The Ultimate PIZZA HYBRID Cooking Battle ft. Pizza Pilgrims | SORTEDfood
Get ready for a very special episode where we’ve teamed up with our good friends, James and Thom from PIZZA PILGRIMS in challenging Jamie and Mike to make the most creative hybrid pizza dish possible. How far will the boys push the boundaries of cooking pizza? Watch to find out!

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  • Doug Williams
    Doug Williams

    see some new faces

  • Brendan Coulter
    Brendan Coulter

    Jamey came up with a dish, Mike put pizza it to a challenging shape.

  • Cybertron765

    "Don't buy a pizza stone because the dough won't rise." I'm sorry sir, but I believe you might be using pizza stones incorrectly somehow.

  • SlowmovingGiant

    love the duality- 1 was small pizza dough balls with toppings outside (croc) and the other was large pizza dough balls with toppings inside (doughnuts)

  • Asa Stallard
    Asa Stallard

    Proper pizza? There's no such thing. Anyone who claims to have "the" pizza recipe is a liar.

  • Ann Marie Brei
    Ann Marie Brei

    Great fun!

  • smalls9852

    Lol I'm guessing Barry didn't make it to this challenge because he was going to make pizza ice cream

  • trdi

    WTF was that. No more guests like this...

  • Karthus

    "pizza doughnuts" you... mean a calzone?

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    Good one Mike! I thought Jamie's would have won, maybe for once his balls should have been smaller and on top of eachover

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    I watch sorted with a couple friends and we catch up every fortnight on vids and we all agree Jamie is an incredible 'normal' he has really grown from the meat guy stereotype and I'd pick him to cook me anything if given the chance!!!!

  • Everart

    This episode should have been called Karma Battle and Jamie won it.

  • Gianni Descalzo
    Gianni Descalzo

    Damn that pizza croquembouche looks _dangerous_ .

  • bad matter
    bad matter

    what a dumb way to spell tom

  • Alleosus Squirt
    Alleosus Squirt

    Mike winning when he arguably only did 40% of the work is a bit... questionable. But the judges decision there, I assume Ben'd of shot someone before he allowed a win if he was the decisionary, lol.

  • Kylie Lawson
    Kylie Lawson

    Pizza pilgrims in central London is my favourite pizza place ever!!

  • Amy Aiman
    Amy Aiman

    I am so hungry right now! I think both ideas are amazing! I would order both.

  • Alleosus Squirt
    Alleosus Squirt

    God, the pizza pilgrim guys sync up so well with the SortedTeam, I still am devastated by how terrible Uncle Roger was.

  • Charlotte Harbaugh
    Charlotte Harbaugh

    Damn it I have a pizza stone for years never used it thought hey maybe I should use it! Watched this and now like well time to throw away i guess 😄

  • ahjgbhlahgaohgl

    Mike's dish looks like a hot mess on a plate

  • Leo Smith
    Leo Smith

    Yay mike!

  • Sazi

    If I'm ever in England, I'd love to try Pizza Pilgrims where I'll hopefully find Jamie's Famous Pizza Doughnuts

  • Pizza Dave
    Pizza Dave

    more pizza related videos with pizza related guests please!

  • Maisie Durham
    Maisie Durham

    These guys would make a great permanent addition to the sorted team 👏 so funny and relaxed its great😂

  • Dan's Knockoff T-shirts and Jewelry
    Dan's Knockoff T-shirts and Jewelry

    If you guys do more episodes with restaurant owners you should put a bet on the outcome. The winner gets a meal at the restaurant where the two who don't win have to work at the restaurant for a whole day

  • Skullzzz

    9:22 that's wild garlic?

  • Serena Akeroyd
    Serena Akeroyd

    Loved both, but Jamie’s plating, though epic, man, couldn’t he have put the middle one right in the center *sobs* haha #OCDalert

  • Matt Allaire
    Matt Allaire

    What is the smack thing that Mike does to the basil? To me it seems the food processor will accomplish the same task. ?

  • Mason Cole
    Mason Cole

    Nah Jamie was robbed

  • James Attwell
    James Attwell

    Please please do one of these with Uncle Roger and egg fried rice

  • bloemundude

    Did the basil taste infiltrate into the sauce on the croquembouche? I always dice my basil and make sure it's "IN" the pasta sauces at home. Then again, I'm a big basil fan.

  • Erwin Wisnubroto
    Erwin Wisnubroto

    Stacking badge?? Oh too soon jamie too soon, mike got presentation badge at the end lol ,😅😅

  • lingo delfo
    lingo delfo

    I LOVE that Sorted recipes make it onto the menus so we can actually taste them even if not skilled enough to make them!

  • jjschwartzkopf

    Jamie's was better. Mike's plating looks like "Pizza Da' hut" from Spaceballs.

  • walter906_ffg

    They couldn't remember Mike's name, ouch.

