Reviewing Monthly Food Subscriptions Vol.2 | SORTEDfood
With food and drink subscriptions on the rise, what makes a product worth signing up for so it regularly lands on your doorstep without fail? That’s the question we’re asking ourselves in today’s episode as normals Barry, Jamie and chef Ben test and review a bunch of popular food and drink products.

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If you’d like to check out the products we reviewed today, click the links below:

Perky Blenders:
Pasta Evangelists:
Earth and Wheat Bread Box:
Brixton Wine Club:

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  • R. C.
    R. C.

    I kinda wanna try the bread one. But I'm not sure if they ship to America with most of these being based in England... Its kinda hard to tell if I'll be able to try them. I love watchin your content!! But i don't think i can apply most of what you teach or review with things like these or the premium stuff.... Mostly cuz I live in... Well, corporate America. I wouldn't even know where to look for artisans. To find chocolate shops, butcher's, baker's, etc. I'd love to try out all the special, hand crafted super nice stuff... But i just don't have the budget or means of doing so. And it sucks.

    • R. C.
      R. C.

      @moon book maybe. I mean i usually try to get the stuff the Wal-Mart bakery makes but their selection isn't much. And most of it is cakes and sugary stuff

    • moon book
      moon book

      Maybe check if they are smlier brand in America

  • osogoodgirl

    I shall never not miss, "We are Sorted!"

  • ken pie
    ken pie

    wine in a can, or wine in a can not?

  • Altmetalpunk

    We need more companies that deliver and sell "ugly" foods. The amount of food we waste in the west based on appearance is astounding.

  • 1kreature

    Subscriptions are a plague. It does not matter if it is software or pasta. I will force you to use a screwdriver on subscription from me once I take over the world, and you will hate the fees on toiletpaper. (Not to mention when you are not the first to use it or when someone just downcycled sandpaper...) But... I will be so rich!

  • Amy S
    Amy S

    Wonky Bread Box sounds awesome!!

  • terra incognita
    terra incognita

    The main thing learned from this video is that Jaime is like Kevin Malone from the US version of The Office, but with sandwiches substituted for pies. Relevant clip:

  • EM Harding
    EM Harding

    Now imagine if, instead of profiting off "waste food", we gave it to people who can't afford food.

  • S K
    S K

    Traditionally pancetta....I think you mean guanciale

  • Jay-Lee van der Berg
    Jay-Lee van der Berg

    Oh goodness xD

  • Celestine

    Probably the wine one. I'm not into cooking. I like watching others cook.

  • Birgir Guðjónsson
    Birgir Guðjónsson

    Best wishes my dudes, had a blast. I think we can all agree that this wasn't a review just a sponsored video.

  • bearwoody

    Rescued pancakes?????

  • Alleosus Squirt
    Alleosus Squirt

    That bread looks pretty normal to me, not wonky at all?

  • August Reign
    August Reign

    Im trying to imagine fresh shellfish pasta in a hot royalmail van all day, doesn’t sound to great or is it delivered by courier 😂

  • Fiore

    Jaime putting that little ground coffee in the moka hurt my Italian soul

  • Phil Boswell
    Phil Boswell

    Came back to say that we signed up to Earth & Wheat, once a month, and we've had two now and they're excellent: thank you for pointing this out to me!

  • Anime Blushies
    Anime Blushies

    why would I ever buy bread from walmart or a chain store ever again??

  • Anathem

    the bread one honestly seems like a game changer. I think a lot of people are too quick to dismiss a food product just because it doesn't quite look ''right'', even though it is more than likely just as good as the rest

  • melchor mendoza
    melchor mendoza

    i still dont get how the bread box solves food waste, it just shifts the waste somewhere else. the bread that you would otherwise have bought if you didnt buy the box will now be the food waste.

    • melchor mendoza
      melchor mendoza

      @Anathem and the bread that that "someone else" was supposed to buy would now be wasted. also food subscription is going to be more a problem for food wastage at home than buying food when you need it. at least buying it the normal way you only buy what you think you need, with subscription youd get food even if you dont need some.

    • Anathem

      the bread that you now aren't buying will most likely still get bought by someone else. the bread subscription is for people who don't care what the bread looks like and the bread might have been otherwise thrown out for almost no good reason

  • eevfable

    please don't call it carbonara when there is cream in. just choose another name, less (Italian / Roman) heartbreak.

  • khuang96

    Blooper reference 3:38 😁 Now we know exactly why Jamie was suppressing his laugh and red in the face haha

  • khuang96

    9:11 24 MILLION per DAY?! wow.

