THIS is how a Chef Makes PESTO | Classic Method + Cheaper Method | SORTEDfood
Pesto is the ultimate sauce that packs a punch of delicious, herby flavour! That’s why our Chef, Ben has decided to show us two recipe hacks to help you whip up two fool-proof recipes in the comfort of your own home! Give it a try and let us know how you get on!

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  • westwyc

    Only other thing if add is that of you blanch the basil you can get an even greener pesto !

  • Kas Grieve
    Kas Grieve

    This is the best and most educational cooking show I’ve ever seen, this Like a Chef segment giving ratios and the basics makes it so easy to remember and make your own dishes, to the point I was just having a dream and was reciting how to make a white sauce in my dream

  • Stigmati - I'm also an Autist
    Stigmati - I'm also an Autist

    I grow loads of basil and the best way to have home made pesto year round is to freeze it in ice cube trays, that way when you need pesto grab a few cubes and straight into the pan

  • rmoin dmoin
    rmoin dmoin

    You cook amazing. Why don’t you add your recipes on khal, com. Your recipe will be in the top videos

  • Alleosus Squirt
    Alleosus Squirt

    Haven't you shown us how to make Pesto like... 8 times by now?

  • Harr darr
    Harr darr

    Never cut or shred your basil like in this episode if you're making pesto, always use mortar & pestle. The fact that a chef does this is incredibly egregious.

  • Ray y G
    Ray y G

    You can also do radish Tops! Very peppery and fresh. Add lemon juice.

  • theaseus13

    oh, flirt...😍

  • Theonevidz

    Sorted is there a way I can donate for your new kitchen!?

    • Theonevidz

      @SORTEDfood noo! I just remembered you guys wanted to build a new setup!

    • SORTEDfood

      Haha oh no, do you think it's that bad?!

  • lulur

    my dad made a really awesome wild garlic pesto last year, we went and picked bags and bags of garlic from the woods and he even made a couple of vegan jars for me :-)

  • Aric Buckholt
    Aric Buckholt

    spinach pesto is always good - what we go to when we don't have basil

  • Rillka

    TIP for storing your pesto for longer: Level it in it's container after using, and cover with a layer of olive oil. What spoils pesto fastest is mold, and oil acts like a natural barrier for bacteria and fungi. Also: always use clean spoon (don't lick it!) to prevent introducing bacteria.

  • Balu

    I have just made green pesto with wood/wild garlic (ramsoms?). Loved it with asparagus and some chicken.

  • The Real Kim Shady
    The Real Kim Shady

    Not sure if anyone else has caught it, but I noticed a typo on the second pesto recipe. I’m sure you meant “grape seed oil” and not what was put in the video…just FYI!

  • greenbobbin

    I do love the Ben and Mike dynamic. It takes helpful videos to the next level and makes them fun.

  • Zachey

    Does anyone know what the background song is called that starts at 6:30?

  • Ayla7650

    I personally love cashews in Pesto because they get unbelievably creamy

  • Joseph Waukechon
    Joseph Waukechon

    repeat after me, Puh-cahn! a pee can is something you piss into as my grandpappy would say.

  • Joanne

    the preparation and recording of the pesto w ciabatta felt so slow 😂

  • slumbers

    love the return of ben teaching us how to make simple, great stuff

  • stecky87

    As much as I enjoy watching the normals flail in competition, I like to see these recipe videos, too!

  • kinlyki

    ethan chlebowski says it's better to crush the herbs in the pestle and mortar than to chop it or blitz it, releases more flavor that way

  • XilverXoul

    IT'S BACK!! YAY!!!

  • Mrs. Thomas - USMC Wife
    Mrs. Thomas - USMC Wife

    Gnocchi isn't something that is cooked alot where I'm from. Can we get a video like this about cooking it and what it's supposed to taste like and perfect consistency?

  • Bong Eats
    Bong Eats

    Love this format, guys! Reminds me of the old times.

  • Gerbrand Steyn
    Gerbrand Steyn

    Unfortunate Mistake there with the Grapeseed oil

  • Mark Gilroy
    Mark Gilroy

    Sweet mother of Odin that pumpkin gnocchi looked good.

  • The Feeder
    The Feeder

    Love this format. Love the different options. I'm not a pesto fan because I don't like basil, but trying it with watercress sounds great! I'm In!

  • Kyndra MB
    Kyndra MB

    Sprig o' basil! Not quite a sprig of mint...

  • Evann Marie Laird
    Evann Marie Laird

    Love the shenanigans, but this was really great. Would love more of this kind of content!

  • Oskar Elysee
    Oskar Elysee

    omg I love this. I've been missing classic Sorted.

  • Ehppy !
    Ehppy !

    So cool!! I really appreciate these tips and also suggestions for alternatives. It makes cooking seem a lot less intimidating. I can do a lot of really basic stuff but I'd love to branch out and your videos are great not only for the "how" of cooking but also the "what" to cook, or try.

  • PyrozPlayground

    I love these tutorial videos! The music is so perfectly chosen as well, everything is brilliant!

