MERINGUE Recipe Relay Challenge (Normals only!!) | Pass It On S2 E21 | SORTEDfood
ROLL UP for another recipe relay challenge where our normals are asked to create a dish centered around a MERINGUE of their choice. But, this time, under the watchful eye of our Chef, James. Will they do him proud? Watch to find out!

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  • SORTEDfood

    Come on then you Janice-lovers... Pass or Fail?! Rank us each from 'Best' to 'Barry'!!

    • Chenoa Holdstock
      Chenoa Holdstock

      Pass, but I actually really liked Barry's idea.

    • jan may
      jan may

      These comments must drive the boys nuts. In past comment sections people go on and on about loving the older battles better with all the silly sabotaging. In present comments people are upset that Barry changed up the recipe because he wasn't confident making a curd. They can't win. Guys, you make extremely entertaining videos with sabotaging and without. With costumes and without. I hope you boys have fun making them! I enjoy watching every single one! Thank you for helping me make it through this past year! I rush to watch every single video you put out.

    • Sarah Chambers
      Sarah Chambers

      Jamie and Mike did such a good job, 100% earnt their badge. Barry however had me fuming with the switch up and he did not do anything with the meringue to earn that badge.

    • Yaria Samavan Carlan
      Yaria Samavan Carlan

      Jamie 🥇 + 🎖️ Mike 🥈+🎖️ Barry 🥉+ ❌ I get James is always trying to be nice, but it diminishes the work the others put in when someone gets awarded a badge they clearly do not deserve. It's like giving a participation medal to the kid that refused to take the science fair seriously.

    • Mika Zaki
      Mika Zaki

      Idea for the next book, a book filled with all those badges and the requirement (and maybe recipes too) on how to get it so us normies can try.

  • Dan Gonya
    Dan Gonya

    Is James wearing a wig?😂

  • Appladay

    Can you guys do a savory seasoned unsweet meringue.

  • Rambo Shamone
    Rambo Shamone

    How fucking great would it be to have Gordon Ramsey come in for a pass it on and just watch their pure chaos.

  • Tiffany

    I think I'd give Jamie an 8, Mike a 7, and Barry failer a 2. All the man did is take two ideas already set up and scrap them and go with a bad idea instead that didn't show any skill and couldn't even come close to setting up properly. It was definitely a cloud egg moment. Essentially what has happened here is in 10 minutes Jamie made a meringue. In the remaining 50 minutes they put some premade icecream on a plate. Just kind of sad, really... I'd give Jamie a badge, maybe Mike one - for a meringue badge it's hard to say though he did know to leave it going and piped it pretty well, and knew what to do with it. Barry would absolutely not get a badge. He essentially didn't contribute to the meringue aside from stopping it, then sabotaged the whole thing by not knowing what to do with it.

  • Святозар Пупкин
    Святозар Пупкин

    The repulsive wash generally support because caterpillar expectably part across a impartial pheasant. ripe, old bonsai

  • Chubba Hubba
    Chubba Hubba

    every time everyone's on general same page, than barry comes in.....

  • rosen583

    Jamie, Mike, Barry. Barry did nothing. Well, not true. He did pull out the icecream from the freezer.

  • Beth Miller
    Beth Miller

    Barry was not a team player this time around.....James being nice and supportive was a wonderful change, seeing him relaxed was fun!

  • my name
    my name

    barry didnt deserve the badge

  • my name
    my name

    everyones on the same page and barry knows it and yet he still chooses to ake his own thing... thats incredibly anoying . barry allways messes up the whole teamwork thing

  • Adam Fergie
    Adam Fergie

    Barry being all positive pretending he didn’t throw everything off the rails 😂

    • Adam Fergie
      Adam Fergie

      He also did not deserve that badge 😋

  • BigMarcello100

    Do that again but just bully Jamie and make him go 6 times

  • Ben Stephen
    Ben Stephen

    A Pass it On live episode special would be so cool

  • Iglika Gencheva
    Iglika Gencheva

    Love the pass it on intro

  • Charlie Criscola
    Charlie Criscola

    Damn!!! James was hard on them and it was hilarious! hahahaha

  • Ashleigh Cooper
    Ashleigh Cooper

    Ben would not have given Barry a badge 😂

  • Hydralisk

    Giving Barry a badge seems like not wanting to hurt his feelings if I’m honest.