  • Emily Kemp
    Emily Kemp

    So many of these subscription boxes I wish would also go to the U.S but I understand why they don't

  • BlackAssassin913

    If I lived in Britain I would love the bread box. My family goes through bread so quickly and a wider variety would very much be a breath of fresh air. That price is amazing in USD. I'm pretty sold on the coffee subscription too cause I admit I'm a bit of an addict.

  • Ronelle Young
    Ronelle Young

    Love the bread box and just filled in for it! Want to suggest "cure and simple" bacon by post subscription. Ultimate bacon lovers delight. For me a little bit of bacon joy all in dog proof packaging. Yum

  • mhn7700

    while I do like the idea of minimizing food waste and not wasting co2 and all that, I feel that in regards to the bread box a conversation could be had about working towards changing visual food standards (on breads and in general) cos what a load of *rap if breads like that is deemed not good enough. it's like with the canned wine where even the expert couldn't tell the difference. stick that bread in a plastic bag and not a single normal consumer in the shop would be able to tell that that was deemed food waste.

  • GIBBO4182

    Never seen crumpets done in a frying pan…ever

  • Ro Hurley
    Ro Hurley

    Absolutely love the principal and idea around the bread subscription but I know my belly would hate it 😅

  • BlondieHelm

    That Earth and Wheat subscription sounds like a fantastic idea, I’ve just signed up! Will let you know how I get on with it. I also try to use the Too Good to Go app which works on the same principle of reducing food waste but I’ve never managed to get one in time.

  • IceFire2050

    That bread box seems amazing, especially for that price. That's just shy of $10 a week and that's a lot of bread. Like more than I would eat in a week. But it also looks like they have an option for every 2 or 3 weeks or once per month. Shame it's a UK service. If there was something like that in the US I would be all for it. I spend about that much at the grocery store anyways.

  • Krakus Krak
    Krakus Krak

    Pasta Evangelist - ridiculous, what a fukn hipster you have to be to use that service?


    The unmelted button on the crumpets is triggering

  • Lily Mercy
    Lily Mercy

    the bread one

  • lbourrou

    The wine in a can thing is a great idea. I'm always eager to taste different things and that's the most affordable way to do it. I guess that if you discover something you love, there's a way to buy it in bottles, right? Anyway, France is too snob for that, so I'm not holding my breath for a local version of this subscription.

  • Stefan

    If you use stuff that comes in a box and you feel the need to use it and basically not replace anything else but add the bread to your diet... You don't safe anything. Companies like to surf the "you are doing something good" wave and like to throw around with numbers that make no sense ^^

  • Freya Plays Games
    Freya Plays Games

    If that bread box becomes available in the US, I will absolutely get it

  • laura snelling
    laura snelling


  • Kerry Rice
    Kerry Rice

    I signed up to earth and wheat after this and I definitely recommend! You get fairly similar things every time but it's a small relatively new business and I'm sure when more bakeries across the UK join in there will be much more variety! However all you do get is wonderful and absolute staples of the kitchen

  • Natty Patrick
    Natty Patrick


  • Jaqen H'Ghar
    Jaqen H'Ghar

    So is Perky Blenders a play on Peaky Blinders?

  • David863006

    i want to have the Wonky Bread Box here in Germany.

  • Cricket101382

    I still can't believe that to this day, even after being proven time and time again to be full of crap, people still buy into the legitimacy of professional wine tasters. It boggles the mind I tell you. Also that isn't fresh bread.

  • Angie x
    Angie x

    Immediately signed up for the bread subscription, that's such an awesome idea!

  • Judith B
    Judith B

    The wine in the post is actually interesting - even though it is rather pricy by German standards as wine is much cheaper here than it is in the UK. You can get a really nice bottle for 5 Euro or sometimes even less. But I really like the idea of trying more wines without committing to a bottle. Might be nice if they added a journal with a really short questionnaire so you can tick off each month which ones you had and which you liked best - because I constantly forget and end up buying the same thing over and over or going for one with a pretty label

  • Andres Valenzuela
    Andres Valenzuela

    So.... No more recipes? It's been a while.

  • Diline

    My version of raiding the fridge is making garlic bread or just making the spread and putting it on crackers to eat it

  • LinuxMaster9

    Black Rifle Coffee Company coffee is a better choice. Veteran owned and operated. Damn good coffee

  • Joa Don-ell
    Joa Don-ell

    this is the most oddly fake and terrible show i have encountered on youtube and i dont know why

  • PsychicLord

    Perhaps you can review Hotel Chocolat's Hot Chocolate subscription ;)

  • Twitter Cliffdog01
    Twitter Cliffdog01

    I don't live in the UK, so no, but if I had the option, I'd probably just do the Coffee and the Bread subs. I don't do Alcohol, so wines are out, and I think the Pasta would be a little too expensive and have too much dairy for me.

