pasta, and Afternoon Tea, which I'd have assumed would be way too strict on time to be possible. Think it may be that the less they have to guess or be fully creative with, the better they do. When your first position lad just has to get something going like scones or profiteroles, it means everybody coming after kinda knows what's happening. Either way, banging job , cannot wait to see more!

  • Kelly

    Jamie: **is surrounded by cups** Also Jamie at 3:04: “ok I’ll put the milk in my hand and then on the scones.”

  • vero37lily

    Ebbers gets a 10 from me!!! He was a machine

  • henayhopeshredder

    I would LOVE to see you guys make a Timpano for a Pass it On. But everyone has to contribute a full layer of the dish.

  • Selly Sagita Suseno
    Selly Sagita Suseno

    Ben deserves 10000000 out of 10.. He:s incredible!


    Omg LOVE THE TEAPOT!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • TheEmmaG8

    Can the guys try to redeem themselves from a past episode in which they failed?? or maybe an episode of it’s pass it on normals edition where ebbers can’t save them but he gets to judge them 😂

  • Thommo

    Pass It On Theme Idea: Make them cook a specific dish based solely off the description of it in the "Le Repertoire de La Cuisine" book from 1914. Only the person going first gets the brief and has to try and communicate it down the line.

  • Agnes Gröndahl
    Agnes Gröndahl

    Kladdkaka is really good cold and chewy the day after, but you absolutely can serve it hot, almost runny, with whipped cream or ice cream!

  • blake keating
    blake keating

    I agree with a pass. Great job, men.

  • Jeffrey Wilson
    Jeffrey Wilson

    Where's? THE DISH?? I miss him already :(

  • Dissplacer

    Hell Ya! One of the BEST Yet!

  • Therese Elf
    Therese Elf

    A classic swedish kladdkaka takes about 5 minutes to mix together. 13 minutes in the oven and then straight to cooling. Should be possible. Should be a bit runny in the middle. 😍 Kladdkaka is the go to and backup treat for the weekend, bring fika to work, a children party or an unplanned visit . Add some extra cocoa and chilipowder for a more adult taste. Or "fancy it up" by adding a truffle with whiskey or mint on top.

  • wonpiliriririri

    seeing james in the intro makes me miss him alot

  • Logan

    Ben! I'm afraid we swedes talked and we have to remove your "kladdkaka badge". Kladdkaka does not have to set for several hours, that turns it into a brownie.

    • zZSkyNinjaZz

      The one they did does I remember that episode

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder

    Well done. We've been to a few formal (and quite pricey) afternoon teas and I would have liked some of those sandwiches over what they served. For the time allotted, this looks like a winner to me.

  • Evann Marie Laird
    Evann Marie Laird

    Pass it On is my happy place. My suggestion for an order is to let the boys choose their own order, only to then have it reversed.

  • Bill Bliss
    Bill Bliss

    I often don't like the "pass it on" videos, but I liked this one. Everybody seem to be showing what they could do, without trying to mess anybody up, or being completely silly. You all are really good cooks, and I like seeing that. Thanks!

  • Anton Ego
    Anton Ego

    I’d be so chaffed with myself if I made that in less than 3 hours and the boys did in 60 mins 👏 👏 👏

  • Spencer Crofts
    Spencer Crofts

    This should have a different special guest everytime to make the 5th person

  • Navy Bubbles
    Navy Bubbles

    Vegan pass it on pls

  • Johanna Bedoire
    Johanna Bedoire

    I'm so confused.. what recipe of Kladdkaka have they've seen that tells them it has to rest for HOURS? It takes an hour Max from the first ingredient added until it's perfect to eat so I'm seriously confused what they're talking about. Now I wanna see an episode of them making one.. maybe it'll be as "wrong" as the swedish Princess cake episode 😅

  • Sokan

    So they react like that cause they are British? xD


    Next order: take the average of all the scores each person has given themselves, then rank from highest to lowest

  • Patric Ericsson
    Patric Ericsson

    Make breakfast pass it on. But make the blood pudding and sausage by hand. That means loads of more prep. But if they are given the mission and then the order and it has to be done in 24 hours and they do 10 min passes wile making the sausage and pudding. Then they make the bread and last they cook and plate.

  • Alleosus Squirt
    Alleosus Squirt

    I got anxious when I see the tray shaking at the end.

  • Leo Smith
    Leo Smith

    Nice of Ebbers to bring his teaset from home

  • Melody1200

    Me a Scandinavian person not understanding Jamie when he says kladdkake. Haha You never expect to hear it

  • Shannon Young
    Shannon Young

    Ebbers’ “we’ll talk about it at the table” is like when a teacher writes “see me” on your homework

  • Faffnr Bludbroder
    Faffnr Bludbroder

    as i swed i was so happy to here him say "kladdkaka"

  • zaubergarden

    need a new intro w/ james

  • MrTargenor

    wait... what... nooo.... Realy?!?!? Jamie clearing down?!?!?!

  • Charlotte Harbaugh
    Charlotte Harbaugh

    Ebbers made 3 DIFFERENT sandwhiches, tea and plated everything in 15 minutes! Now thats a 10 in my book.

  • princessrose17

    i would love to be part of your videos. let me know if you ever visit near Vancouver British Columbia Canada. i live in Coquitlam (about 30-45 min away) and would love to host you guys.

  • Black Boy Lost
    Black Boy Lost

    Who'da thunk it, James was holding them back hahahaImissJameshahaha

  • Teresa Graser
    Teresa Graser

    Yes, I yelled "Where's the dish?" At the proper time of the intro.

  • Klara Marntell
    Klara Marntell

    chaos: Jamie making scones by hand pure chaos: as in without any utensils

  • Kat

    Omg they should try Mexican food next, especially buñuelos because those are hard to make right.