  • truec

    Is there enough room to have both chefs sit at the TV and riff while the normals cook?

  • Richard Cooper
    Richard Cooper

    No James nobody would judge you for failing it on dirting the fridge made me cringe when he did it.

  • Morrigan Carroll
    Morrigan Carroll

    I feel like you were way too generous with Barry, and really, he didn't deserve a merengue badge for doing... well... nothing lol

  • babybalrog

    It's BACK!

  • TehWhiteTiger

    Sorry Barry but you did not deserve the badge this time.

  • Ross Anderson
    Ross Anderson

    Baz getting the meringue badge is the biggest sorted scandal since Burritogate! He didn’t touch the meringue once and made nothing! Must be the favourite child 🤪

  • Big Sausage
    Big Sausage

    I a dude sat here watching a dude watch a dude on a screen that's in the same room, if that's not called creativity I don't know what is, people do come up with some strange ideas 😆

  • Ben

    Everything was going well till Barry came in...

  • Ted Bartley
    Ted Bartley

    Mike has been killing it lately

  • Leah Stephens
    Leah Stephens

    Next badge should be curd! 😂

  • stecky87

    Barry didn't deserve the badge here . . .

  • Lawrie Smith
    Lawrie Smith

    James is AWESOME and soooooo much fun as the judge!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAY

  • mhn7700

    when Barry was explaining himself at the end I heard curd as turd and actually had to double back after I finished laughing to hear what he really said

  • Luna Maarouf
    Luna Maarouf

    I mean it’s absolutely beautiful even though I was cringing at the process more than I would cringe at straight tiktok

  • hubris gubber
    hubris gubber

    5:28 That "Crispy, Crusty Base" would be a perfect sample

  • ToxicRose99

    So clearly Pass It On needs a flash freezer!

  • Charms

    I think James is starting to get soft.

  • Jocelyn Richmond
    Jocelyn Richmond

    So glad James got rid of the Covid-19 hair in the future vids. So much handsomer with the shorter cut.

  • ThornOfSociety

    I feel Barry always has to overcomplicate things in the simplest/quickest way

  • Roxanne Marius
    Roxanne Marius

    Me : trying to think of a quick filling idea Jamie and Mike : Lime and Ginger good Me : Ohhh strawberries?!? Slice them, add sugar, little bit of cornstarch, and some ginger and lime juice. Maybe add some lime zest to the meringue as well before lightly torching it? Made myself freaking want this and I've never made a meringue before.

  • Andrea Sammut
    Andrea Sammut

    Honestly Barry is so creative but sometimes he gets in trouble for it 😂

  • Rohan

    1:14 “I don’t think I can be blamed for what’s about to happen” Cues Jamie’s intro 🤣classic classic🤣

  • K BG
    K BG

    So Barry didn’t screw it up by attempting something he can’t do, the end result looks delicious, it might not have been what the others expected but it looks good!

  • Darrell Gardner
    Darrell Gardner

    "i'll put butter in here so Barry knows he has to rub it, James whos next?" Well.. clearly he already knows its Barry

  • lern2swim

    What exactly did Barry get a meringue badge for??? Turning off the mixer? Lol

  • Ben Lime
    Ben Lime

    MIKE'S FACE! When he realised Barry had been twice already and he had to finish it!

  • Hope Alexia Yiasoumi
    Hope Alexia Yiasoumi

    11:06 that’s what she said

  • Stanford Griffith
    Stanford Griffith

    Those uncovered ice cream containers in the fridge .... WHAT?!?