  • Liam O'Sullivan
    Liam O'Sullivan

    13:00 *Frank Reynolds has entered the chat*

  • Kathy B
    Kathy B

    So, after watching this video I ordered an Earth and Wheat box. It arrived yesterday and I was ridiculously excited to unpack it, it all looks amazing! It's going to be a great week-end and I've got a well stocked freezer too. Thanks SORTEDfood

  • thescottsman1996

    here n kansas in the US, an option is "misfit market"(don't know shipping range, but you get a box of mishapen produce shipped, good deal

  • CJ

    I can see me trying the wine one, not a huge wine drinker but for £30 for some tasty wine? loads of flavours? Absolutely

  • as as
    as as

    I don't know why, but hearing the words "salad cream" just makes me physically cringe.

  • Lasmiranda Dennsiewillja
    Lasmiranda Dennsiewillja

    Alternatives for Germans who wish for similar coffee and/or wine vibes (also excellent shops when you need fancy gifts for people who already have everything): coffee circle and geile weine.

  • Todd Young
    Todd Young

    No i live in australia the postage would be helacious.

  • Rpground

    What the hell is wrong with people? "Oh the bread doesn't look pretty enough, just throw it away." Meanwhile, people starving in parts of the world, but lets not give THEM that good or anything. All those people who waste food like that should be shot.

  • Effie 5
    Effie 5

    So envious of you Londoners, you are truly spoiled with so much to choose from! 😋

  • Meg H
    Meg H

    I get so sad when I remember these arent US subscription boxes :c

  • Steph

    Jamie is such a sweetheart! That sandwhich dad joke was so wholesome!

  • Julie Reis
    Julie Reis

    Ben you forgot about the people who make the packaging and all the drivers in between.

  • Sera

    I am totally that person that is seeing them use a percolator and screaming nooooo. I'll drink percolator coffee, but it does taste like burnt, which is an acquired taste and doesn't really compare to drip.

  • Dinu B
    Dinu B

    So ... i am not even from UK and that bread subscription could really help me out :)

  • William Cullum
    William Cullum

    Are these independent reviews or are they sponsored by the companies/receiving them for free?

  • Josephine

    I’ve literally just went and subscribed to earth and wheat from this. Not a huge fan of subscription boxes but this is a great one

  • khaxjc1

    5:39 I love Jamie's comment about taking the pasta to Italy but Bens response of "We've done it this way before and the comments had a go." I dont know why but I love that phrasing.

  • Othia Lamora
    Othia Lamora

    Do you guys have the app "to good too go" in the UK? (For reference, I am living in Germany)

  • Josh h
    Josh h

    Would be great to do this again but reviewing the major brands so we as consumers can make good decisions. Like gousto, Hello fresh etc...

  • JT1989

    that bread service is an incredible idea, and at a great value too... well done to whoever thought of it

  • Kylo Ren's Rage
    Kylo Ren's Rage

    LOL so much plastic jus for bread, jus go local shop

  • Ulrich Petri
    Ulrich Petri

    Better hope James Hoffman doesn’t see the pre-ground coffee…

  • M de Vries
    M de Vries

    The bread subscription makes the most sense. The wine one seems expensive as you can get at least three/four good/decent bottles for that price.

  • Epic Air
    Epic Air

    Other suggested subscription services .... Six by Nico had to be inventive due to the pandemic, they have a website home-x which offers loads of stuff but best is their main restaurant that earned a BBC documentary that can be seen on iPlayer

  • WeeGee


  • Becky H
    Becky H

    I’ve just received my earth & wheat box and I am so impressed! Thanks guys for introducing me 😁

  • Ashleigh Cooper
    Ashleigh Cooper

    Definitely just signed up to the earth and wheat sub, what a great idea!

  • Anon archist
    Anon archist

    so, this is just one big undisclosed ad for a bunch of subscription services, masquerading as actual content? right, gotcha, very ethical.

  • SqueakyLouiseClean

    um whats up with the back of your heads guys (Mike too in James' good bye vid), who's doing your hair??

  • Michelle Vietor
    Michelle Vietor

    Coffee subscription? Yes! Pasta subscription? For a gift, maybe, but not regularly. Bread subscription? I don't eat enough bread for that. Wine club? Maybe. I can get wine delivered locally for less, though.

