A Chef Reviews Crowd Funded Kitchen Gadgets Vol.3 | SORTEDfood
Today is a SCORCHER of an episode because our Chef, Ben, is reviewing and testing a bunch of crowd-funded kitchen gadgets to see if they’re worth backing. Get ready for some delicious food with a side of big opinions.

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If you’d like to check out these gadgets for yourselves, head to the links below:

BeanPlus Cold Drip Brewer Premium Kit: stacksocial.com/sales/beanplu...
Prepd Skillet: www.indiegogo.com/projects/pr...
The Su-VGun Basic: grillblazer.com/products/su-v...

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  • Aaron Aul
    Aaron Aul

    Ben made the right choice.

  • Joonas

    Don’t put butter into your sous vide steak bag. Guga did a video on it. Was not the best I think.

  • lingo delfo
    lingo delfo

    Why didn't they address the fact that the gun completely ruined (melted???) their trays? Or did I hallucinate? Weren't they tilted after both steak and salmon?.. to me it's kind of a big deal if I have to use a separate ruined tray set...

  • david white
    david white

    didn't know i needed a flamethrower.....till now

  • Efreeti

    I wonder how that Flamegun compares to something like a Searzall, which turns the fire of a regular propane blowtorch into radiant heat for searing your meat.

  • donkfail1

    Have we now come to the point (with the gun) when it's more enjoyable to cook the steak than eating it?

  • Eric Butterfield
    Eric Butterfield

    The Su-V Gun, little brother to the torch they use at drag strips to remove rubber from the start line.

  • The Drifter
    The Drifter

    its legit a comparison between a coffee maker a frying pan and a fucking flame thrower geee i wonder which one would get backed

  • Honest Drink Reviews
    Honest Drink Reviews

    The pan feels like it's a rip off. 😅

  • Wynner3

    I'd happily get the cold brew. I have plenty of beans, but find myself buying cold brew from the store. Something like that would be nice.

  • bushbeard_ the_great_and_terrible_hermit
    bushbeard_ the_great_and_terrible_hermit

    A pre smoothed cast iron is indeed novel. And that thing clearly is not seasoned at all. It should be black

  • Binary Soul
    Binary Soul

    The torch is just a torch, you can get these at the hardware store they just don't market them for the kitchen

  • Melissa Greene
    Melissa Greene

    Who can afford to keep replacing your baking sheets

  • Keri N
    Keri N

    Ebbers is so smart and sexy, then you put his accent on top of that..........................wowzers!!

  • Judit Baráth
    Judit Baráth

    In case of Zombie Apocalypse I know what my weapon will be. 🔫🔥

  • Iris Meijer
    Iris Meijer

    they really just didnt point out that that flame thrower warped the baking sheets

  • TheShabick

    If I didn't feel like I'd burn my house down I'd totally go for that flamethrower... err SU-V gun.

  • lindsey

    How sure are we that Jamie's not American?

  • Pinkie Pinkster
    Pinkie Pinkster

    I know cold brew is all trendy and everything. But all you need is a $10 Vietnamese coffee brewer over a glass of ice for a perfect iced coffee.

  • Phoenix Stars
    Phoenix Stars

    I have a 100+ year old cast iron. Nothing sticks. Nothing. And it makes for a great murder weapon too

  • WattMild

    Calling your viewers "people in the audience" is so impersonal. Damn

  • Paul Li
    Paul Li

    Yeah, gotta love that butane taste searing the fish with that small torch.

  • Petrichor

    You know, we all made fun of Ben when he called himself a lad, but he's the only one that remains completely calm when faced with scary situations in the kitchen, and he's the most willing to try the seemingly dangerous gadgets like the coconut shaver.

  • Rebuswind

    su-vgan got recalled in canada due to leaking, but no reported injury yet.

  • Carole M Pluckrose
    Carole M Pluckrose

    I'm sure your local fire station will love these - not!!!

  • Alex Samaris
    Alex Samaris

    The gun is more versatile.....try heating your house in an emergency with a cold brew device.

  • Natalie A
    Natalie A

    OMG. Laughing so hard at the flamethrower.