  • Marcus Lindgren
    Marcus Lindgren

    You get that consistency by being bad at making pesto and breaking one of the most important rules: never use any kind of food blender, only use a mortar and pestle. The consistency, texture and taste is so much better when you do it correctly. IMO you ruin it by doing what Mike did, you're better of just using the ingredients as they are than making all of them worse. Even the cheapest pesto you get at a store is made correctly, and is better than what's done here.

  • RoselnDecember

    Yay!!! I'm so happy for Mike!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • WakeTheMountain

    Hahah Jamie was such a jerk to Mike all episode .... so glad he lost lol 😂

  • Bianca Malan
    Bianca Malan

    Mike deserved it!!!

  • Jussi Hippi
    Jussi Hippi

    Damn I want pizza right now.

  • Praisy PAJ
    Praisy PAJ

    The guest judges are rude and highly offensive Why are they judging the dish before even tasting it !!! Ridiculous

  • Praisy PAJ
    Praisy PAJ

    I always love Mike's ideas He is so creative.

  • runawayfae ?!!
    runawayfae ?!!

    Mike deserved that win! He stumbled a bit here and there, but he kept going and it turned out amazingly well!

  • Nastya Khanzhova
    Nastya Khanzhova

    Not only was this creative and informative, but hilarious as always. Great job Mike! That thing was a masterpiece!

  • Connor Dawe
    Connor Dawe

    Isn't a pizza donut basically a calzone?

  • culpanda

    "good dough should only be four ingredients" lol he states an opinion as fact. that purist ideology really hinders chefs tbh

  • cillian lehmann
    cillian lehmann

    Ben's hand at 7.12 is the quintessential Ben movement

  • Nuglar

    Love the guests :) Bring more in!

  • Stacey Jones
    Stacey Jones

    Isn't the pizza donut just a fried calzone

  • blake keating
    blake keating

    I want to try both. I do wish Barry and James were on this video as well because I loved this one and it needed them to go over the top. Cheers, y'all.

  • RealSekator

    pizza donut??? more like a pizza pocket or calzone that existed for a long time


    You should collab with Oowee vegan for a vegan battle!

  • EnkeliJaPerkele

    You might call it pizza doughnuts, in Italy we call them panzerotto, we only shape them differently XD

  • Aidan

    After all the trash talking that Jamie did, it made me very happy to see him lose 😆🤣

  • Hannu Ala-Olla
    Hannu Ala-Olla

    Can we get Barry's reactions video of this?

  • Izaak Currie
    Izaak Currie

    Would love to see a crossover with School of Wok, the normals doing a takeaway battle of what they'd normally get. Possibly followed by Ben/James vs Jeremy chef vs chef

  • pcxcado

    Brilliant as normal guys! Love you lot! X

  • kalefarmerful


  • Blaise Pugliese
    Blaise Pugliese

    Im not sure if its karma, but I wouldnt have ordered mikes. I dont eat pork, but if I could I would still give it too jamie. I could be wrong but on visuals alone. The donuts look more delectable.

  • stecky87

    I didn't think the pizza croquembouche would work, but go Mike!!

  • Joseph Hewitt
    Joseph Hewitt


  • Valerie T
    Valerie T

    What Jamie did basically already exists where I live. It’s juste called a pizza pocket! But it’s hot as fancy.

  • Piano Lover
    Piano Lover

    You should let Barry react to this video, he will be so gutted!! Poor Barry not being included

  • Clifford Lee
    Clifford Lee

    Damn did not expect that win at the end

  • Dumb Stupid
    Dumb Stupid

    Eh, not really sure about that pizza stone bit. I pre-heat mine as hot as I can get it and I ALWAYS get a nice rise and a crispy bottom on the crust. I use it several times a year, at least. I also use it to make breads that don't go in a loaf pan and it works great.


    I do think Mike should've lost. Jamie did everything, Mike had other people do a bit of his work for him, no matter how small it was, he still didn't do everything step by step, someone helped him. Poor Jamie. Another Montreal Screwjob for him.

  • Daniel Hodges
    Daniel Hodges

    Jamie was robbed!

  • andy m
    andy m

    Thats not Tom thats TH-OM lol!!!!

  • lalvirgo84

    Jaime: Maybe you’ll get a badge for it. …a stacking badge. Mike: *is awarded a surprise plating badge* Jaime: >_

  • gary hobbs
    gary hobbs

    The guest was awesome! Very good video

  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross

    This went over the edge of friendly jabs for me.

  • Muka Powa
    Muka Powa

    Barry didnt have good hybrid recipe . he is photographer...without badge.

  • pallarim

    Please invite Uncle Rodger to judge normies to do fried rice recipe

  • vera aplin
    vera aplin


  • Korina Patchet
    Korina Patchet

    Congrats Mike!!! My husband and I couldn't help thinking about how profiteroles are usually filled. I'm curious to try this by slicing the dough to work it less and just letting it proof in whatever shape its in after i slice it to proportion it. Then after its done cooking, put in a mix of ricotta, cream cheese, and chopped sundried tomatoes and basil. But would the dough give way to the filling? hmmmm.... I wonder if I could some put air in the middle of the dough ball before it cooks... I'm going to need to try this!

