Today is a very special episode because we’ve challenged our normal home cooks, Barry and Jamie, to see if they can impress Ravneet Gill, an expert Pastry Chef and the author of The Pastry Chef’s Guide. Will they crumble under the pressure? Watch to find out!

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  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell

    Volumous isn't a word

  • Matt Oboyle
    Matt Oboyle


  • Bekah

    I was so frustrated by how much help they gave Barry! Of course he’s going to win the battle if he’s getting instructions! He had one question and got told basically the entire process and was reminded by Ben to heat his pure yet they make fun of Jamie at tasting 😡

  • JayBeh Kay
    JayBeh Kay

    Ben looking so proud of himself for making the mousse successfully 😂😂

  • TheMghtyOffbeats

    insta @chef_lewis_brown

  • Lígia Bonfanti
    Lígia Bonfanti

    I think they're both better than that, they were just under too much pressure and feeling too self-conscious.

  • bloemundude

    I'm so glad I watched a 17-minute video of culinary failure. Strangely, this is still probably the best use of my time I could come up with.

  • TheLobstersoup

    I wanna see Barry's Vietnamese Swirl now.

  • Miriam Thie
    Miriam Thie

    'days since slater set of the fire alarm. *20* days. ( Former record 22 days?) 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zarzar

    Ravneet is such a lovely guest! Super genuine critiques, great sense of humor, not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous. Super fun having her on this episode!

  • Mike WG
    Mike WG

    04:25 is the point where Jamie should lose his meringue badge...

  • Miriam Thie
    Miriam Thie

    I would love to see Jamie Oliver's reaction to those 2!! Or... colab with another FIshowsr with an experimental streak and completely self thought. Barry Lewis! Cook against him or let him judge! I would love to see that one!

  • Miriam Thie
    Miriam Thie

    Is there a reason why Jamie uses a blender and not the big red mixer in the background? 🤔 'what are you seeing here, you just never would get away with in a professional kitchen?... Meanwhile... *Jamie putting the whole whisk in his mouth...* 🤣

  • James Howarth
    James Howarth

    So, now that we don't have James anymore, who is actually on the food team? Will we get to meet them at some point?

  • Marcus Lindblom
    Marcus Lindblom

    Nice to see a guest that isn’t a supporter of genocide

  • Dom North
    Dom North

    Barry is brilliant 😂

  • PublicPoll

    brilliant episode, thank you guys so much! :)

  • Sarah P
    Sarah P

    Aw, Jamie! That was a really tough challenge. If there had been a recipe for you to follow, I bet you would have nailed it!

  • Manx36

    Did Spafford pour tonic water in by mistake, how is it fizzy?

  • Lee D'Agostino
    Lee D'Agostino

    Do a Gumbo challenge

  • Amanda Byrd
    Amanda Byrd

    Sorted knew they had to keep up a certain level of professionalism and sass now that James is gone, and I believe they have achieved that with these great guests!

  • Adam Lavery
    Adam Lavery

    I really enjoyed this video - we've been selling Ravneet's book at my workplace for a while and it's nice to put a face to the cookbook. I need to go back into the playlists and catch up with all the badge-winning cooks...

  • Genevieve Marshall
    Genevieve Marshall

    Didn't enjoy that sorry. Don't want to see non chefs being treated as they would in a professional kitchen with paid trained staff. Way too harsh.

  • Tristan

    I wish the recipe was linked

  • Thecla Shubert
    Thecla Shubert

    Ravneet was delightful! I hope you have her back. Maybe the normals can try for redemption?

  • stecky87

    Bet Ben is a bit disappointed they couldn't get Mary Berry

  • Anthony Dobrin
    Anthony Dobrin

    Guest chef idea, get James Curry.

  • Sassy Winter Fox
    Sassy Winter Fox

    I'd love a cook book on food for hosting. I have a birthday coming up and really can't be arsed to cook the old frankfurters and sausage rolls, or bowls of sugar. I want to cook something worthwhile. Ideas sorted family?

  • khaxjc1

    lol I ended up getting distracted from the video reading a cake recipe

  • EGrubs

    It's fun to see pro chefs come on and dog on the normals, but it's even better having Ravneet come on and be so encouraging!

  • babyelaine26

    Gordon Ramsey

  • TheJanaRina

    Jamie's Meringue badge should be in jeopardy?