  • swildermuth

    Has anyone mentioned that this was recalled in the US? www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2020/grillblazer-recalls-propane-torch-guns-due-to-fire-hazard (And how unsurprised I was that this was an American product, even Oklahoma product (and yes, I'm American))

  • Comyn Guitars Montreal
    Comyn Guitars Montreal

    poutine? Where's the cheese curds? Come here to Canada I'll treat you to a multitude of poutines!

  • Lewis Brewer
    Lewis Brewer

    Anyone else think the intro clip sounds like the start of Toto Africa lol

  • i am noone
    i am noone

    that flame thrower warped the tray

  • Lady Kayla
    Lady Kayla

    Here’s where I piss people off and pop my mug of cold brew coffee in the microwave ;)

  • Nicholas Anderson
    Nicholas Anderson

    it's the flame thrower for me

  • Kevin Valdez
    Kevin Valdez

    The torch seems like it would be perfect in a commercial kitchen where time and volume matter way more.

  • Rasmus LDS
    Rasmus LDS

    Please watch sous vide everythings video about fats in the bag when making a steak. It dilutes the flavour

  • June Lovell
    June Lovell

    to duplicate Sarah Bee: ahh, yes (duplication stops here). #1 cold brew? nah. #2 fry pan? thrift store / opp shop, wash, season, use. just heard the stats on the pan: OMG. you people have never been to the Southern US where every person who breathes has several of these which they inherited from gran. and they don't stick if you start with proper temp, (usually). #3 sous vide gun? give me a .357, oh, sorry, that's from my job. give me my little torch which also provides me with creme brulee finish, etc. or, i'll throw some briquets on the Weber... i still miss the 'butt/t first...' intro

  • oli ver
    oli ver

    arent yellow cans actually butane?

  • S f
    S f

    Don't use a plastic/ silicone spatula on cast iron, you need a metal one. I've used cast iron for close to 40 years and it's overpriced.

  • acepilot1

    4 hours for a drink or 20 seconds for a sizzling dinner

  • Maggieroselee

    Men would love that gun for bbqs

  • djhutchison

    So, the guy that backed the cold brew refused to sample the coffee? Way to sell people on the product...

  • Sidewinder

    Yea gotta agree with the cast iron pan not being original. Before we got really good at casting iron, pan manufacturers used to have to machine pans to get them somewhat flat. Machining the pan is kind of pointless now since a cheap Lodge cast iron pan is flat enough.

  • nikushim666

    "18,000 people think you're wrong" well 18,000 trust fund hipsters are retarded.

  • nuget102

    You can get that machined finish on a cast iron by (about to trigger cast iron fans world wide) sanding the inside of your regular cast iron pan. Obviously don't do it with a nice 100 year old cast iron, but I've seen it done on cheap Lodge cast irons from walmart.

  • bloemundude

    Just what the kids asked for. The Home Hiroshima torch!!

  • BradKandyCroftFamily

    As I have used cast iron for a long time, and that cast iron doesn't look well seasoned. A good seasoning is much darker. I have never had a good season that is sooo light. I have taken crappy cast irons and made them premium by simply sanding them out myself.

  • KettouRyuujin

    @6:54 You forgot something. PLUGGYPLUGPLUGPLUGPLUG(ahhh)

  • Spookychris01

    What on earth makes people eat raw meat..fuckin disgusting! What are you...zombies?

    • Chris Larson
      Chris Larson

      im guessing its the texture

  • Mäýüŕá Vïřůš
    Mäýüŕá Vïřůš

    4 hours to wait for a coffee?!? I know good coffee shouldn't be rushed but 4 hours is too long there is other method for cold brew coffee such as nitro coffee that uses whipped cream container and small CO2 tank

  • Andy Brown
    Andy Brown

    The gas gun I use in my kitchen is one I got from B&Q a couple of decades ago, cost about a fiver and replacement cylinders are still available. Never yet caused an oven tray to buckle under the heat from it.

  • do ha
    do ha

    are we not gonna talk about how smooth ben's fake coin-toss was

  • Jeffrey Kretzler
    Jeffrey Kretzler

    The yellow bottle is map gas and the map gas is not food grade. it is toxic.