  • Dan Jelly
    Dan Jelly

    Idea: Give everyone 10 minutes plus some unknown amount of bonus time (totaling 60 minutes).

  • Zubiila

    "That needs to set for a few hours"?? Swede here, and Kladdkaka does not have to set for a few hours! 😂 It just need to cool down a bit like any cake freshly out the oven. It's supposed to be gooey. Kladdkaka is basically one of those desserts that you can whip together in 30 minutes. My sister and I would often do it in the evenings, just because we felt like quickly making some chocolatey cake. Idk what kladdkaka recipe you have where it has to set for hours, it sounds like a very fancy Kladdkaka! 😅 Probably delicious though. 😉😋

  • Embry1542

    Pass it on but it's just James and no one knows

  • Nate Wright
    Nate Wright

    Not sure about how you'd work this out.. but maybe order yourselves manliest to least manly in the next one👀

  • A Corpse
    A Corpse

    4 minutes into this, and I heard Kladdkaka, I like this. Sweden represent

    • A Corpse
      A Corpse

      It was abandoned. I feel a little disappointed

  • ishac93

    Bake a cake! starting or ending with Ebbers. It'll be hilarious to see a cake being built from one normal to the next

  • Thomas Spratling
    Thomas Spratling

    Should do a pass it on based on James in his honour.

  • Dark Espresso
    Dark Espresso

    "the shaky little sausage" I spat tea everywhere I was laughing so hard 😂

  • Hex Rag
    Hex Rag

    Ben "i only did the sandwiches" ...... understatement of the century he was a humming bird

  • Hex Rag
    Hex Rag

    what this series really needs now is a team vs team. Bring in a team to fight you vs them pass it on (extra points if it includes proper chefs)

  • Water Under The Bridge
    Water Under The Bridge

    They should make the boys score themselves beforehand, based on the topic and then cook in that order

  • Kary Raetsen
    Kary Raetsen

    Boys, James would be proud. Well done!

  • Ronald MacKinnon
    Ronald MacKinnon

    Here's a relay idea - you guys often talk about innovations in minimizing food waste. But often in recipe relay challenges we see things started that get pushed aside in favour or something else (Swedish brownie anyone?). What about some sort of relay where one of the stipulations was that one had to use as much of an item as possible (like boiling apple peels to make a caramel for an apple pie, orange peels made into orange extract, roasted potato peels, etc) and scores could be penalized by potential foods being left for waste? Actually that could make for a good badge instead of a relay. Demonstrating a knowledge of how to utilize as much of a food or foods as possible to minimize waste.

  • Grace Lewandowski
    Grace Lewandowski

    Each person chooses 1 thing from the table that HAS to go into the dish and puts it under a cover so the rest don't know what they chose. THEN tell them the theme! Dessert? Did Ben choose prawns? Oh well, has to go in! The four items can be relieved after the theme for a group panic before separating to cook.

  • Mckiltson VII
    Mckiltson VII

    For the order, they should play rock paper scissors.

  • Rillka

    I'm torn between admiring Jamie's blind confidence that actually delivered solid results and slightly gagging at the fact that he seemed to forget that kitchen utensils exist 😅

  • Bianca van der Walt
    Bianca van der Walt

    Idea... Mad hatters party, all the savoury looking things should be sweet and the sweet looking things should be savoury

  • Christina Stracquodaine
    Christina Stracquodaine

    I'm so glad they kept James in the intro!!! I was worried they'd cut him out. Also love this. It makes me want to make Sunday tea

  • Marina Swanson
    Marina Swanson

    Ummmm wait a sec hit us with that boiled egg hack!!!!!! That is mind blowing!!!!

  • Chandra Chauhan
    Chandra Chauhan

    Does Janice miss her "Love Rat"? Lol

  • samspotz8r8s

    Ben really is amazing

  • pilot

    With the coming of summer, I'd enjoy a challenge w/ the theme of a dish that encapsulates summer. (using ingredients in season or just makes dishes that remind you of summers by the pool/lake or really any summer activity the guys might've frequented) Order should be according to badge count at the time (Ben counts as having all the badges being a chef) before knowing what will dictate the order, they can decide if low number goes first or last

  • Kristen Elliott
    Kristen Elliott


  • Göran Persson
    Göran Persson

    After working in a kitchen I've come to realize that we're no different from the "normals" except for that where they have limited experience a professional should/have tons of experience that saves the day because instincts kick in whenever something isn't going they great

    • Göran Persson
      Göran Persson

      Also,you could just call it sticky cake(literal translation) or just half cooked brownie cake

  • Heyo Zup
    Heyo Zup

    Now I want to make sandwiches just like ben..

  • deprofundis

    Another #PASSITON #PIO idea...what about Créole or Cajun - or even just American southern food? Order is the length of one's left big toe. 😂

  • deprofundis

    #Passiton #pio idea - how about a Spanish-inspired tapas spread of various foods, but no recipes allowed (but can do a basic Google search)? I'd love to see the headlines in Spain afterwards, haha.

  • deprofundis

    Great job, guys! But I think you need to level it up - it's gotten too easy, with too many passes lately. How about NO RECIPES allowed!!! 😈😅❤️

  • Rin Hitei
    Rin Hitei

    Theme suggestion: curry night. Two or three types with sides.

  • Bob Rogers
    Bob Rogers

    Is afternoon tea a thing people actively do?

  • TheMagicKnightress

    I made your sticky toffee pudding from 9 years ago the other day and your butterscotch recipe is rubbish. A “knob” of butter isn’t a real measurement and you didn’t say what temp to cook the sugar so I crystallized the first batch. Ended up good though. I also blended the dates because my family doesn’t like chunks

25 t.
25 t.