  • tinchick

    My sister and I accidently put too much garlic in our pesto when we were trying to double a recipe. WOW!! Burned like nothing else. I like garlic and esp extra garlicky garlic bread, but this was the first time that garlic ever hurt me. Only put about a tablespoon of that pesto in a bowl of pasta with extra cheese to help cut the burn.

  • Gaven

    Maybe time to add a female chef to the team!

  • Cdxx

    Yesssss I absolutely ADORE Cheshire cheese! Thank you Ben!

  • Terran Bennett
    Terran Bennett

    I miss the plug jingle.... Can we please bring it back??

  • 101205jeff

    / h .

  • malou rottiers
    malou rottiers

    Hey sorted, got a big family in here . All you guys do is make 1/2 pp portions so I wondered how would you make big portions and still make it look good? talking about things like tossing pasta in sauce ect. it always looks like a tangled mess . No sexies in my parents house and I want to change that ! anyway love the vids

  • PikaWolf

    Ebbers is such a good teacher. 🥰 He really makes everything make sense.

  • Chris Montgomery
    Chris Montgomery

    Came to the comments looking for off colour jokes about Ben and nuts and handfuls and plugging a hole... Was disappointed

  • christopher brownlee
    christopher brownlee

    Ben is quite the technician.

  • Emory Elliott
    Emory Elliott

    LOVE this format! I will always love the goofieness of Sorted, but these sprinkled in oscassionally are so nice and refreshing! Love to see Ben being a chef :)

  • OneWoman Army
    OneWoman Army

    If you like to forage, nettle pesto is amazing!! Also, nothing says spring/early summer as nettle soup with a soft boiled egg.

  • Sakura Home
    Sakura Home

    Fun fact, if you’re lactose intolerant or just going dairy free just use this simple hack. Mix almond meal, salt, and garlic powder together, you’d be surprised how cheesy it tastes ! Then add a handful of toasted almond slices before processing for that crunch. YUM !

  • Cameron Greig
    Cameron Greig

    Love this format!!!

  • Joakim

    says "Classic Method " then uses a food processor... Come on there is such a difference if you use a mortar as compared to a food processor.

  • C H
    C H

    Macadamia + Dill Pesto... will it work?!

  • Genosabre

    Pine nuts are really difficult to get a hold of from where I'm at. I use cashews and add in a bit more of cheese and garlic.

  • kai wang
    kai wang

    Love these guides thank you! I will be making this for my friends and family.

  • moonflowerkei

    Ben is great as usual, but the camera is so shaky i got dizzy!

  • Greg Gall
    Greg Gall

    i love the idea of a British style "pesto" made with British ingredients. Well done Ben.

  • Piekarnik

    You should put innuendo counter On Ben's videos. 😄 There would be more of them!

  • Shelby Machado
    Shelby Machado

    Others have said it, but I also totally love this format.

  • quinton quill
    quinton quill

    In the states we don't use the nonminer Rapeseed oil. Having the word Rape in it was not a good selling point across the pond . If you are looking for it over here we call it Canola oil it is the same thing . Some folk's don't know figure I would throw in that Ebber's geeky fact.

  • zahs848

    Hello! How do you prevent the basil from discolouring? I find the basil in my pesto tends to brown in the fridge.

  • TheAjbp95

    More of this! Love it!

  • Dominik Steiger
    Dominik Steiger

    My favorite pesto is with pistachio instead of pine nuts.

  • 58Kym

    I prefer macadamia oil, the flavour is more mellow and nutty.

  • Kurt Bada
    Kurt Bada

    I've missed this! Finally, new recipes!

  • Hannah Egan
    Hannah Egan

    i was just thinking about how i missed sorted recipe videos omg how did i miss this

  • Tom Sims
    Tom Sims

    I love these little Ben episodes, a nice bit of calm at the end of the day, always lovely to see him in his happy place

  • Jonathan Arendale
    Jonathan Arendale

    Great format to get in new viewers 👍

  • Emilie Sullman
    Emilie Sullman

    I love this kind of content!

  • minichirops

    I love this, but I've had a thought watching your stuff for a long time -- I'm allergic to peanuts, among a lot of other things. Pine nuts (and many other nuts) have cross-reactivity for some people (dunno about me, I've honestly been afraid to try) but a lot of foods have allergens in them for people like me. Peanuts, eggs, coconut, shellfish (not my weakness, unlike the others, but definitely common),etc -- there are things which would be nice to see instructions to cook around allergies for if you have good ideas on the topic.

  • michian jensen
    michian jensen

    dont use peanuts taste like dirtyundertware

  • Axel Lisenstain
    Axel Lisenstain

    Well that has been amazing now please stop

  • Verolution

    important pine nut tip: do buy the ITALIAN ones. not to drag any country, but certain other ones sell other seed like things and label them pine nuts. The fake ones leave a metallic taste in your mouth for days.

  • Whitney S
    Whitney S

    Ben: You don't want too much raw garlic. Me: It's like you don't even know me at all!

