POKER FACE "International Hot Sauce" FOOD CHALLENGE | SORTEDfood
Thanks to all of your spicy suggestions, we have another incredible lineup of POKER FACE ingredients that’ll trigger all kinds of bodily functions… So who’ll manage to keep a tight lip and steely gaze and who’ll crumble into a hot mess? Watch to find out!

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Abc Sambal Extra Pedas:
Nali Hot Sauce:
Akabanga Extra Hot Chilli Oil:
Samyang Buldak Extremely Spicy Hot Chicken Flavour Sauce:
The Last Dab XXX:

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  • Megs 1205
    Megs 1205

    You clearly need a 3rd party to award points ….

  • Joseph Schiavo
    Joseph Schiavo

    come on guys....bring back the electric shock collar!!!!

  • Sam Stickler
    Sam Stickler

    It rather annoys me that ben got away with removing some of the sauce from his dishes

  • Raul Ortiz
    Raul Ortiz

    I think Jaime should have gotten more points than any of the guys. I feel u Jaime, it's unfair. Also he eat's it all while the others don't and still get points.

  • Marcel Kreijne
    Marcel Kreijne

    "ABC sambal extra pedas" is knowm as baby spicy in my indonesian family. It is basically used as ketchup

  • potocatepetl

    Bitter and sour. I am more for bitter, but both will do.

  • Philip Campbell
    Philip Campbell

    I have watched so many of Sorted's videos, and nothing has made me consistently laugh so much as Ben's 'HALF A BOTTLE!'.. APart from Jamie hitting James in the balls in the chef vs chef challenge... Sorry James!

  • Barefoot

    Jamie, about Mike: "I've tickled the back of his tonsils before!" Ummm... Jamie? Something you'd like to tell us? Some confession you'd like to have _come out?_ **cackles** Of course, now my mind is legit going there...

  • TheBlindNeo

    I KNEW what was up the second I saw The Last Dab in that lineup.

  • Pera Perić
    Pera Perić

    Next poker face petai beans, durian,natto, hakarl,balut... maybe some shots of strong alcohol or weird halloween cocktails

  • Amarver Minhas
    Amarver Minhas

    Why do you always hate on Jamie, seriously man 90% of us can see Jamie should win more rounds then he does. How can u give ben a point when Jamie was not sweating nothing. Ben red faced sweating can't hide nothing and he wins the round. Love this poker face but sort out giving points properly ffs.

  • Scott Montroy
    Scott Montroy

    The 3 minutes should begin counting down only when they have completed eating the dish. Jamie definitely should have won the 1st 2 points. I vote stinky, pungent, strong cheeses for the next poker face challenge.

  • Navy Bubbles
    Navy Bubbles

    Poker face with Mexican candies I want to see them react to Tamarindo (tamarind)

  • Justin Bollaert
    Justin Bollaert

    I vote sour next time

  • Imperfect Purity
    Imperfect Purity

    I gave the like and this comment for the logarithm, but please don't do it again. I hope you guys are all right.

  • Allyson Wonderland
    Allyson Wonderland

    Ben's "HALF A BOTTLE???" Is the funniest thing to me 🤣

  • RMCRMC2011

    You should have tried the Portuguese hot sauce "paladin sacana"... Two drops in a big pan and it's already too spicy.

  • emma nield
    emma nield

    Mike is legit the funniest guy xxx

  • emma nield
    emma nield

    I absolutely love these guys xxxxx

  • Julian Schorr
    Julian Schorr

    Bravo gentleman. You should all put your leg up like captain Morgan

  • Wolfrunner_22

    try savory

  • Jason Stockett
    Jason Stockett

    Exotic, daring foods from around the world. Things like the following... Birds Nest Soup-China. Fried Tarantulas-Cambodia. Balut-Phillipines. Sannakji-Korea. Kopi Luwak-Indonesia. Snake Wine-Vietnam. Haggis-Scotland. Stuffed Camel-Dubai.

  • Mike Stavola
    Mike Stavola

    "fire noodle challenge" I always have the 2x in my pantry. It's a tasty snack. I use Last Dab XXX in my pork and rice bowls. Usually a half tablespoon in a cup of rice.

  • AlurlFails

    Round 1: Mike Round 2: Mike again, Ben was duck kicking to the point you could see his chef's jacket swinging about. Round 3: Mike Round 4: Jamie only because Ben was duck kicking absurdly again Realistically, I think Mike should have flat won this outright. As much as I know that they don't get to focus on the scene as much in the moment as we do in the video, having watched this a few times, I just keep seeing Ben flail around under the table.