  • Canalp Daşer
    Canalp Daşer

    It's a mini flame thrower. Once it was on stage, was there any doubt? It werfs flammen. Who wouldn't want that.

  • Kaviya Aditi
    Kaviya Aditi

    Ben had so much fun with that su v gun ....

  • Jacko’s Allotment
    Jacko’s Allotment

    Gun any day awesome cheers 🍻

  • Moon Games
    Moon Games

    The Su v gun runs on map gas not butane not really advisable to use on food considering its main use is for soldering. way to lie guys.

  • Effie Papaioannou
    Effie Papaioannou

    awesome video guya, however you CANNOT call that a poutine! My Canadian self cried a little! perhaps do a video on poutine in the future? and please read up on Babish's fail for what *not* to do

  • Danger Dan
    Danger Dan

    this guy is supposed to be a chef? by what regard? the man cant even cook eggs in a cast iron

  • anendofeverything

    Watching Ben with a flamethrower gave me so much anxiety, but I couldn't not look 🤦‍♀️🤣

  • abertolani

    I'm just gonna say it.. Ben with the flamethrower....🥵

  • RooshiVin

    The coffee brewer is just a nicely packaged Kyoto Drip setup, you can build one yourself pretty easily and it's been around for ages, it's tasty stuff but every kickstarter kit is waaaay expensive.

  • Clarissa Gafoor
    Clarissa Gafoor

    Their expressions everytime the blow torch is turned on!!! 😁

  • Patti Schifano
    Patti Schifano

    Bit of a giggle for me - already own my large glass jar and fine mesh sieve already, no need for another tool like this in my kitchen.

  • princessrose17

    the gun!

  • Felix RoarMageddonn
    Felix RoarMageddonn

    someone please torch a peper with the super torch in the next pass-it-on

  • leah Bullock
    leah Bullock

    What a sad direction this channel has taken in the past several years. I used to watch back around in 2015 and you guys created entertaining content and actually had recipe videos. Thus channel has gone to complete nonsense with every video attempting something buzzfeed has done in a desperate attempt for more views. Any quality or learning about food and cooking is long gone from thus channel.

  • Sc4r4byte

    Baking Sheet at 12:00 : 👁👄👁 Baking Sheet at 12:29 : 👁👄👁️

  • Tracy Garlinge
    Tracy Garlinge

    Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser...

  • LiquidBlackWolf

    sv gun.. home defemce.. same same

  • Fredrik G
    Fredrik G

    Gun for sure

  • Noctrena

    I would love to see you guys test a lomi. It's a bin that is supposed to turn food waste into compost. So it gets rid of smelly green bins and for people who don't have green bins.

  • nontrainspotter

    I have the gun, nothing comes close to searing a sous vide steak. If you want to take the guesswork out of perfect Wagyu, this is great.

  • Doctor Winchester
    Doctor Winchester

    How Ben is handling the flame thrower just shows again that he's a chef - so much confidence with a flame that bent the tray !!!

  • Mysterios1989

    I know an interesting gadget that could be reviewed. Tefal Snack Time Sandwich and Waffle Maker. The interesting thing about this machine is that it has switchable irons and a large collection of irons that you can buy so that it works for whatever you need. We use it quite often and it is a handy gadget that the chefs might even like.

  • Sorontur3

    I always wanted a home use flamethrower.

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder

    Well, I wouldn't back either of the 3. I don't drink coffee - so no cold brew thingy. I think the cast iron pan is overpriced - nice, but overpriced. I actually found some really old masterfully crafted cast iron pans in a thrift store, rusty and dirty for $3 each and that was the kind that's really thin for cast iron and perfectly smooth, much unlike a cheap Lodge these days. When push comes to shove, I love my cheap carbon steel pans: lighter, still good with holding heat and sturdier than cast iron. For the blow torch: well, I use my welding torch for that when camping (makes a very quick toaster in combination with all metal tongs) and at home I use my 200kBTU wok jet burner outside. The jet burner does more than flame things, I can actually cook on it and it produces perfect stir fries since it brings the carbon steel wok to glowing red in like 30 seconds if need be (plus it was under 50 bucks on Amazon). So no need for an extra flame thrower - it looks like fun though. So if I was forced to pick one, the flamethrower would be it, simply for fun factor but definitely not for price. If saying "none of them" is an option that would be my preference. I generally don't spend money on gadgets nobody needs.