  • Allie Hurd
    Allie Hurd

    Please team up with Guga from Sous Vide Everything and Guga Foods to do a video. He’s practically Jamie’s food soulmate!

  • Abigail Saenz
    Abigail Saenz

    Have Grace Booth (Grackle) on for a bread challenge!!

  • Kristina insf
    Kristina insf

    Srsly.10 years on.....Love ya!! But the "normz" know how to do most everything. It's funny but it's getting old. Jamie's daughter has even said -dad you know how to do this. 💖💖💖💖🍸🍸🍸

  • Numen 03
    Numen 03

    So once again Barry’s hand is being held through his cooking, Mike’s not given the chance to compete, and the other normals (just Jaime in this case) being stiffed due to favoring barry.

  • Aiz

    Get Ramsey to join the show!!

  • Jessamy Lowe
    Jessamy Lowe

    Joe Wicks???

  • Lefindon

    Omg Rav has that whole James sass... so the pros are on the same wavelength and passion about their food :D love it.

  • mitchyuk

    Is there a list somewhere that shows what all the badges stand for? I've lost track of who's got what :)

  • Cara Webb
    Cara Webb

    I'm excited to check out Rav's book - I had no exposure to her prior to this. The book looks fantastic, hope I can get in the US!

  • Vicodinish

    Nice video

  • Alan Stern
    Alan Stern

    How come Barry got to ask multiple questions.

  • shuyin1111

    you should do a basic bread badge with testing them with three different types. such as unleavened but not flat bread, leavened bread and enriched bread. the reason for the not flat bread is because there are other types of unleavened bread out there like Australia's Damper bread.

  • cameron oyola
    cameron oyola

    Trying to get words right with that accent is asinine.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    I miss James :(

  • Mixie Palms
    Mixie Palms

    barry lewis lol

  • Andika Muhammad
    Andika Muhammad

    rav is stunningly beautiful

  • CKG 1130
    CKG 1130

    I want rosano passino on sortedfood

  • Psychoti

    Just not a fan of the guest chef/expert episodes. Don't know what it is, but I've yet to enjoy one aside from Donal Skehan. I'm not saying "Don't ever do guest shoots!", because that's ridiculous. Just giving some mostly-useless feedback since even I'm not sure what it is that doesn't quite fit for me.

  • Sha Khan
    Sha Khan

    I dont really enjoy this new format. Fun factor in sortedfood has significantly reduced

  • ابرار

    Ben and Rav please get married

  • Matthew Link
    Matthew Link

    You guys need to do a video with Sam the Cooking Guy!!! That would be epic!

  • Gupura

    Since were all pretty much DYING from the record breaking temperatures around the world, how about a "Cool off" battle. where the boys have to make a light dish, (not to much work and not very "Heavy" l ike soups or a bowl of Goulash) Combined with a nice cold drink to pair it with

  • Scotty

    Is that the first time a judge couldn't eat someone's finished dish 😂

  • Erika Krause
    Erika Krause

    Shouldn't J lose his meringue badge? as he didn't know the difference between italian and swiss?

  • C

    I love the new decorative/style divider. What needs to happen to get you guys into a larger space that would allow these kinds of competitions?

  • ChocolatTherapy

    jamie's meringue badge shoul be at risk here, i feel

  • Bess Sonozaki
    Bess Sonozaki

    Haven't been sure about the guest format but worked really well here because Rav was lovely (but still kept her proper chef standards!) :-)

  • Beef Cake
    Beef Cake

    It's such a Jamie thing to do to make like 20 different shapes

  • J O
    J O

    LOL poor Jamie

  • Ejaaz Idris
    Ejaaz Idris

    Loving the increase of professional guests 👍

  • Radley Seew
    Radley Seew

    Gordon Ramsay

  • Phys Astra
    Phys Astra

    And then they banged! Get a room.

  • Kristina Lee
    Kristina Lee

    I wish they hadn't told Barry to fix the gelatin. I wanted to see if he would figure that out on his own.

  • Bajis Mali
    Bajis Mali

    Bring Gordon Ramsay the episode will be amazing and hilarious He will ask you all the biggest question: Gordon: "What are you? " Everybody: "An idiot sandwich" 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Marco V
    Marco V

    Scott Rea is not a chef, but rather a butcher with a FIshows cooking channel often focusing on game meat recipes. But he would be an excellent guest to judge butchery skills. Check out the Scott Rea Project and see if he’s down your street.