  • Andy Lord
    Andy Lord

    I think this would be more fun if they did interviews the next morning.

  • Scott Byrne
    Scott Byrne

    Never really seen alot of these videos but this one made me laugh like f gosh congrats on this one

  • Chrissy Whitehead
    Chrissy Whitehead

    I think sourest foods next

  • Max Ong
    Max Ong

    How about Insects for the next theme? Grasshopper, Scorpion, Mealworms, Hachinoko (Bee Lavare)

  • Stevie Creft
    Stevie Creft

    I vote sour!

  • mbenny69

    Jamie was robbed with round 2

  • Daddy Nitro
    Daddy Nitro

    The spicy ramen seasoning wasn’t pleasant when I had it. It was definitely spicy, but I felt there was a strong artificial chicken flavor that I didn’t care for.

  • Pera Perić
    Pera Perić

    Next poker face: 1.Bitter food; 2.nasty milkshakes; 3.something with slimy texture or mix rounds (rnd1 sour,rnd2 bitter rnd3 sour ..........)

    • Maza 13
      Maza 13

      Shakes would be interesting

  • Enter4none

    Jamie: "I've ticked the back of his throat too" ~ dayum, well, what's a little experimentation every now and then? lololol.

  • Zachey Mczachface
    Zachey Mczachface

    Since visibly enjoying something is also not being poker faced maybe as a break you guys could do really delicious delectable food. Imagine trying to stone faced say something that was blow your socks off delicious was...fine. It might even be harder since people normally don't hide positive reactions like smiling very often.

  • gregory carter
    gregory carter

    oh boys, I feel your pain... it's the pain of being alone completely alone with your pain... you have my deepest sympathies. Awesome Barry... taking one for the team.

  • Kri sta
    Kri sta

    "Oh you little Ebbers" needs to go on sorted merch!!

  • blah007001

    Do smelly food next.

  • Rania Dawood
    Rania Dawood

    Next poker face challenge: Extremely sweet,sour,textures.

  • OmgDisfunny

    do some real superhots next time, not this weak media bait meme sauces

  • Hari Krishnan Nu
    Hari Krishnan Nu

    insect food

  • Tayler Buckley
    Tayler Buckley

    But what was the mantra that Mike kept repeating in his head? 😂😂

  • SergeantApple

    You could try to do stuff that is Too Sweet? Or ingredients that are very salty. Or a favorite foods challenge where you have to pretend to not like it, or not eat more than one bite.

  • Benjamin Cleveland
    Benjamin Cleveland

    Do a super sweet poker face. They lose if you can tell they like it.

  • Ir Kurniawan
    Ir Kurniawan

    I'm here only to see the suffer of our HOSTS 🤭🤣

  • Ramo Mehmedovic
    Ramo Mehmedovic

    21:50 you know this is only time I actually liked a video because someone asked to leave a like.

  • sam brandon
    sam brandon

    sour stuff

  • Marko

    Rip old intro 😢😢😢😢

  • redstranger07

    You should do really smelly cheeses!

  • winfr34k

    Contrary to the opinion in the start of the video, I liked the dancing and the distractions :P

  • Phinetic

    Budak if you talk it gets worse.

  • sharz6

    Yess come to indonesiaaa

  • truec

    Next one: Super-strong cheeses and yogurts

  • John Suffill
    John Suffill

    They have got to be suvverners, any Yorkshireman (or woman) would have beaten them hands-down. Good vid though, enjoyed and thumb-upped :)

  • morbode

    judging is bullshit

  • Kayden Williams
    Kayden Williams

    Samyang 4x is spicey but not to bad the fact they taste really nice is helpful.

  • Jeremy Heck
    Jeremy Heck

    I am so glad he won

  • Savvy Oga
    Savvy Oga

    It's funny seeing Barry mock the boys but when he gets to the pedestal all he got was "It's really fruity like mustard-y" and you know after that, all hell's gonna break loose.

  • Cameron Bowen
    Cameron Bowen

    Abc hot sauce ain't even hot .

  • Gift M.
    Gift M.

    As a Malawian, hearing Barry say “abale samalani” made my night 😂

  • trdi

    The way Barry was scoring wins in this one he would have probably given himself a win for his own attempt. There had to be some kind of an internal deal happening before the start.

  • Kishore Shenoy
    Kishore Shenoy

    Do a sour challenge. Try the umeboshi plum

  • stefanie smith
    stefanie smith

    Post eating spicy food the aftermath doesn't sound fun

  • Samantha Hartley
    Samantha Hartley

    da Bomb is worse then the final dab dooo it

  • Nanny Leg Day
    Nanny Leg Day

    I feel like Barry felt increasingly bad for his friends and was like, "Nah, I've got this one, boys. I can't see you suffer anymore."