  • Nova Fernandez
    Nova Fernandez

    you know what I saw that was ridiculous the other day? the Moulin Salt Mill on kickstarter - 245$ for a freaking salt grinder

  • Wendy Comeau
    Wendy Comeau

    So…try to find sheet pans the gun won't destroy before putting your money into it?

  • Samantha Warren
    Samantha Warren

    Can we please have a compilation video of all Jamie's dorky/dancing/dad moments on his next birthday? #dorkified

  • blake keating
    blake keating

    Sous vide gun all day long.

  • Gordon Fawks
    Gordon Fawks

    Which Gadget? The flameth... I mean, SouVide Gun. Hooves Down.

  • PettyLaBelleSmiles

    Jamie is a BAWSE for that flamethrower 👍😂

  • Peter Williams
    Peter Williams

    Su-V-Gun ... $80???? They are $180 ... or £140 on Amazon ... I REALLY want one though.

  • Paul J. Morey
    Paul J. Morey

    I don’t see the need for a “high end” cast iron pan.

  • TheMagicKnightress

    Da gun fo sho

  • Em Be
    Em Be

    218000 BTU seems to be 63,9 kWh, meaning its not a stat of the gun but more likely the amount of energy the contents of the gas container releases on combustion. BTU cant be the power of the gun this would be BTU / sec. Also 218000BTU in this bottle would mean that there are 6,5 m³ of gas in there (under standart conditions (1bar or 100000Pa or 14 Psi and 0°C or whatever it is in °F).

  • Mitchell B
    Mitchell B

    MAP-Pro gas rocket vs propane creme brulee torch...lol And 8 hours for a small steak like that? 137F for 3 hours and you're done.

  • rtone2805

    Are we going to talk about the fact that the suvi gun warped the sheetpan the protein was on

  • idol hands
    idol hands

    the sorted app is kinda genius if its the first to do it.

  • idol hands
    idol hands

    4 hours for 500 mil ? that is usless. i guess if u put it in the fridge over night but when u want an iced coffee just buy one from one of the 50000 starbucks in ur neighborhood

  • GhostHat

    When I saw the flamethrower gun I thought, “that’s very American and I love it”

  • She'sWeird

    Eighteen hundred people say you're wrong.

  • Lucas’ Account
    Lucas’ Account

    Ben has very good trigger discipline.

  • Dekoth-OGN

    I would rather fill it with cold water and coffee grounds and filter it tomorrow - Exactly. Perhaps if it was $15 or less but otherwise it is overpriced nonsense. Pre seasoned cast iron - Well I restore old cast iron so you can guess my opinion on factory spray coating. Su V Gun - ...stupid gadget aimed at absolute suckers. Just a grossly overpriced torch just like all other "Kitchen torches". Buy a standard plumbers torch for $15. If you want the wider tip you buy a rosebud torch tip for another $15-$20 and for less than half the cost of this thing you have a torch that will do everything it can do and a bunch of things it can't.

  • ManWithBeard1990

    The price of that cast iron pan is starting to enter the ballpark of a Staub or a Le Creuset. And really, you can't compete with enameled cast iron.

  • 777nussie

    Would love to see them try a Lomi (an advanced home counter composter).

  • nickalas padgett
    nickalas padgett

    Did you guys realized you bought MAPP gas and not propane??? They aren't the same thing!

  • jason fifi
    jason fifi

    i do exactly that dutch cold brew device method with a pour over and a fruit/suntea infusing tank. it's easy af and you can modify the method to use a higher temp to bloom before you add the ice drip if you want to do bloomed cold brew.

  • Ms_MJL

    Mike clutching onto the fire extinguisher for dear life is what got me. And all of their facial expressions 😂😂 Loved this one boys, keep the flamethrower aside for when James visits 😉😋

  • JayBeh Kay
    JayBeh Kay

    “We’re all tested” is an A+ segue that would not have made sense until 2020 happened

25 t.