  • Oklahoma_Jones_

    Why didn't y'all weigh your coffee and water? It would've given better, more accurate results

  • lordofduct

    The bread one for sure. That's a good price for a fair amount of bread. The wine one on the other hand... meh. It seemed a bit over priced and it only comes with 1 can per wine. Like yes, it'd cost more if I purchased 6 bottles of wine, but I'd own 6 bottles of wine! For starters... I generally don't drink wine alone, so a bottle works out nicely as I can share it. I also don't generally mix my wines moving from a white to a red in a single night, so staying on the same bottle would work out nicely. Finally, what if I liked one of them a lot? Now I only have 1 glass. In the end I feel like this has the same issues the pasta one has in that it'd be great for a tasting, but not so great as a recurring subscription. I feel something that gave me a couple bottles of wine a month would be way better... googling about I found several that do 2 to 6 bottles for 30 to 90 USD a month, averaging around 3 bottles at 40 USD, which is close to this 30 quid box of cans. And honestly, 3 bottles (2.25 liters or there about) vs 6 cans (guessing shy of 1.5 liters if those are 8oz cans). It's honestly a no brainer to me to get the bottles. Sure it'd take me 2 months to get the same variety at the same price. But like I said before... I don't really mix up my wines with my dinner. 3 bottles would be perfect for 3 nice wine dinners a month with my wife. (though if I'm being honest... 6 bottles isn't even enough for my wife and I). The pasta you guys were spot on. I would definitely try it out for fun, but as a subscription it's a bit much. And as for the coffee... even though us Americans are known for drinking our coffee over tea. I myself am not much of a coffee guy. Nor am I a hot tea guy either. I'm an iced tea guy (and only recently as I'm keeping away from the sugar these days). But if I were to drink coffee, that's certainly a fair price for what you get.

  • Sophie Green
    Sophie Green

    You should try out Rebottling. It’s a mixture between a wine monthly box plus a live experience event. Each event has a specially selected chef who choose the wine in the box. You get sent 3 half bottles of wine plus a box of food nibbles that are paired with each wine. At the event, it’s a live broadcast interview with the chef where they talk about the wine and food pairing plus you get to ask the chef questions. It’s a great introduction into wine plus makes a great evening event at home. I’d totally recommend!

  • Alex Charles
    Alex Charles

    Yes, re-using bread as otherwise wasted ingredients is fantastic, but often the water saving estimates are massively inflated due to the inclusion of 'green water'. Rain will fall on a field regardless of whether there's crops growing or not. The true value to report is that of the water uptake by the crop, but that's often significantly less. Who knows, maybe they did calculate this correctly (as I haven't the time to check), but hopefully others will learn something from this.

  • tips22

    Signed up to Earth and Wheat a month back and it's been fantastic! I've not bought any other bread, now have some in the freezer, haven't had a bad batch yet, and always have some on hand! It's the freshest bread I've had that isn't homemade.

  • White Pheonix
    White Pheonix

    I wish there was something like the bread subscription in Canada. I'm a little jelly.

  • Chloe Winters
    Chloe Winters

    Craft gin club!

  • Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot
    Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot

    My only disappointment is that so many of these are only available in the UK.

  • manni

    More of this!!

  • JEIL

    This just seems like an infomercial.

  • deflol

    i can literally see some italian nonna sharpen her blade when ebbers explains making carbonara with panchetta and parmesan :D

  • Monke

    ay ben didn't burn the bread! haha

  • Emily Barker
    Emily Barker

    The fact i immediately ordered the wonky box after watching this 🤣🤣

  • Emma Roper
    Emma Roper

    Does anyone use meal packed app with kids? Its just myself and two children (5 and 2) and are the recipes on there kid friendly? I mean don't get me wrong they are really good and eat everything or willing to try but are there actual dishes which would appeal to them rather than high end stuff?

  • ru40342

    Only #3 worth the value if you are a bread lover. The remaining 3 are all way too expensive and have terrible values. Who cares about learning something from the subscription. We want great value and tasty stuff with less hassle in preparation. Much cheaper to go to local supermarket to buy these ingredients or buy them online from supermarkets.

  • Kalle Törmä
    Kalle Törmä

    No Why not: im poor

  • Nop Noe
    Nop Noe

    wow, I guess the wine snobbery even got me and I don't really drink wine, but always heard that wine in a can (or non-glass containers) would not taste as great. but turns out even a sommelier can't for the most part not taste the difference. I guess for most manufacturers it's about the pricing, not the quality

  • bcgrote

    LOL @ "but what about red shorts?" Yes, Ben, what ABOUT those red shorts?

  • P_Couchman

    I wonder if the coating makes the wine can non-recyclable

25 t.