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    I love how Barry is screaming for ice and Ben is in there with 'CREME EN GLAZE'!!!!

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    Ben eating hot sauce looks like me after walking to work...

  • Zack Bonesteel
    Zack Bonesteel

    This should be good. These guys are such delicate little panzies there has to be some good reactions.

  • Shawn Richman
    Shawn Richman

    Mad dog 357 plutonium… 9 million scoville units. Do it. I dare you.

  • Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
    Mäýüŕá Vïřůš

    There is LITERALLY hot chilli sauce printed on the BOTTLE BARRY

  • GentlemanWiz

    Clearly you guys need to eat cheese

  • MsReina93

    Sour??? Do sour this time!

  • Sarang Sheth
    Sarang Sheth

    You guys need to try India’s Bhut Jolokia Sauce! There’s a brand called SPRIG that makes it.

  • T.L.M.

    I wonder if they could do a Poker Face Challenge that has items that are the specific “hated” thing by each guy. Like cheesey stuff for Mike, super spice for Barry, etc.

  • WolfStark

    I used to eat the Samyang noodles for breakfast

  • Stormskythe

    Having watched literally all of your content since it first came out, this is one of my favourites of all time

  • Matthew Basler
    Matthew Basler

    OMG, you guys are crazy!!

  • Jay

    Can ya do a mystery hot spice challenge poker face, where different dishes have various really hot peppers or sauces, and the guys have to figure out which has which that’s not revealed until the end. Each correctly identified at the end is a point and each successful pokerface winner for each round gets a point. Then if there’s a tie, they have to go into a tie round where all the sauces get mixed together and coated onto pasta as a sauce to see who can finish it first.

  • David Bennett
    David Bennett

    Guys. You missed out on the 12 mil scoville called “Regret” from Wiltshire farm in the UK

  • Nina Mellor
    Nina Mellor

    Next has to be sour - umeboshi, extreme war heads, etc

  • Smu Ridley
    Smu Ridley

    Do sour things.

  • The Hui
    The Hui

    I’m not sure if Barry was being nice or just Barry (stupid) 😂😂. Great entertainment to watch. 👍🏼

  • Derek Seekins
    Derek Seekins

    Sour poker face

  • Elisabeth Conrad
    Elisabeth Conrad

    To be honest I don’t think Ben should have won cause he ate an ice cube in between and that is a tap out for me 😐

  • ahjgbhlahgaohgl

    That was hot

  • Sam Hughes
    Sam Hughes

    A mega sour challenge could be fun?

  • Cake Qween
    Cake Qween

    Ben- Talks random crap for a few minutes Jamie- Does pretty ok, but watches a sad movie from time to time Mike- Overwhelming positivity!

  • Shawna

    Jamie got robbed. Honestly felt bad for him at the end.

  • Shelby Gonsoulin
    Shelby Gonsoulin

    The fact that Jamie didn’t win this blows my mind.

  • James Claxon
    James Claxon

    Also why not a sour or pucker challenge ?

  • James Claxon
    James Claxon

    Barry is a true bro. Haven't seen him eat but the fact he will step in for his friends.

  • Tanto H
    Tanto H

    as Indonesian, we usually use chilli sauce as dipping sauce and not for cooking maybe that is why the heat didn't come out? plus honestly, I would recommend other brand such as dua belibis if you want something hot (hot but still very delicious)

  • Sidsel Overgaard
    Sidsel Overgaard

    U Guys should do it with cheese 🧀 ! Like really pungent cheese 🤩

  • Mephisto

    As someone who eats Carolina reaper regularly this is so funny to watch.

  • Samantha Collier
    Samantha Collier

    Please do a sour challenge

  • Sean O
    Sean O

    The Samyang is really spicy but there is one that's even worse than that. Mamee's Daebak Ghost Pepper Instant Noodle

  • Allendis

    Super late. But if something gets too hot try eating a spoonful of sugar. I eat a lot of hot sauces, if it gets to much for me I’ll eat a spoonful of sugar and it gets rid of the heat better than drinking milk.

  • Savannah Carlson
    Savannah Carlson

    Next up y'all should do the world's stinkiest cheeses!

  • bill adalian
    bill adalian

    Sour next please

  • Eve Lambrick
    Eve Lambrick

    Poor Jamie 😔

  • Dragonboy86

    Now I want to see all 5 of them on Hot Ones

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