  • Michael Otton
    Michael Otton

    I feel bad for Jamie if he knew he could ask a question he would've had a chance to make the right meringue but he only got told after he's already started making a Swiss meringue and had lost any chance for the badge well barry got to ask and it's not quite clear how he made such a mess of it.

  • Call me Niko
    Call me Niko

    Get in Gordon Ramsay 👏🙌

  • Vincent B.
    Vincent B.

    You should have Ben do a chef vs chef with the guestchefs you invite!

  • treizeheures

    Ravneet was a great judge in this episode! She threw in tidbits of information, and remained firm in her decision. Thanks for inviting her!

  • Milan

    Barrys look at 1:05 says it all haha

  • Brendon Walton
    Brendon Walton

    Don't they have meringue badges... Revoked I should think now

  • Craig Johnson
    Craig Johnson

    Christian Day, the challenge to recreate what he made on master chef insta @christianday83

  • Albert Bintercourt
    Albert Bintercourt

    The bawdy lier wessely depend because street notably rain besides a burly mist. black-and-white, icy meteorology

  • Chris Roylance
    Chris Roylance

    Am I the only one that found this episode disappointing?

  • JuxtaFox

    a suggestion, send the normals to a profesional kitchen and see how they do

  • Summer Denize
    Summer Denize

    Barry gave me serious Mr Bean vibes 😂

  • KA

    please bring back ravneet, she's great :D

  • captainace

    Love how everyone loves shitting on Barry for absolutely no reason in every one of these battles

    • Marilyn Alvarez
      Marilyn Alvarez

      Yeah, it was really nice of Ben to help him out again and for Barry to shake the table to make Jamie look bad even though he only won because Ben helped dare people point that out....LOL!

  • Kristin

    I have heard there is a really good chef called James Curry, you should get him!

  • KyHunt

    JUSTICE FOR BARRY! Take away Jamie's meringue badge that he already has for not knowing the difference between meringues (and also making a milkshake instead of a mousse).


    Could you guys host Ann Reardon from 'How To Cook That' in a future episode please. :)

  • Gal Re
    Gal Re

    jamie should've lost his meringue badge

  • Aubrey Wong
    Aubrey Wong

    Rav is wonderful and hilarious! Would love to see more of her on here

  • benzakonium

    Ravneet should become the second Pro Chef alongside Ben.

  • Helen has cat allergy
    Helen has cat allergy

    Custard powder in viennese- fantastic tip. Also, thank goodness the boys needed muscle to pipe the whirls - i keep thinking my mixture is too solid.

  • Chizoba Okeke
    Chizoba Okeke

    Just stopped by to say I'm in love with her. Like I have a genuine crush on her.

  • Maria Tamburro
    Maria Tamburro

    Is it me, or was this one much more awkward?

  • Vi Rose La Bianca
    Vi Rose La Bianca

    Is it just me, or did Baz have some intense awkward chemistry with Rav? At the table he was practically leaning into her, their elbows were touching the whole time, but he couldn't look her in the eyes. Hmmm...

  • Carmen

    I didn't like her as addition to this video, she and her way with food is just not my vibe.

  • Felplague

    Barry needed a lifeline, we didnt see jamie get one, and also Barry constantly got help from the 2 chefs as they pointed out things for him like needing to put his gellatine on heat. I feel like that should have been taken into consideration, as it seemingly was placed against jamie from the start.

  • ditaneous

    Suggestion: get Eric Lanlard to judge Mike and Jamie. Revenge for their first video together

  • Harusame Glory
    Harusame Glory

    how about chef Gordon Ramsay 😂 or Jamie Oliver?

  • Jon Wilson
    Jon Wilson

    Barry should be mad that Jamie didn't lose his meringue badge

  • Nite Nite
    Nite Nite

    Wow she is pretty

  • Sarah Nash
    Sarah Nash

    I think we should introduce Barry to the Viennese Waltz, or as he would call it, Vietnamese Waltz

  • Jeremy Eloi
    Jeremy Eloi

    This was a really great video. Having guests come in and do this have put a unique and interesting spin on the competitions and video's.

  • Amazingly Awkward
    Amazingly Awkward

    Rav seems like a harsh judge but very fair and willing to give pointers! She’s brilliant!

  • Harriett Taylor
    Harriett Taylor

    Ben and rav would be the cutest cheffy couple