  • Pandakyo1000

    WTF? Seriously? Jamie but much effort in his dish. It was way more creative and way more delicious and you want to actually steal it but Mike wins, cause 'its something' are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? That makes that guys so unsympthical, that i never ever would visit their restaurant.

  • IrishSparrow

    I would love to see more videos like this one! Especially from other restaurants with food kits!

  • TF

    Ok, that pizza crocombuche looks like a fantastic sharing dish for a night's out

  • Spicefreak

    That ugly mound was worthy of a plating badge?

  • Gamer Guru
    Gamer Guru

    Why everytime I log into the app and ask for an email reset it just sends me to the same page that resends me a reset password link like I'm stuck in a loop, not very happy I can't access my account

  • TrickstaAndrew

    Pizza pockets vs deconstructed pizza pockets...

  • aberu

    would love to see you guys do vlog/BTS video of when you guys do these challenges

  • James Hill
    James Hill

    7:50 - You put your pizza stone on the top rack, then your pizza on the middle so it gets the heat coming off the stone as well.

  • Chronosatan

    @sortedfood I feel like Jamie has been constantly shafted by you all recently constantly losing when he puts so much creativity and effort in, heck the Pilgrim’s said they wanted to add his dish to their menu and still somehow Mike wins even though he had to have his ass saved on his cheese, and burned 1/4 of his croques not to mention the fact he didn’t make his own sauce or dough. Whereas Jamie is constantly trying to better himself and make as much of his dish on his own as he can and you all hold him to a higher requirement, but then grade him lower because of it and never compensate the fact that he creates the grading curve.

  • Stacey Smith
    Stacey Smith

    Jamie you don't win but we're robbing your idea for our menu anyway 😂😂

  • Becci L
    Becci L

    My boyfriend has been going on for weeks about how the sound of the eggs tapping in the intro sounds exactly like 'Land Down Under' Men at Work 😂😂

  • Tyler Mersing
    Tyler Mersing

    Please give me a review video on this episode. That would be amazing.

    • SORTEDfood

      Glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Nushrath Nasrin
    Nushrath Nasrin

    Love you guys so much! More guests this video was insane every single video just amazes me!!!!!

  • natasha brock
    natasha brock

    Why does Mike look like he works at Baskin Robbins?

    • SORTEDfood

      😂 brilliant comment.

  • Peter Tufts
    Peter Tufts

    The Comeback.

  • Vivian Kilcran
    Vivian Kilcran

    I just found out about a Brazilian pizza that has peas, pizza Genovesa ervilha creme de leite or just pizza Genovesa . Can you try to make that?


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  • Cerchi Debora
    Cerchi Debora

    Hi guys! Being Italian I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at first, you know how much we value our traditional pizza but despite of my initial doubts you guys nailed it (as usual I might say)! This is what cooking is about, isn't it? Having fun in the kitchen, experimenting, using the basics to create new dishes.. and you never fail to do exactly this, so good job! Pizza Pilgrim have been such a lovely guest and addition to this episode, it's clear how much they love what they're doing, plus they're super nice! And as an Italian (yes, I had to state that again) I was truly impressed when they mentioned Caputo flour. If you haven't already I suggest trying "Caputo Nuvola" to have a taste of a true napolitan pizza, those with the famous puffy cornicione. I discovered this flour through the instagram account of a girl named @FitvsSweet who had a pizzeria when she was younger and bakes the most gorgeous pizzas in her home oven. She is also a perfect example of how experimenting in the kitchen can bring to astounding results, her speciality is recreating sweet dishes in a healthier way, for those who have intolerances, so everything lactose-free, sugar-free and so on, I suggest checking her out! That being said, I've been following you guys for years and you've never once failed to entertain and inspire me in my cooking journey (I've also bought and read multiple times Ben's staple "Cooking for Geeks"), so thank you for your content and how much work and effort you put in it, you're doing an amazing job! Cheers!

  • Nathalie Phillips
    Nathalie Phillips

    Wait what was Barry's recipe?

  • Elle Kay
    Elle Kay

    `pizza donuts' are called hot pockets here in australia

  • Meep Kitty
    Meep Kitty

    Loved this! Having them watching the whole process and commenting was tremendously fun. More, please?

  • Auhida Chowdhury
    Auhida Chowdhury

    Jamie and Mike should have pins of the presentation badge and only wear them in videos with Barry. XD

  • Auhida Chowdhury
    Auhida Chowdhury

    Mike: pizza monkey bread Jamie: fried calzones Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw it when they talked about their recipes.

  • Giselle W. Lee
    Giselle W. Lee

    Can sorted buy some cool items from Eataly to make some interesting Italian feast?

  • pinbi7

    the calzone was very original...i mean doughnut