  • Katherine Weaver
    Katherine Weaver

    They failed

  • Skreamie

    I have never seen James natural hairstyle before and it's so gorgeous, he should grow it long!

  • Marly D
    Marly D

    Mike did a "Where's the dish 2.0"

  • mistermoose1988

    So when do we hold down James and attack that mop with a lawn mower? I'm free all week.

  • Julio Leva
    Julio Leva

    they should all stop being so mean to Barry James dial down the bitchiness

  • Brandon Codrington
    Brandon Codrington

    I wouldn't have given Barry the badge. Jamie did the meringue and was very knowledgeable. Mike just let the meringue run but was knowledge and accomplished a lot in his first 10 minutes. Barry just turned off the meringue and in 20 minutes put pre-made ice cream into a mold and put pistachios and salt into crumb that was already made.

  • CL Hong
    CL Hong

    6:57 no one ever defrost the fridge?

  • akari_kuragi

    Sorry Barry all you did was turn off the whisker for the meringue... I don't really think that deserves a meringue badge. :C For someone who is usually so full of confidence and risk taking you played it so safe. : ( Mike at the end was hilarious though, that deer in the head lights look when he realized he was going last lol

  • Christian Storms
    Christian Storms

    Barry pulled an Ebbers

  • tokagerkun

    I know I am anti barry in this competition(and only in this competition), but I am gonna call that a pity badge.


    How about a pass it on where they each have to use 1 certain ingredient but they don't know each others ingredients

  • Sophie Joseph
    Sophie Joseph

    If you’re not saying “Oh dear, Oh dear,” along with Janice at the end of the intro, what are you doing?

  • Patrick Olsen
    Patrick Olsen

    Does ben know how to cook anything other than asian?

  • Houston Hilburn
    Houston Hilburn

    I dont think Barry should've gotten the badge there since he only really took the meringue off the mixer and warmed some ice cream

  • Abbey Murphy
    Abbey Murphy

    I mean, thinking back to like a couple years ago when the boys couldn't execute a meringue properly if all three of them had a full hour each I think this shows a massive gain in skills and knowledge over time

  • Marilee Ingalls
    Marilee Ingalls

    James, you're adorable.....but please get a hair cut!

  • dnlkr

    Barry did not deserve a badge :p he just turned the switch off~

  • Joseph An
    Joseph An

    Can we get an episode where the first person goes to another room and reacts to the rest of the guys as they go?

  • James O'Dwyer
    James O'Dwyer

    I swear this series is almost as sadistic as the poker face challenge

  • Aerosmaster

    for order, you should have it so that their order is how they line themselves up when they are finding out the theme and order, and watch the chaos that unfolds, bonus if you do it again in the opposite direction 1 or 2 episodes after you do this

  • Tim Scharf
    Tim Scharf

    Barry did a little better than he’s getting credit for. He was left to make the decision by being put in the middle and he made it. Leaving out some fruit and just assuming someone else is going to make a filling is why it didn’t happen. If Mike, or Jamie even, had done any work in starting a filling, it would be different, but they didn’t. Not so much as the squeezing of a lime or the cutting of some fruit. So Barry did Barry things and went with the most impressive looking meringue dessert he could think of. He made it possible at all and of course he used the pre-made ice cream. It definitely wouldn’t have worked even as well as it did if he made his own in that time. That said; Jamie 5, made a meringue and put it into a piping bag in 20 mins. Barry 4, came up with the idea, finished Mike’s crust and filled some molds in 20 mins. Mike 6, started a graham cracker crust and piped some meringue (beautifully) in 20 minutes. None of them really did much. Great fun to watch though.

  • Tober Tobias
    Tober Tobias

    How the heck did Barry get a badge ? All he did was take ice cream out of a freezer.