  • TheMagicKnightress

    Italian grandma’s are crying at the use of a food processor instead of a pestle and mortar

  • Zsanna Puzsér
    Zsanna Puzsér

    If you want to try a zero-waste pesto, try to use radish leaves. I used to eat the radishes and throw away the leaves.... well not anymore.

  • Kristi King
    Kristi King

    I would enjoy if they were given a "Pass it on" type brief but they are all in the kitchen together at the same time unable to speak to one another. Trying to complete a single dish.

  • Beef Cake
    Beef Cake

    Would love to see a fathers day gifts video

  • ramlosa98

    Can u guys do a video on that pumpkin gnocchi??

  • Rach

    Loving how you guys are going back to your roots with these recipe/ basics videos. It was what hooked me onto this channel, simple yet refined dishes that anyone can get into, also a plus that you’re British who means I don’t have to fuss around with non-metric measurements!

  • P B
    P B

    i find these kinds of recipes/methods really useful! i'm rubbish at remembering specific quantities but being able to eyeball ratios and know what consistencies i should be looking for is easy! i already use ben's ratios for pancakes and mac n cheese and i love the results every time, so i'll definitely give this one a go too ^^

  • An Englishman In San Diego
    An Englishman In San Diego

    Enjoyed this one... just missed the bants with the boys, frankly. Would've been nice to have one of the Normals to hand to bounce off. But that might just be me.

  • Jesus Saves Us 2
    Jesus Saves Us 2

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Jesus Christ loves you more than you know, and is worth so much more than everything you are afraid of losing, but time to be saved is running out. If you will ask Jesus Christ with a genuine heart to please forgive all your sins, and come into your heart and please save you, he will save you and you will soon know how real he is. God bless.

  • Shelley

    "One of the chefs" 😥

  • Breast Emperor
    Breast Emperor

    I've missed hearing "Sorted" at the end

  • dubbadare

    No, if you’re prepared use an electric device, just buy a jar. It will only taste of electricity. There is never a occasion to spend a buttload of cash on fresh ingredients and burn them in an electric device. No no no.

  • Vardhan Shrivastava
    Vardhan Shrivastava

    One of the chefs 😭

  • Sumaya Afrin
    Sumaya Afrin

    I love how Ben demonstrates the recipes. It seems like he is enjoying the whole deal and cooking with his soul. He is a delight to watch.

  • Laire Aganessi
    Laire Aganessi

    I've missed so much that and there you have ..... "Sorted" Can we please bring it back? Ahh the lovely memories

  • asdfasdf1331

    Ben: Don't want much garlic, it can get fiery! Me, frantically shoveling garlic into my blender: Ha ha ha! TRY AND STOP ME!

  • Charlie Prosser
    Charlie Prosser

    The problem is there is no way to make it better

  • Robert Eichler
    Robert Eichler

    So if I use Manchester and cilantro, is it a Mexican pesto?

    • Robert Eichler
      Robert Eichler


  • Sunny Lyndis
    Sunny Lyndis

    I love that Ben had tips to remember ratios or measurements. It helps so much.

  • Andrew Converse
    Andrew Converse

    will say with all the nut allergies out there...pine nuts are out....just saying

    • Andrew Converse
      Andrew Converse

      not trying to hate either but the lack of ability to say a long 'a' kills me

  • AlRaw

    Another great quick recipe I always love is a gremolata with basil and Parmesan whenever I'm doing Italian! Would love to see a video with a few different versions or ideas on a quick gremolata!

  • Amy

    Absolutely love seeing Ben like this again. He is a great chef.

  • zac starkey
    zac starkey

    I wanna see atomic schrimp on sorted food

  • James Barisitz
    James Barisitz

    Make this a regular spot guys. Nice format and zippy pro tips. Both recipes had me salivating.

  • adtawesome

    I love doing pesto with pistachios, its super nice

  • Andrew Benson
    Andrew Benson

    I guess now that James is gone, nothing to hold back the Bennuendos

  • Fat Girl Hiking
    Fat Girl Hiking

    Pumpkin gnocchi sounds delicious! Is it in the meal packs app?

  • Nithun Sridhar
    Nithun Sridhar

    I'm sorry ben. I love you, but that ain't a classic pesto. The difference between mortar and pestle pesto and food processor pesto is night and day. Crushing cells and chopping them give infinitely different results and the emulsification actually happens during crushing, opposed to the oily sauce you displayed. I have tried it and it bonkers good. It's the one dish that will convince anyone to get a mortar and pestle. In a good pesto the garlic is more about releasing alicin to emulsify the cheese and oil than for flavour.

  • dreadwing01

    Going back to your roots I love it.

  • Lunay LeZarde
    Lunay LeZarde

    You could take this in an Asian direction by using peanuts, green onions, hard cheese of your choice (I recommend cotija), and a blend of canola (rapeseed) oil and toasted sesame oil.

  • Chris Chapman
    Chris Chapman

    Hey Sorted! I'm curious about what I can use as a substitute for nuts? My fiancé has allergies BUT loves pesto, any suggestions? Also love the videos! Watch them every week!!