  • Bella Ayala
    Bella Ayala

    Love to see a lot of James' commentary

  • Liv Black
    Liv Black

    This was painful to watch 😆

  • thatsortofguy

    3 course meal recipe relay!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob Bulmahn
    Rob Bulmahn

    There goes Barry again, fucking it all up. Clearly knows what the other guys are trying to do, and completely fucking ignores it to do something completely different that known one else knows what to do with. Pass It On is by far my least favorite series for how chaotic it is.

  • theblackantonio

    There's really no being nice sometimes. Barry sunk the challenge - and Mike pulled it back from the brink. In the middle of a Pass It On, you don't just up and pull the dish in a completely different direction from what it's been heading towards.

  • Makron5

    Does Barry really deserve a badge? he just pulled ice cream out of a fridge and hijacked the recipe

  • Ryan

    Does anyone know the song that plays from around 18 minutes onwards?

  • MattyD95DX

    "Where's the dish?" - Mike stealing James' line 😂

  • khaxjc1

    16:05 I love how the boys react to James calling Barry out on not making anything.

  • Nicholas Mills
    Nicholas Mills

    Barry looked so offended when James gave him a 6. Like honestly, he took ice cream out of the freezer and put it in a different dish and then put it back in the freezer. A 6 is being kind for that.

  • khaxjc1

    Could we get a Janice reacts video with Janice watching clips of past videos and providing commentary while she does? Creating a compilation video with a twist. Cause we all deserve more Janice in our lives.

  • Jan Pütz
    Jan Pütz

    As much of a mess he made, Barry really hit the nail on the head with the flour hints. That's quite the smart idea.

  • Harleigh Beane
    Harleigh Beane

    i would LOVE to see an unedited video HAHAHA maybe a vid that’s as us edited as possible 🥲✌🏼 pls

  • gibu002

    NO WAY Barry gets a badge for this one!!

  • KampKarl

    Barry did not deserve a badge and i hate him for not making a tart

  • katherine7444

    Barry getting the badge for that is ridiculous. Makes James look bad for giving it to him

  • Nathalie J
    Nathalie J

    Jamie, Mike, then far away down the line as possible. (Sorry Barry!!)

  • Wendigo

    That banana split is the greatest thing ever.

  • Julia V
    Julia V

    Why ON EARTH does Barry get a meringue badge just for turning off the stand mixer??

  • lumos

    Mike saved this, well done! 😂

  • Tillj

    Defrost your freezer!

  • RipheartStudios

    Barry's ego just.... It's so..... Big

  • Lulu 1266
    Lulu 1266

    "You made meringue and cut a banana in half!" I am still giggling now! Looked very nice though so well done Mike on the piping and blowtorch and the base. Barry note to self, make something. That's what these chefie types like. I can assemble food as I make 100s of Full English breakfasts... but I don't make any of it. I just cook and plate it. I'm not a chef but I do have the hat!

  • Samara Carter
    Samara Carter

    I think we'd really enjoy an afternoon tea PIO. At least one sandwich, one scone, and something sweet. And tea, of course. Flavors must compliment one another is the end goal.

  • peter clausen
    peter clausen

    I would have chopped the banana and corperated it in...somewhere - kiwi and banana is NOT a bad combination.

  • Honyuu

    James hair is glorious!

  • Elyanley

    The boys really come across as incredible knowledgeable and well versed in the recent pass it ons. Its astounding and beautiful and scary how competent they are.. ..but they still can't work together on one idea to save any dish cx Its glorious :)

  • niklas svensson
    niklas svensson

    That fridge really needs a defrost!

  • Jess Korte
    Jess Korte

    Mike should get a piping badge.

  • Libbymiss

    Apart from turning the mixer off.. Barry didn't do anything to get the meringue badge. Considering it was already made he could get a pass, but there was probably something more he could've done.

  • TheTobes99

    Barry shouldn't have got a badge. He did nothing for the Meringue.

  • Viper836

    I don't really understand how Barry got a badge, the only thing he has done is to stop a whisker...